11 June 2015

Giving our daddies the best smiles

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Fathers' Day is around the corner! For those who have been following me since years ago.. You guys would know my dad is one of my biggest motivation to want to do better in life..

Becox he's been working hard for us all his life so now that i'm older and i am a parent myself.. More than ever i understand his love and dedication for us =)

I guess most mommies are more expressive when it comes to showing love while dads are most of the time the disciplinary figure or the "person to look up to" so i can understand why not as many people celebrate Fathers' Day as Mothers' Day haha.

Some interesting stats to share with you guys!
Base on this i won't say papas around the world are not celebrated enough lah, i feel it's just they are slightly less appreciated as compared to mamas haha.

But this Fathers' Day.. I urge everyone to remember to bring a bright smile to all your dads face!!! In case you guys are wondering, most dads receive gadgets and electronic products and there must be a reason why! Guys being guys, they just love gadgets and cool stuff haha!
Even my old-fashioned papa also very intrigued by the Oral-B Power Toothbrush - Professional Care 3000! I ask him to take picture he keep checking the electronic toothbrush out hahah!
Lai lah papa! Xiao yi ge!!! ^.^
Oral-B Power Toothbrush - PC3000 in up close..

Some specs for the Oral B Power Toothbrush  PC3000, the most impressive aspect of it is the 3D Technology: Oscillating / Rotating + Pulsating! So you can be sure that it cups every teeth and clean them up well with 8,800 Oscillations/minute and 40,000 Pulsations/minute!!!

There is also a Visual Pressure Sensor to help remind you to reduce brushing force if you're exerting too much pressure which might hurt your gums!

The Oral-B Power Toothbrush PC3000 delivers up to 48,800 unique oscillating / Rotating + Pulsating movements per minute compared to 600 for regular manual brushing.

The Oral-B Power Toothbrush PC3000 comes in 3 Brushing Modes!

Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish 5x Better Cleaning along the gum lines vs. Manual Brush!
And it's all included in the kit!
So if you ask me.. For this Fathers' Day, get a cool, functional, practical and useful gadget for your dad!!! How nice? He every morning every night brush teeth also remember how thoughtful you are HAHA. Get Oral-B at up to 50% discount on Qoo10!!!

Since our papas are always getting gadgets for Fathers' Day, why not this year get them something that can protect their gums and improve their oral care! Especially my papa lah T.T He's just a few years away to being 70 years old so it's even more important for him to take care of his teeth!
Two gifts for my dad this Fathers' Day hahaha! Meredith and Oral-B Powerbrush PC3000!

Alright! If you're getting the Oral-B Powerbrush for your dad, get it on Qoo10 now and enjoy up to 50% off!!!

You can't find a better deal else where~ =D

For those who wanna try their luck, you could also join the..

Oral B Power Brush Father’s Day
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Happening now till 21 Jun 2015!

Three lucky winners will each walk away with an Oral-B Power brush for their Dads! To join:

1. Post a photo of your father in his best smile (with or without yourselves) on Instagram
2. Share why you would like to win an Oral-B Power Brush for your dad!
3. Hashtag #oralbsg AND #powerofdadsg
4. 3x winner will be selected to win a set of Power Brush for your dads. Remember to set your Instagram account to public okay~ =D Terms and conditions apply. Good luck!

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Hanna Lei said...

I think it is more common not to have a father in your life so maybe that's the reason the numbers are lower. -Hanna Lei