28 April 2015

For the Heroes in our Lives

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Have you ever had someone inspiring around you, for you to want to be better, to be more like him / her, to be.. a better you?

When i was asked to share about someone who inspire me.. The first person i thought of was my brother-in-law.

A little bit of background story.. When my sister (Pearl) got into a serious car accident about 9-10 years ago and had to be on wheelchair for quite some time, my brother-in-law was only her date back then.. Or maybe sort-of boyfriend haha.

We were not staying together cox i shift out to stay with Josh since i was 18 years old. I guess i was too young and not sensible enough to care more for my sister (or for anyone at all) who was on wheelchair T.T Til this day, i regret and feel ashamed of myself, for not caring for her more during her time of need..

But i am still very thankful. For God gave my sister a new hero in her life - My brother-in-law.

Who took good care of her.. All the way even up till now =')))

His big-heartedness doesn't stop there. He has been caring for our family too.. Cooking for us every weekend.. Looking out for new recipes to make new food for us to try.. Haha.. Sometimes it turns out okay lah, other times it sucks HAHAH but i always tell him "好吃嘞!!!" LOL. Motivate him ma.
The way he shows love for our family.. By always whipping up delicious food for us. This is our CNY spread, of which he spent about 2 months to plan LOL. China man you know lah, take CNY very seriously one hahaha.
Wei wei wei, cannot call him china man liao, people finally take PR cert okay!!! ='D Haha! My sister and him waited VERY long for this new status! Finally got the cert last couple of weeks ago ^.^V
This humble man who scrimp every cent on himself, took the effort to buy a new pair of shoes for the delivery of my baby at the hospital just to be more presentable for our special day.. =')
During my confinement.. He whipped up so many good dishes and soup for me.. He even looked up recipes that could help me through my motherhood journey T.T I am so thankful for so much things. Thankful for my sister for having such a great husband.. Thankful for my family for having this good man in our household!
And this great man, who works hard everyday at his work place baking, and sometimes going home with little burn marks and whatnot.. This honest hardworking man goes home everyday to what's most precious to him..
His family.. Simple bonding time with his girls Yurou and Yuxuan =)))
He even extends his love to his sons that are not his.. O.O Step sons lah.. But yes.. He loves and cares for them all the same.. Sometimes he is even more sensitive to their feelings than my sister and us..
Looking at this.. I am deeply inspired.. I hope i'd be able to teach my child(ren) next time to be kind to people and to love your family unconditionally.. And to be there for them silently, to support them through good and bad times.. To show love through sincere simple little actions.. Becox this is what my brother-in-law has shown us.. =)))

I used to think my father is the only pillar of support in our household..

Now i think we found our Godfocker to steer the ship. LOL.

Alright! That's about all for MY hero!

On our nation's 50th birthday, we want to shine a light on them, our everyday heroes. They are the ones who made our present a reality! FairPrice is making that happen with the campaign:

Heroes walk amongst us every day. They could be random people like the friendly and warm auntie at the coffeeshop who smiles at every customer, who works hard every 5am - 5pm..

He could be the bus driver who brings you to work / school every morning..

Or she could be the teacher who teaches you your favourite subject with much enthusiasm.

It's time for us to celebrate the everyday heroes in our lives. Simply becox they strive hard to do their part well. Think about it, if only everyone does their part well, with a smile, with a kind and warm touch, with passion.. The world would be a much better place, wouldn't it?

So if you know a hero in your community, do share their story with other Singaporeans! To get things started, a series of video have been done with Yip Pin Xiu (Champion Paralympian), Brother Kumar (General Secretary of Amalgamated Union of Public Daily Rated Workers), Kit Chan (Singer / Actress) and Zulkifli Baharudin! Four of their videos will be released accordingly and they will be sharing with us the heroes in their lives and how these heroes have helped and supported them =)

If you'd like to share about your personal hero and contribute your stories.. Fairprice is being all-inclusive by providing additional avenues like website, outdoor interview, radio dial-in etc for Singaporeans to share their stories!

For the website part, it'd be this page where each of your stories will make the whole Virtual Cake! For each story a user shares, they may dedicate a customised virtual slice of cake to their hero via social media (with the hashtag #ForTheHeroesInOurLives) or email!

The stories collected online will eventually become a huge virtual cake HERE as you can see! While you're there on the site, feel free to navigate the virtual cake to read about all the other nominated everyday-heroes of Singaporeans =D So much positive energy and vibes there!

My nomination for my hero, my brother in law!
And then quite fun one you can customise a cake for them! Haha! I picked all the flavours my brother in law might like haha!
And then simply submit when you're done!

A little bit more details about the avenues for story collection:

1. Via the website www.thatsmyfairprice.com.sg

2. Outdoor Interviews

3. Radio dial in. People can call in to a toll-free line at1800-888-0808 where you'd be able to choose 1 of 4 languages (Eng, Chi, ML, TM) after which a recording of the DJ in the respective languages will greet you!

So please share about your hero now! For all the things they've done right, i think it's fair to spend a couple of minutes to give them this sweet little credit even though they ask for nothing in return =)

Thank you FairPrice for doing this meaningful campaign for people to slow down and look around at the everyday heroes in everyone's lives.. People who are easily forgotten / taken for granted but are so so so important =) Share with me about who your heroes are on www.thatsmyfairprice.com.sg


Hanna Lei said...

Very sweet post! -Hanna Lei

Ollyvia Laura said...

always love reading your inspiring blog post qiuqiu :) stay healthy and lovely, Meredith's mom


Jolynn Chew said...

What a man with admirable traits. I wish my company can have a cook/baker like him. Contact us @ 6287 6929, if he wants to change job :) we are from Yes Natural.

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I am surprise see this post,all images is very cute ,thanks for this post

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