11 November 2014


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Went to try out the NEW CHEESY Zinger and CHEESY Bandito! The outlet we met at was at Alexandra Retail Centre and that KFC is pretty dope! Like a cool chillout place haha!

The reason why we are there!!! =DDD

Everyone already knows how awesome yummy both the KFC Bandito and Zinger are!

But now they launch it with my favourite KFC CHEESE SAUCEEEEE.... And a slice of CHEESE....

And onion rings....

IT HAS BECOME IRRESISTIBLE. I'm sold i'm sold!!! SOLD! Hahah!! Damn excited to go try it when i saw it showing on TV lah!!!

Also in case you didn't notice.. With every Ultimate Box you get, you stand a chance to win..

2 tickets to a BPL match LIVE in the UK
Inclusive of 2 return air tickets and 3 nights’ accommodation!!!

Look out for the Golden Ticket in the FREE packet of Match Attax Football Trading Cards issued with every Ultimate Box purchased! Damn shiok hor!!! 2 air tickets to the UK leh!!!

Here's our Ultimate Box!!! This is the Ultimate Cheesy Zinger Box (1 Cheesy Zinger + 1pc Chicken + 4pcs Onion Ring + 1 medium Pepsi + 1 FREE packet of Match Attax Cards) for only $8.30!
WANNA BITE NOT?!?!?! You can try the Cheesy Zinger at $4.80!!!
Look at how crispy the Zinger filet is!!! AND THE generous amount of cheese sauce T.T Hungry.
Cheesy Zinger belongs to ah Pearl who went with me that day! She cannot wait one cox pregger haha! She same with me wor love KFC cheese sauce like crazy!!!
CHOMP TIME for si jie! Haha!
Ben was also there that day =DDD

I had the Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box (1 Cheesy Bandito + 1pc Chicken + 4pcs Onion Ring + 1 medium Pepsi + 1 FREE packet of Match Attax Cards) for only $7.90!!! Cheesy Bandito alone would be $4.40! =D

One for memory sake! Hahaha! Four of us chomping down on one of our favourite food!!! Me, baby, Pearl and Yuxuan! Haha =)))
One more camho shot with Ben before we dig in!
You see!!!!! It's yummy from the roasted bandito wrap..
Down to the yummy, juicy Hot & Crispy chicken filet WITH the fragrant cheese sauce full of spice too!!! OMG I HATE THIS FEELING =O Late night where to find KFC lah?!
BELLO. Lol. Fooling around with the onion rings haha!
Hahaha! Stupid Ben look so happy. Can tell we had a super fulfilling and satisfying meal hor hahaha.
Go enjoy your favourite Ultimate Box now!!! Each box you see here comes with a FREE packet of Match Attax cards!!! So you can stand to win  2 tickets to a BPL match LIVE in the UK! Inclusive of 2 return air tickets and 3 nights’ accommodation~!!! So freaking good!!! (Meal prices and bundles differs at selected KFC restaurants and for KFC Delivery)

Find more details on
Thank you KFC for having us~!!! =DDD
Had a super filling and satisfying meal haha! Needless to say, i'd keep going back. Cannot maintain.

I don't dare to keep posting each time i eat KFC now becox although i know it's perfectly fine to eat it moderately, people might still judge me. But i cannot help it leh, every other day i'd crave for their cheese fries =OOO And their chicken rice bucket and now this cheesy twist to the two popular items on their menu! T.T

And then i was at Heartland Mall the other day and saw that they are serving froyo omgggg i went crazy~!!!! Wanted to have it after dinner but then we already planned to go elsewhere for durian liao T.T Now i super regret not trying it cox nthey only have it at 12 outlets!!! Hope they bring it to more stores soon!

My love for KFC is undying lol. You know what's on my menu for tomorrow's lunch / dinner liao loh.