21 April 2015


All of you must have known that i've always hosted my fleas with For Flea Sake right. Now they are behind STFU lol! Not tying to be rude ah but i'd share more about STFU! It's very interesting!

“STFU” (Study, Thrift, Food, Union) is a Thrift Market powered by Invade Industry (Fleawhere and Space Invasion). It is a regular warehouse sale located at #06-12 in Sim Lim Square.

What's so special about it is, other than being a space where you can buy and sell both brand new clothes and preloved clothes at affordable prices from both online labels and popular media influencers, there is also a study cafe that is open for students to study and chill out at!

So anytime during Tue - Fri, 11am to 6pm you may go nua sai at STFU! There you'd receive complimentary power socket, free wifi and you get to shop affordable and trendy items, have a cup of drink and enjoy some snacks while taking a break from your textbooks!

A corner at STFU. A friendly advice though.. If people are studying there.. Please be considerate and STFU lolol. 不好笑啊? O.O Lolol! STFU is available on weekdays, 11am- 6pm.

Now the exciting part is.. STFU is holding their first DAE BAK Sale~!!!
And my items will be sold there this Saturday!!!

Saw the part about VIP/ Priority Pass?! Some of the popular online labels and influencers will also be selling their items there so i'm pretty sure you would wanna get VIP / Priority pass if you wanna get "first pick" to your favourite items! Most items will be going at crazy low prices! =OOO

To win VIP passes for priority access, follow @fleawhere and @stfusg on instagram and tag a friend when commenting on the picture giving out free VIP passes!!! They only have 10 pairs of priority passes to give out and VIPs can bring a friend along! Head on to their instagram now~ =D

Good luck to those who are heading there this Saturday! Hope you find items you love at low prices! Below are some of the items i'd be selling! Sorry i don't have time to lay out alllll the clothes i have. But most of the clothes are either brand new or worn once, as usual.

But this time you can find mostly Size M - XL.. Becox i got them eith during the first few stages of pregnancy or last few, or post pregnancy. Only some clothes are size S.. And those are bought before i knew i was pregnant and then i don't get to wear them after.. =((( So i rather just get rid of them instead of looking at them and feeling sad lolol.

Sim Lim Square #06-12
25 April (This Sat)
1pm - 7pm

Most of my items going at $1 - $5!!!
"Whatever" dress even have its tag on. Knit cap i worn once in Japan! Grey hoodie is major cute, i got it right before i got pregger fml lol. Floral skirt brand new!
Brand new Makeup Eraser facial fabric. Original price at $40 each. Going at $2 each now =OOO
Clothes from H&M / Lowrys Farm etc! T.T The Lowrys Farm black tank top i got for $19.90 never wear before. Become mummy already i feel this is too young for me LOL. Now going at $3!!!
Brand new black floral Ted Baker bag and used mint Ted Baker tote! Going at S10 each!!! Original price should be wayyyy higher but these i consider star items, so come on down to grab them early if you are keen! Comes in paper bag! =D
Brand new $AIN+ bag! Original should be about $230 plus i think! Now going at $10 also =OOO
miumiu inspired bag =X Quality is good though. Used once!
Clockwise: Used twice Samantha Vega bag, brand new purple furla inspired candy bag, brand new pink heart backpack from DIP DROPS, brand new hologram tote from Editor's Market.
Brand new sling pouch from Japan, brand new Doraemon pouch with bell attached (super cuteee!) at $5 only~!!! And brand new pink checked backpack!
Original kate spade phone cases at $5 each!
Yummy iPhone 6 cases all brand new at $1 each!!!
Crazy amulet phone cases i got hahahaha. It says "One second turn into goddess", "Bitches ward off" and "Immediately become skinny" HAHAHA. For people who like funky stuff lah. $1 each!
Brand new sweet (for real) cases for $1 each!!!
Brand new Samantha Thavasa X Hello Kitty pouch case!
Some of the random accessories! The floral headband is brand new from Japan! All going at $1!
Brand new fashion socks from popular Japanese label Tutu Anna and some other random socks from elsewhere! All going at $1 also~!!!
Tote bags! All $1 each!
Glittery silver bag round bag from H&M! And more clutch bags!
Super chio brand new bracelets at $1 each =OOO
Temporary tattoos and nail foils!!! $1 each~!!!
The effect of the nail foils. What you do is do whatever base colour you want so long as before the nail polish dries out entirely, stick the nail foils on randomly! It will come off bit by bit!
Also letting go a lot of my old clothes. Sorry no pictures of it! I have this cardigan in blue and white!
Some fun palettes to go! Small one at $1 each and the blusher at $3. Heartbreaker palette at $5!!!
Some more clothes! Mostly less than $5!!! =D

I won't be there physically but i hope you clear out my stuff ah!!! Promise there's a lot more stuff it's just i can't take pictures of all of them becox erm.. Becox my boss Meredith don't allow. LOL.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves at the flea!!!

NOTE: I entrust STFU and the organisers of Dae Bak Sale to organise the queue / selling system to my items so please be nice to the team! Thank you!

Sim Lim Square #06-12
25 April (This Sat)
1pm - 7pm


Hanna Lei said...

I wish I could go! -Hanna Lei

Mei said...

OMG QiuQiu I wish I could go cause I really like the light blue $AIN+ bag! ?Unfortunately I'm staying in Malaysia! :((
Can I buy from you online instead? =D

Jackie said...

Yea Qiuqiu! Had been following your blog since I was youngggggggg....! Any possibility of having flea online for your Malaysia reader????? Pwwweeeaaasseeeeeeee.....your taste of clothing is super good! and say Hi to boss Meredith!

Anonymous said...

NOOO T^T im so sad can you pls move the US..... your clothes are so cute and pretty asdfghjkl;

Messy Closet said...

Will you ever do a blog/online sale and ship to the U.S? I love that hello kitty Samantha Thavasa make up bag. And a few other items not available here.