13 February 2015

The Saladicious

I've always been told to "Eat more vegetables!!! It's good for you!" but i never really take it seriously until this pregnancy haha. On days when i feel constipated, i look at back my diet a day or two before.. Indeed, lack of vegetables / fruits. And they are all good sources of fibre!!!

And have many other health benefits!!! And like i've shared in my baby diary although i'm not big on vegetables =X I've been trying my best to have vegetables in my everyday diet for the baby. And now that i've been doing it for months, i am starting to love vegetables! I can even eat them raw with just simple lemon / pepper dressing. Haha. It's quite a good taste that cleanse your system and palates.

Going beyond health benefits, The Saladicious is all about bringing TASTY salads to us all.. From the convenience of a foodcourt! I was invited to go try out their salad and special menu!!!

You may find The Saladicious at Food Republic @ Shaw Lido B1!
So the next time you're in orchard and wanna grab a quick healthy, tasty and refreshing breakfast / lunch / dinner, you know where to go!

Here i am~ Gonna design my own salad~!!! =D What you do is..

Choose the base and add toppings, suggest you add a protein to go along for that fill! And then choose your dressing! Simple and good-to-go!

Tryna decide haha. Too spoilt for choices!

First one that caught my eyes!!! Salmon with teriyaki sauceeee!!! Look at the generous chunks of salmon *hearteyes!!!*

And then i also wanted to have this waldorf salad becox of the grapes and apples ahaha!

And this cox the chunks of meat and dressing together looks too yum T.T

Friendly auntie helping me with my order haha!

This is the regular serving =OOO Need to be so huge?! They have a even bigger serving one!!! O.O

If you don't wanna make your own salad, you could always go for their kitchen designed menu! They have interesting ones like Beefy Thai and i would LOVE the fruit salad. I am big on fruits ^.^V

Highly reccomended by the boss lady, their Peppery Duck salad!
Peppery smoked duck slices with all the crunchy vegetables to go with zesty sweet lime sauce or appetising plum sauce! Instantly lifts you up!!!
If you're up for it, you may go their set menu!
Caesar wrap!!!
With mushroom soup!!! I LOVE THEIR MUSHROOM SOUP WOR. I finished up both mine and Josh's O.O Hahaha.
Caesar wrap is a really interesting twist to the usual caesar salad! It has a really good combi of the soft chewy wrap + all the greens and chicken chunks filling!!! Say first ah, quite filling this one! Lol. I only took a half of it cox i wanna try other things!!! Haha!
Look at the crazy amount of filling coming out. Haha.
Asked if i could try the tuna pasta salad cox it looks too good to miss O.O
Love how every mouthful has a generous serving of tuna and cucumber for that extra crunch!
Om noms!!!
One selfie with the super nice boss lady!!! ^.^ She look very young i can't believe she's her own boss O.O
In case you guys have events / parties where you wanna do a healthy spread of salad and customised menu for your guests, Saladicious does catering and delivery too! To have a salad spread catered / delivered to your doorstep, please email thesaladicious@gmail.com for enquiries!

They are having a *** SPECIAL ITEM *** on the menu too!
Only $18.80 for 4 - 6 pax!!! =OOO
Thank you for letting Josh and me try it too!!! =DDD Pok zai goes in!
Other condiments..
Special Saladicious plum sauce..
LOU HEI!!!!!!! Look at my mock abalone haha I LOVEEE!!!
Grab one for you and your family / friends quick~!!!

delivery and catering!

Or pop by The Saladicious @ Food Republic at Shaw Lido B1! You must try their caesar wrap and salmon salad!!! And peppery duck salad if you like smoked duck!

(This is a sponsored food review)


Hanna Lei said...

All the food looks so good -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Wish they were in Australia...