02 July 2015

Ebates - CASH BACK FOR SHOPPING ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

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I'd share about Ebates in a bit but omgggg can you see theseeeee!!!

SHO CUTEEEE~!!! From Carter's through Ebates!
All the baby toys soooo cuteeee and the colours so soft and pleasant! Sometimes in Singapore you wanna spend money also don't have cute and nice-looking toys to buy please =XXX

Okay okay okay omg i gotta maintain omg.

After knowing about Ebates and the cash back system i feel like omg okay shopping has become very rewarding hahaha! Another reason to shop~!!! =D

Ebates is an online shopping cash back platform and how it works is giving their members cash back rewards of up to 26%. In 2014, members globally in San Francisco, United States, Canada, China, Russia, Singapore and South Korea spent close to US$3 billion shopping through Ebates.

WHY is it sooooo popular?! Becox you get cash rebates each time you shop through Ebates!

Ebates currently work with more than 2,600 online stores globally and the variety of items ranges from men’s / women’s apparels, travel and vacations (OMG NEED!!! I'm thinking to book a trip with Josh and Meredith~~~ So if i can get some cash rebate from booking through the websites on Ebates, why not~ =D), health and beauty, electronics, baby and children products (this was where i was spending too much time on when i'm trying to prepare this draft lol) to sports and outdoors equipments.

Some familiar brands include eBay.com, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Shopbop.com, Victoria’s Secret and many many more! FML GOT DISTRACTED AGAIN TO GO SHOP ON VS T___T Like this i'd be very poor! Lol! But shopping is a conviction LOL. It's a way of life. You cannot stop shopping (i'd know lol) but you can earn some cash rebates to use for your next shopping spree which in turn will save you some money haha!

And what the heck. Even shopping on eBay also you can get cashback!!! I hope Ebates collaborates with more and more platforms and online shops ALL over the world hahaha. Then we can save more and more on shopping hehe!

Of course you'd have to sign up for an account entirely free!! Omg my password strength is only medium lol.
For my readers, you get US$10 sign up bonus instead of US$5! Click on picture for link to bonus!

The process of creating an account with Ebates is extremely easy! Just fill in the details and my code (qiuqiu-EbatesSG) AND YOU MAY START SHOPPING~!!!

There will be a welcome email from Ebates but there is no need for any confirmation =D

You can browse or search for your favourite brands or category of products! Like for me i do have a few brands in mind that i'd search for but i straight away zoom in to Baby and Kids category and browse the shops who carry items that i want hahaha.

And then you'd see a lot of brands and shops lah. Click on the shops that you wanna shop on, that are listed on Ebates!

Super bold the previous line cox you'd be credited with the cash back ONLY if you click through Ebates SG. So whenever you wanna shop online, it should start from Ebates website hahaha. If you go to the website straight and shop, you will not receive the cash back.

Anyway once you click on the shop you'd be directed to the page and you may shop and check out as instructed by the shop itself! Don't worry okay, so long as you click on the shop through Ebates..

Like for example i click on Rakuten (SHOP ALL THE JAPANESE ITEMS FROM SNACKS to BEAUTY to ELECTRONICS to BABY AND KIDS to EVERYTHING) and i'd see this..

Click "Shop Now"
And you'd see a directing page like this.. What the heck shopping on Rakuten gives you 6% cash back =OOO I shopped so much on Rakuten i should have just know about Ebates SG earlierrr! =(

So this is my order from the merchant i shop with. It's all my business with the merchant. But since i clicked to shop with the merchant THROUGH EBATES..

Wei you don't see little bit of money here and there okay hahaha. Little bit little bit can accumulate to a mountain! LOL. So i've decided from now on that.. I only shop through Ebates SG! They have soooooo many brands to shop on anyway! Pretty sure whatever you wanna buy online, Ebates will have a shop that carries it. Btw, the cash back you see that i earned is in USD even though i paid in SGD.

Some of the top brands on Ebates. Some cashback rewards can be up to 26% OMG. Anyway. Did i see Carter's *bright eyes* Lol. Mummies will understand.

Is this just freaking cheap or what?! US shopping sites are da bomb!!! 

Some of the stuff i'm buying!!! ARE THEY NOT THE CUTEST?! And quite affordable already PLUS i still get cashback with Ebates! Hahaha! This is a perfect world for online shopping. For the shops in the US that does not ship to your designated country (like for me, Singapore), you can get a free address account from platforms like comGateway They will help you receive and send your parcels! =D
I go to all the shops and these are some of it, sorted by the amount of cashback Ebates is offering for shopping on them. I also highlighted some of the useful sites / familiar brands to us! *Groupon is Groupon US lah. In case you're confused!

If you noticed, the websites that you may get cashback rewards from are not just limited beauty, fashion, baby and kids websites etc.

It goes beyond and covers websites dealing with TRAVEL, HOTEL, AIRFARE, even phone and cable services. Heck, even GODaddy (domain selling website) is in the loop LOL.

With Ebates you basically can save almost with anything you wanna pay for online!!!

So Ebates should be the starting point for all online shoppers!!!

I am very into beauty and wellness also ahem. I shop a lot on iHerb but i think now i'd shop on drugstore =X Becox got 4% cashback thanks to Ebates HAHA. So much for loyalty HAHAHA.

So actually all online vendors should partner with Ebates you know. Not just you get exposure with the increasing people shopping through Ebates, your customers will choose to shop with you more as compared to a competitor's site =X I am sorry but it's all about dollars and cents when it comes to savings lolol.

Ebates is interested to partner with local online merchants for their Singapore website. So if you/re keen you may get in touch with them!

Anyway, i got drawn to Bath and Body Works. MAY GOD HELP ME I AM SOOOO DEAD. Hahahah. EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE THEY SMELL SO NICE AND THEY ARE ALREADY SOOOO CHEAPPPP!!! I need to buy all of them. Through Ebates of course! Haha!

You know what, from a shopaholic point of view.. If we're gonna shop, and if we know we can't stop, we might as well go all the way and earn cash back for the shopping that we're already doing anyway.

HAHA. Shopping is a very positive thing to do that makes us happy and satisfied. Even better now with Ebates we feel rewarded with cashbacks HAHA.

Also ah, good things must share. Haha! So when you tell three friends about Ebates SG, you receive $75! Details here: www.ebates.sg/member/refer-a-friend

Don't forget the bonus for you all~!!!

When you use (qiuqiu-EbatesSG) upon signup, you receive a USD$10 sign up bonus if you try out Ebates and spend USD$50 within 90 days after signup.

Very easy to achieve right this quota. I did it in less than 30 minutes LOL. I don't need 90 days LOL. And there's something for all of you to look forward to even if you're not an American citizen haha!

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ 4th of July SALE ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

July 2nd to July 6th, there will be a 12% cash back on top 16 U.S online stores. But that's not all..

The 12% cash back is on top of U.S. July 4th sale that will be running on almost all the top 10 U.S online stores!!! So you can expect to buy everything at a much, much, much lower price than usual! =OOO OKAY I'M READY. Hahaha!

The top 16 U.S online stores included for the 4th of July Promotion on Ebates:

Sports and Health
Puritan Pride
Finish Line

Ralph Lauren
Old Navy

Baby & Kids
Disney Store
Baby Gap

Shoes and Accessories
Rebecca Minkoff

So go browse around and shop a lot through Ebates SG now~!!! Earn cashbacks while you shop.. It's like my dreamland haha so let's make Ebates our starting point for all our online shopping desires now on!


Hanna Lei said...

Love the U.S. version of this. -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

qiu the link you provided doesn't even allow me to click 'sign up' even after filing up the infos. :-(

Anonymous said...

hello qiuting! the promo code which you have provided doesnt seem to work! Im still unable to proceed signing up after inputting the code ☹

Anonymous said...

The cost of e shipping to SG can't get rebate back rite? N need to pay separately?

ohrome oh said...

Hi qiu qiu, I tried to make payment but couldn't select the country for delivery coz sg is not within the shipping zone. How do I go about doing it then? No other options it seems. Can you help?

Esty said...

is comGateway reliable?

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