12 June 2015


Two pieces of news for you!

First and foremost, Space Invasion will be heading over to TripleOne Somerset!!!

Opening of Space Invasion
TripleOne Somerset Level 1
13 June 2015, Saturday, 12pm - 9pm
Link to website for details: www.spaceinvasionsg.com/triple-one-somerset

Congratulations all the nice bosses and ladyboss (Jasmine, talking about you~!!! Can't believe this lady is pregger and STILL working so hard =OOO) at Space Invasion!!! =DDD

The space is looking pretty huge and crazy =O Congrats again Space Invasion for this expansion!!!

With 6000sqft of space, featuring up to 60 local labels, Space Invasion aims to be the largest pop-up multi-label store in Singapore offering a wide selection of fashionable clothes, vintage apparels, unique accessories ranging from statement necklaces, handbags, tote-bags, hand-made bags, to even stylish shoes.

Everything organised and spacious.

You all might know them to be previously located at The Cathay but they are no longer there~ So don't go wrong place ah haha! Even more convenient isn't it! Now you may find them at TripleOne Somerset! =D

In case you guys are curious how Space Invasion grow over the years so quickly.. I reckon each flea they organise is freaking awesome and cool and attracts a lot of crowd. And all these crowds draw good brands to join them. And where you can find cool brands, you'd find EVEN more shoppers. And that's when the previous shop is just too small to hold all their vendors!

Also you can guess lah, each vendors confirm make $$$ that's why they will follow Space Invasion haha! When i was with them to sell my lashes, every month on top of my online sales i get a pretty sum from them as well!

So if you're running or starting a online shop selling fashion / accessories / bags and phone cases etc or if you just wanna start small and get a space to sell your curated items where you can show people the quality and the touch and feel of your items, then consider getting a space! =D

With the influencers marketing the space for them and with the current pool of fans they have who follows their sales religiously (haha) i'm sure it can be a good kickstart or boost for your business!

And they organise pretty awesome events and promotions to keep the crowds coming.

Like happening soon, the Space Invasion Mega Sales 5 (SIMS5)!!!

Space Invasion Mega Sales 5
TripleOne Somerset
20th and 21st June 2015 (Saturday, Sunday)
1pm - 6pm

Here's why shoppers should head down for the SIMS5!!! For one..

All your favourite onine labels will be there!!!
From L to R: Wonderstellar, Set Apart, Ninth Store, Angst Child, Last Bus Ride, Lightning Cherry, Ellysage, Lala Land, Da Pink Rubbish, OOTD, Loveige, Kissablebella) + many other local brands!

And they will be selling their items from $5!!!

For SIMS5, there will be awesome sponsors providing incentives and freebies for shoppers!!! So you must go not just to check out the shopssss and go crazy shopping at the great bargains but also for the awesome sponsors haha! Some of the items sponsored for shoppers are:

- Missha- Pure Source Lemon Masks, 24K Gold Snail Hydrogel Masks and Gift Cards
- Barely Naked Skins - Customizable Laptop/ Tablet/ Phone Skins
- The Body Shop- Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash
- Dr Young- 3 different product samples (Acne Serum, BB Cream & Cleansing Foam) and vouchers
- Food Panda Gift Cards
- Freeing SG Gift Vouchers
- Vanitee $1 Manicure Services for first 40 VIP pass winners + $20 off vouchers for shoppers
- PS Love Gift Vouchers
- Happy Plugs- Free earpiece giveaways
- Buck Tile St Café- 50% off a single receipt

FREAKING AWESOME OR WHAT LAH?! Got so many freebies!!!

The last time i sell my things at their flea it was sold out in an hour i think haha.

So this time i'm gonna continue to clear my items!!!

I'm selling brand new eyelid stickers and lashes. I sold out all my previous batch and these are new batches that my friends and i packed and produced but i didn't know i was already pregnant when i was packing T_____T

And then i got news of the pregnancy and turned into a food-chomping monster and my bed wouldn't let me go unless i have to eat. LOL. So the rest is history. That's why now i have all these lashes that i imported in for research and also repacked for Girlymake T__T

So before i could launch all the new designs i already put the business on hold.

And they are all going for 50 cents / $1!!!

So i'm definitely not making a profit here lah, in fact making quite a big loss cox the lashes are all for export to Japan and the quality is freaking awesome. I kept 10 boxes of each for myself =DDD

Double eyelid stickers packed and brand new! 50 cents each!! You cannot find something as nude and as unreflective as this for 50 cents for sooooo many pairs in a piece! I have them in all three designs, the most popular ones are the more natural ones. I have many enquiries to ask if i can sell the eyelid stickers to them even when Girlymake is not operating for now. So they are really good!

New design i selected for Girlymake T__T
This is very interesting one, if i want to go for heavier look i will use the back 3/4 portion. If i wanna go for a more subtle look but still wanna frame my eyes, i will use the front 3/4 portion! It's like one lash two looks!!!
Lower lashes! This one is brown and super dolly!!!
Bottom lash for teary round eyes effect~
MY FAVOURITEEEEEEE!!!! I was gonna launch this as the star product becox it's really freaking awesome. The length is JUST RIGHT for asian eyes and it's very very pretty on my eyes~!!! Quality is damn good cox these are for export for a Japanese brand.
Brown dolly lash!!!
Super natural and naked look!!! But still able to make your eyes look bigger!
To achieve super dolly look use this brown and defined one! Don't worry it's not too heavy!
My favourite brown lash after girlymake number 4 and 5. Was gonna launch this so since i didn't i'm keeping ten boxes for myself hahaha. And then selling the rest to you at $1 per box! My cost per box is way way way higher than $1!!!
PRETTY BROWN BOTTOM LASHES!!! Can create the Tsubasa doe eye look with this!!! =D This one got TEN PAIRS IN A BOX. For $1 also

I have a total of about 300 - 400 boxes =OOOOO So if you're keen do pop by for the SIMS5!!! Grab some for your friends and sisters also!!! =DDD

These are the lashes i use every time so i assure you the quality is good~!

Remember to pop by the opening tomorrow and on this Sunday and to go for the Space Invasion Mega Sale 5 next Saturday and Sunday!!! =DDD You don't wanna miss the sale lah!!!

There's also 40 VIP passes to be won, follow @SpaceInvasionSG on instagram to find out how you may win them!

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Hi Qiuqiu! Are you still selling the double eyelid stickers?