17 July 2015

Oriental Hair Solutions

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This is for you ladies and gentlemen who might be facing problems with dandruff / hair loss / oily scalp and other hair problems that rooted (lol) from your scalp!

I was invited to try out the scalp care services at Oriental Hair Solutions and first thought that came to my mind was.. How would i ever have problem with hair loss lol. So i postponed the invitation and i regret T____T

After pregnancy due to hormonal changes, my hairline started to recede. It got higher and higher my forehead space got bigger and bigger as if it's not already big enough T____T

There T____T All these hair i used to have, gone. I have so much hair my whole life, hair loss would be the last thing on my mind. But i guess post-natal hormonal change is something you cannot change. But you can of course try to improve it or even better, prevent it.

Oriental Hair Solutions uses herbal and natural products to care for your scalp so it's even safe for pregnant ladies to do their treatment!!! I regret not starting my treatment with them earlier!!!

Oriental Hair Solutions was created to help people with hair and scalp problems caused by a stressful lifestyle, environmental damages, genetic problems and harsh chemicals / heat used on our hair in our everyday lives.

Of course there are many haircare providers out there but OHS is a popular choice and stands out as they offers natural, safe and highly effective hair and scalp solutions combined with and made even more effective with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

They are also big on customized hair products to enhance effectiveness of the treatments.

One month post-natal off i went for my treatment with Oriental Hair Solutions!
Simple and elegant interior..
Dim and relaxing lighting design..
My assigned consultant, Corinne check out my scalp condition. I thought i was going for a light-hearted and relaxing scalp treatment.. Relaxing is relaxing lah.. BUT........
MY scalp condition is seriously no joke =OOOOO
All the white stuff you see is a mixture of oil + dead cells which forms into oily waxy dandruff T_T
More blown up pictures of my horrible scalp T_____T Heng i tall, not many people can see the top of my head LOL. Jokes aside. Really a bit sad to see these wor.
A close up of my scalp =XXX It's very bad one part is even inflamed =S Becox itchy mah, so i scratched it way earlier lah =XXX Omg are you judging me already O.O Cannot judge me ah, i look normal mostly. But still i have scalp problem. You put your scalp under the microscopic camera i believe your scalp also got problem one loh haha.
Corinne using a magic wand on me haha. It's a High-Frequency Therapy that helps to kill all the bacteria, before we start any treatment.
Applying the cleansing solution to thoroughly clear my scalp before washing the dirty clogs off!
A picture of me getting my hair shampooed and look chio just becox. LOL. Picture upside-down so no need to photoshop haha. Please don't flip it. Hahaha!
For my scalp. These help to balance the secretion of oil from my scalp. Also to keep my scalp healthy so the scalp cells don't die out so fast and cause clogging.. OF WHICH, will cause our scalp to produce even more oil. So these will help to balance up this cycle and make everything just-nice.
Then she painstakingly applied it onto my scalp with a brush, going through layer after layer of hair. Making sure the Scalp Peel and the Hydrating Lotion for my scalp sits in nicely to moisturise my scalp.
This is something extra they do, Bio Spa SUPER SILK hair mask for my hair ends. To keep them silky soft and smooth! It is one of the star products used at Jean Yip hairdressing and OHS is a brand at Jean Yip group. Good things must share hor lol. So OHS clients can also experience the goodness of Bio Spa SUPER SILK.
Stewing and letting the products sit in with the help of the O3 machine~ It helps enhance absorption of the herbs in the treatment!
After wash and blow! They applied a tonic to my scalp that will supply nutrients to my scalp continuously. Omg my hair so in place and shapely it looks like those in haircare advert haha.
Lai, take a look at my scalp now. No more dandruff~~~ =DDD Do you know that if you have dandruff, even after shampooing, you might not have removed all the dandruff??? Becox when they get wet, no matter how you shampoo it by yourself, if it's stuck on your hair or on your scalp, it's there. And then it will dry up when your hair dries up and accumulate all over again =SSS So if you have dandruff problem, you should leave it to the professionals to take care of it!
How about take a closer look? Haha! NO MORE DISGUSTING DEBRIS LOL.

My first treatment experience was awesome and i walked out satisfied and happy after seeing immediate and amazing results on my scalp.

You know if you have oily scalp or other scalp problems, you are more prone to hair loss?!

So if you're experiencing hair loss problems, start from the basics, start from the scalp, the roots and work your way up! Maintain a healthy scalp so that your hair can have the chance to grow again!

Visited Oriental Hair Solutions again for follow up treatment =D 
Love it that they serve all their customers a variety of beverages and sandwich biscuits ^.^
Checking my hair to see how it's been. I am trying my best to help myself also lah. I shampoo once every 3 days instead of once a week =XXXXXX
TA DANG~!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER~!!! I think maintenance is really important lah.
OHS passed me their haircare set for dandruff. It's a simple three step care! Other than an anti-dandruff shampoo which is really cooling and refreshing after use, there's also a silk herbal mask.
But my MUST-HAVE is this! The deep cleansing lotion!!! Apply it before shampooing. To dissolve and cleanse all the clogs and oil and dirt on your scalp! And then when you shampoo, EVERYTHING confirm get washed off easily!!! So you must must must get this okay! If not you shampoo 100 times also will still have dandruff one lol.
If you want voluminous healthy looking bouncy hair then try their Lipocomplex!

They also let me try their SUPER SILK hair therapy for my hair ends ^.^ Thank you OHS team for being so kind and generous!
Went back a couple of times more and they are always quite packed.

Surprised to find not only people of older age (like 30s, 40s, 50s) there were also a lot of people my age (mid and late 20s) =O

So i guess scalp care is something not just for hair loss. Also for healthier hair and scalp in general.

Dandruff is not just unsightly.. It's quite unhygienic also. That's why i'm finally doing something about it =X Cox got baby you know.. Cannot keep scratching my itchy scalp lol.

Loving all my visits to OHS. Everyone needs different course of treatment at OHS and that's why you need a consultant to help you determine how to plan and design a course of treatment for your hair and scalp problem. Mine took about 5 sessions.
On my way for my final session..
Letting Corinne check my scalp again ^.^
IS HEALTHY ONE LOH. Lolol. 是健康的咯. Just oily enough (cannot be too dry, too dry also no good! That's why need their products to help balance the secretion of oil!), clean enough, spotless enough!!! =DDD I give their treatment 99% score wth!!! Haha. 99% only cox i would love to have more sessions HAHAHA.
Healthy scalp already but still do my last treatment becox it's enjoyable =D Haha!
Corinne looking chio here haha. Checking my scalp for one last time before i'd be on my own to take care of them on my own with the help of the products =D
美不? Haha!
Big THANK YOU to all the friendly ladies at Oriental Hair Solutions!!!

I wish i had started my treatment with Oriental Hair Solutions much earlier to prevent post-natal hair loss =(( It is a very common problem among new moms but i didn't think it would hit me =( All women will experience Post-Natal Hair loss, although might not be immediately. But new moms should look out for it okay.

Post -natal hair loss normally occurs 3-5 months after giving birth. If you face the same problem, don't stress okay. Just go to OHS for a quick consultation. Don't listen to me, listen to what the consultant say after analysing your scalp. And you'd know how it all makes sense. To start caring for our scalp from the basics. After which they will plan a treatment for you. So i say again ah, don't stress!

Being a new mommy already got a lot of things to stress about liao. We should enjoy our babies and enjoy this period where they need us most. They grow up too soon T.T Make this period enjoyable for not just the babies, but for us also =D Jjiayou!!!

I also have other common hair problems like sensitive scalp with excess sebum, dandruff, redness and itchiness on the top of my scalp, brittle dry hair ends etc. And OHS can help with that too!

Only for my readers ^.^V

For just $10 you get to enjoy:

- One session of Award-Winning 7-in-1 Herbal Scalp Therapy
- One Hair Protein Treatment
- $200 Service Voucher

SERIOUSLY. All these at just $10 what the heckkkkk. You go neighbourhood salon blow one hair also need $20 =OOO

All you gotta do is to
SMS (QiuQiuXOHS) (Name) (NRIC) to 75575

Quick go try ah! You cannot find a $10 pampering session that helps your scalp condition anywhere else!!! =OOO Go go go!!!

List of OHS outlets in Singapore and Malaysia.

That's not all~!!!

Come to the QiuQiu X Oriental Hair Solutions event~!!!

It's happening on the 25th July 2 - 4.30pm! I'd be there and there'd be so much fun and exciting happening for my readers! It's gonna be a very cozy and exclusive event with only about 20 - 25 pax =))) Things to expect:

FREE Goodie Bags

FREE Hair and Scalp Analysis

Lucky Draw Prizes

Demonstration by Oriental Hair Solutions and

Light Refreshments

OHS really is one of the most generous clients i've ever worked with! So i'm very excited to see all of you at the event!

Visit OrientalHairSolutions.com for more details


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How many sessions did you attend until you fully have a healthy scalp?

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