14 January 2015

KFC Curry Rice Bucket!!!

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Heard all the talk about the * NEW * KFC Curry Rice Bucket yet?!?!

It's been highly raved since its launch just a week ago!!! I'm very happy becox i don't know if you guys noticed, I LOVE CURRY. All sorts of curry, from Japanese curry to Indian curry to the top of my list - local curry!!! You know, the chicken curry kind of curry haha!

My friends and family who tried the KFC Curry Rice Bucket, all LOVEEEE it!!! And i can see why people go crazy over it cox.. WHICH SINGAPOREAN CAN RESIST YUMMY FRAGRANT CURRY at a great value?! Tell me! Haha! I confirm cannot one!

So i was really happy that i had the privilege to try the KFC Curry Rice Bucket one day before its launch!!! =DDD I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED KFC RICE BUCKET!!!! Both the À La King and Original Recipe! But i can see the new curry becoming my new favourite hahaha!

Baby and me at the KFC exclusive Fan Party where they will also reveal the new star item on the menu to the KFC Singapore facebook page fans and supporters =D
Some of the props they prepared haha! Time to go cray cray~
WO MEI MA?! Haha!
Exclusive fan party for true lovers of KFC!!! =DDD ME ME ME! *raise both hands* And i'm holding the sign "#YouDeserveMore" cox KFC thinks we do!!! They are always coming up with new exciting yummy items at great value for us ^.^V
Ben was also there at the fan party!!! Look at this GIANT bucket. Hahaha i can take a bath in it wth!
More camwhoring since we're waiting for food to be served =D
Black (and big) looks like a good colour on me.
Everyone waiting for the new item to be revealed. Haha!
One chio shot of me haha. I was really smelling it but looking a lot more tak glam so Josh say "I take one for you" then i immediately smile like demure O.O Hahaha.
WEI WEI WEI I CANNOTTTTTT. I really need some nowwww!!!! Look at the glistening creamy potato curry!!!!! With crispy chunks of popcorn chicken T.T AND fragrant chicken rice =OOO ALL THESE, AT ONLY $4!!!!
Such a huge bucket of yummy at just $4.. Whaaaaat~?! Super worth it!!! It's very satisfying to tuck into a bucketful of goodness like that!!! Really T.T The fragrance, the taste and the different textures you bite into, everything is working so well together!!

There's more than 300g of fragrant chicken rice in it and it's awesome becox i've always been a fan of chicken rice de rice. HAHA. I always wish i could just order chicken rice without chicken lol!

But of course not at KFC lah. I WANT EVERYTHING IN THAT BUCKET!!! *salivates*

I want every bit of this perfect combi of two of our most iconic Singaporean favourites – Chicken rice and curry!!! This year is our Golden Jubilee year right?! Haha! Just nice lah! The KFC Curry Rice Bucket cannot get more localised than this! One more thing that is appreciated by our locals?!

Top up $1 for a meal with regular Pepsi to go along with your KFC Rice Bucket!

And if you have a buddy, enjoy the rice bucket with 2 pieces chicken + 2 regular sides + 2 med Pepsi at only $12.50!!! Buddy Meal is open to all the three flavours of rice buckets! =D

AHHHHhhh.. Open!
Mine. Hahaha.
Hahaha our buckets look HUGE here!!! It is huge but not twice our face lah hahaha!
How can fan party go without KFC signatures - chicken~!!!!!!
My one true love hahaha. Cripsy untillll~
RARRR!!! ATTACK!!!! Haha!
Ben wants my chicken. No can do.
Josh snapping pictures of me stuffing my face hahaha.
What? If you think i look weird, look at that 怪伯伯 beside me first! Lolol.
Really having a good time eating all the yummy food at KFC at their fan party!!!
HOW CAN FORGET MY ULTIMATE MUST-HAVE - CHEESE FRIESSSS~!!! Really love it even more since they change the cut of their fries!!! It stays crispy much longer and the thinner ones are even crispier!!! Gotta get some now~!!!!
Eat full dee go take more pictures to digest a bit hahah! Here's me and Ben giving a shoutout to you.. Cox YOU DESERVE MORE!!! Get more bang for your buck at KFC! Enjoy more good prices, eat more tasty food, have more fun and anticipate MORE from KFC all the time!!! =DDD
This bunch very win hahaha. Werk it fashion babies. KFC have such fun fans hahaha.
AND THEN IT'S TIME FOR DESSERT~!!!! I've always wanted to try the froyo!!! FINALLY GOT CHANCE!!! Hope they quickly please please please make their KFC froyo available at more outlets!!!! I heard they have it at 25 outlets already and planning to launch more across the island!
This is mine! Natural, 98% fat free and i chose Froot Loops for toppings! =DDD IT TASTE SO GOOD AND IS SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING AFFORDABLE!!!!! Only $2 with one topping!!! That's like less than half the price of froyo you get elsewhere T.T Where has all my money gone.
Borrow Josh's passion fruit froyo to camho with Ben haha.
If you have the chance to, try their froyo! It's available in two flavours - Natural or Passion Fruit! And you may choose from three toppings - strawberry sauce, mango sauce or Fruit Loops! =DDD They also have it in a cone for only $1!!!!! I never hear before froyo $1 one =OOO
Group shot with some of the fans of KFC at the party! =D
With the good people from KFC =DDD Thank you guys for having me!!! I had a really really good time..... Eating! Hahaha!
Look at them. Bucket full of bucketssssss and BUCKETS. Hahaha. There was a game for everyone to guess how many buckets are there in the giant buckets. One person actually won the contest by guessing 1 bucket away from the correct answer (238 buckets) =O How did he do it!!!
I love them KFC Rice Bucket.. I do! It's gonna be tough making choices from now on!!! Totally spoilt for choice with these trio buckets – Curry, À La King and the Original Recipe!
But you HAVE TO go try out the new Curry Rice Bucket at KFC now =DDD You'd love it!

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Hanna Lei said...

The Singapore KFCs have so many more options than my local one so jealous! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Looks so delicious!! Haha "238" in chinese sounds like hungry bit*h

Bearbie said...

It's only in Singapore, I didn't see that here in America :(