01 December 2014

Cabincrew Kit

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I have never really talked about my skin since the pregnancy and in fact, i've turned down a few skincare adverts since i got pregnant. It's been about 4 months plus since i found out about the pregnancy. And in this four months.. I must say.. My skin condition has been horrible.

I would say initially, it's the hormones.

Then it got so out of hands that i don't dare to use any products on it becox i just feel it's not helping. Some of the products i tried the first few couple of weeks, made it worst T.T

But i finally found products that made my complexion a WHOLE LOT better. It's still recovering.. Becox 4 months of acne and acne scars is not easy to recover from but now i rarely get new acnes popping out and even if i do, i know what can help me get rid of them =D

Thanks to Cabincrew Kit, i feel a lot more confident about my complexion!

Holding the topseller - Cabincrew Kit Skin Renewal Mask. More about that in a bit!

Cabincrewkit is a formula of US and Japan technology. It was a brand intentionally designed for frequent flyers. And we all know the thing about flying is that.. It is not good for our skin.

Skin are often exposed to harsh climate and result to a key concern - Hydration. And we know hydration is the key to healthy and beautiful skin!

Therefore all the products from Cabincrew Kit are formulated to provide ample moisture and hydration while addressing other skin concerns. There's always an extra dose of hydration for every series to ensure it solve the problem while providing moisture.

And end of the line, you get a dermatologist grade of products that is now introduced to home users like you and me! =D

Good news is.. You can get them readily on www.mycabincrewkit.com.

I was talking about horrible skin. This is me in one of the latest ep of Budget Barbie. When i saw the ep the day it was live.. I died a little inside.. Thinking.. Is this really happening.. It's a nightmare.. ='(

It was so bad i didn't even snap any pictures of my face close up without makeup. Even with makeup, i photoshop the acnes and scars and uneven bumps away for instagram. The only pictures i might have taken are the ones i sent to my manager to tell her why i am not accepting skincare adverts.

Nah. Managed to find one. It's just full of zits and it got so bad it broke the zone and grew to my neck even T.T Some of the acnes were sooooo huge it hurts like mad when i accidentally touch it.

So every now and then in that four months.. A skincare brand comes along and ask for advertorial and my manager will ask for my skin condition. For the longest time it's always the same answer..

"Still very jialat"

LOL. Those are my exact words. It means "Still very horrible"

I was introduced to Cabincrew Kit 3 months ago but i kept holding back to try it becox after trying a few other skincare brands before that to help my acne.. From soothing toner to pimple cream to exfoliating and extraction mask etc.. It's just.. Nothing works. And i tried hard for one month.

So just nice when Cabincrew Kit arrived at my house.. I had already given up hope hahaha.

The joke of it is.. I was so troubled by my skin condition but i didn't know THE SOLUTION IS SITTING RIGHT IN MY BEAUTY ROOM. Just two weeks ago i decided to give it a try.

And this is my face now!!!! NO PHOTOSHOP ON MY COMPLEXION!!!!!!!! I only photoshop my nose bridge lol =X As you can see, one new big one popped out and the rest are all clearing up pretty damn well!!!!! PLUS, scars i've accumulated in the last three months is also lightened by a great deal.


There are many reasons why we get breakout. Some people say it's from our diet, some say excessive intake of "heaty", oily or spicy food might cause outbreaks. But i guess overall, it's really how individual body and hormones react to any external factors.

But the most common and scientific reasons for acnes and breakouts are due to poor hygiene, genetics, accelerated glandular activity which excretes more oil for our skin than it needs.

And all of these can happen to anyone of us, especially during adolescence. Or for my case.. Pregnancy..

So two weeks ago i tried using the Cabincrew Kt Hydro Zit Gel and what it does is it nourish the affected area and clears the acne in 2 weeks!

It hydrates, exfoliate, clears acne and gives you back your clear skin and radiance in 14 days.

The main difference it has from the conventional acne-clearing gel is that.. It doesn't dry out your skin in the process of getting rid of the zit! So you won't experience flakey skin in the process.

So within just 14 days.. You will experience and visibly see for yourselves results that the Hydro Zit Gel clears and reduce acne size and also reduce redness and blemishes of your skin!

There are alsp other benefits it does for your skin to prevent acne and rebalance your skin sebum production, at the same time it exfoliates the affected area gently to make way for new healthy skin!

Find out more about the Hydro Zit Gel on www.mycabincrewkit.com. You may make purchase on the site as well!

What you do is.. Dispense 1 full pump of the Hydro Zit Gel onto cleansed face..
And apply in circular motion. I have makeup on here so i can't show you but you can look at the improvement of my skin =D So i conclude this to be THE pimple-treatment gel haha! For best result, use it once in the day and once in the night! =D

So after i tried the Hydro Zit Gel, and it's proven to work for me cox within just 3 days of using it, my zits started to slowly clear up so i decided to give the other products a try!!!

Cox of all the scars and redness from 3 months of hopeless struggle with my outbreak.. My skin has gone to a new level of dullness and unevenness. It looks and FEELS super rough =(

So i try out the Cabincrew Kit Skin Renewal Mask!

We all know how important exfoliation is. Only with exfoliation from time to time, our skin can look and feel glowy, smooth and radiant! And importantly, other skincare products can be penetrated and absorbed better if we exfoliate off the dead and clogged skin!

But some exfoliation products might cause more harm than good to our skin. Becox some of them out there can get quite abrasive lol.

But here is one gentle and powerful way to do it! And it also hydrates your skin at the same time!

The Skin Renewal Mask from Cabincrew Kit is to help us remove skin debris in the uppermost layer of our skin, unclog them and let the soft smooth skin underneath it to show and glow! =D Think of it like a.. Weekly spring cleaning for your skin! Haha!
I am going to apply it on half of my face to show you the power of this high-performance skin renewal mask! It dissolve the deadskin in a gentle yet powerful way! So no more clogged pores, no more bacteria hiding underneath (they might cause acne!) that would possibly cause breakouts!
20 minutes later.. HERE IT IS~ Left side is after using the mask! And right side is before! The dark and dull zones are visibly lighter after the mask but the biggest difference for me was the touch and feel of it!!! After using skin feels sooooo much better! Not so spikey and rough.
A Before and After picture!!! Scars, redness and dull patches really reduced by A LOT.
If you want flawless looking skin the soonest you can, try the Cabincrew Kit Skin Renewal Mask!

Though these two are my top picks (they are also the two bestseller on Cabincrew Kit site!), they have a few other highly raved items like the Hydration Boost serum which is especially good for people with dry skin or for ladies who travel a lot!

For the Skin Renewal series there's also a Skin Renewal Serum to speed up your skin-reborn process! For those who love a radiant and pinky transluscent glow to your skin.. You could also find out more about the Skin Luminous Gel! Find out all of them on Cabincrew Kit site!

Oh before i forget, for the ladies who wants a little perk-me-up for your skin, try the Age-Prevento and Age-Reverso serums!!! Look younger easily with the help of Cabincrew Kit!

Thank you Cabincrew Kit for improving my skin by leaps and bounds in just two weeks T.T Thank you!

Good news for you all!

Enjoy a 8% OFF when you enter promo code QQ8OFF

Check out www.mycabincrewkit.com now!

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