13 May 2015

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

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Not sure if you guys heard about MegRhythm steam eye masks before but it's probably one of my must-have items everyday!!! Sometimes i even use it twice a day whenever i can! Usually mid day and during night time! It helps to soothe my tired eyes and recharge me!

❤︎ Me using the MegRhythm steam eye mask ❤︎

I bought like four or five boxes from Japan to try and to give to my girlfriends as gift way before it was even launched in Singapore haha. Then later i felt sad cox i should have bought more!

MegRhythm is an established wellness brand in Japan, offering products to support the healthy and active lifestyles of us city dwellers! Everyone knows how life can sometimes get too overwhelming, frustrating even.. =X And if we don't that little bit of time to slow down, in the long run this stress might develop into minor health issues, cause mental stress and all these will just make us less productive.

So! No matter how busy we are, we have to remember to sneak time off to pamper ourselves, have a little bit of rest and relax, hor?!

And that's why MegRhythm comes in with effective and soothing personal care solutions to help us with our stressful, busy lifestyle!

Comes in 3 different floral fragrances and one unscented!

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is a unique self-warming eye mask that relieves and relaxes your tired eyes in just 10 minutes. MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is the only patented steam eye mask in the market!

It's a disposable steam eye mask that warms gradually to a comfortable 40°C, lasting for about 10 minutes from the moment you put on. The feeling when you have it on..? One word, shiok. LOL.

Becox the steam produced helps to moisten and sooth your eye skin area, which is really delicate, and usually tired from a whole day of blinking, looking at the computer, peeled on the smartphone, watching TV reading etc.. So the warm fuzzy feeling from the steam eye mask will bring our eyes to a relaxed state. And why do i say it's fuzzy..

This is the mask upclose.. It feels like a thin piece of soft cotton haha. And it's designed to conform to our eye contour so it rests comfortably on our eyes! In fact it's actually softer and smoother than most conventional eye masks that we use.
Inside of the mask.. Smooth and soft.. The loops are even softer. You don't feel any discomfort while the mask is in contact with your delicate skin especially since it's used around the eyes!
It comes in four different types. Unscented..
I prefer to use this at night as Chamomile has a reputation for being a stress-reliever and nerve relaxant to calm us down! It's an effective way to reduce anxiety which relieve insomnia for me cox i use it at night usually! You may of course use it mid-day too, to relax and wind down during or after work!
I use the Chamomile steam eye mask for a good night's sleep! I put it on when i'm ready to retire for the day! I find myself falling asleep much more easily after that!
Lavender is known to have benefits like reducing anxiety and emotional stress.
But the main reason i love Lavender is for the scent haha. Lavender everything always smells good!
Fresh Rose
Roses are known for their calming and soothing effect for the mind.
To slow down and take a short break in between work, i like to use the fresh rose fragrance.

Of course i have a preference of what to use, when. But it's all up to you guys to decide for yourselves! All the MegRhythm steam eye masks help to soothe our tired eyes, any day at any time of the day!

In between work, before bedtime, on the plane when travelling, anytime! So long as you can find a 10 minutes for some me-time, MegRhythm mask is there to help ease your tired eyes!

10 minutes off the computer screen to relax my eyes!
10 minutes off to pamper myself while my little boss Meredith is taking a nap.
My boss also don't give me more than 10 minutes one. See, wake up looking grumpy liao. Hahaha.

Blindfolded selfies with the MegRhythm steam eye mask haha. It helps that the steam eye mask is pretty.
Cox use already can camho somemore hahaha!

Alright i leave you here! Remember, 休息是为了走更长远的路 (you gotta rest in order to keep going further)! So take little breaks to relax your mind and recharge your eyes with MegRhythm!

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Love love love these MegRhythm steam eye masks! You may consider getting them as gifts for your friends / family! Whoever you think deserves good little breaks from studying, working, doing housework etc!

Find MegRhythm steam eye masks at Guardian, Watsons, Unity and Tokyu-Hands.

Request for your FREE samples on MegRhythm website!!!

There is also a giveaway on my instagram account so do check it out too! ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

This seems really cool! -Hanna Lei

Kharnyee Amber said...

Too bad not available in Malaysia yet. Will stock up soon when I go to Singapore. :D

Anonymous said...

where can i buy it?