16 August 2015

Getting back in shape with Expressions

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Many have been asking, "Omg how do you lose weight so fast after pregnancy?!"

I'd tell you now. Haha. After my confinement, i visited Expressions for 2 months' worth of treatments.

For the first month, i visited them once a week. Cox i was still struggling with the baby, housework and doggies with Josh haha.

After i got a helper, i visited Expressions twice a week for another month. So that's a total of two months!

And that's it, i am now 57kg. Pretty huge difference from my highest, 83.5kg during pregnancy!!!

After one month plus post pregnancy, you know the post-pregnancy weight-loss is done here already. Cox after that i was stagnant for a while also haha. So when i visited Expressions, i was 70kg.

Today i am 57kg. Whooping 13kg weight-loss in two months, thanks to Expressions!!!

Expressions have a few outlets in Singapore. The one i visited is their main outlet at Thomson!
Love the staff there, all very friendly and helpful =D That's Angela by the way! Haha. She's very very enthusiastic about helping ladies fulfil their body-shaping / weightloss / wellness goals! But..... Tell you first lah she's quite realistic and frank one. HAHA.

During my first consultation with her, i kept saying i wanna lose 20kg to become 50kg, can or not. LOL. She tell me "In two months, no way" LOL. Quite surprised to hear a "No" from slimming and wellness centre consultants cox erm.. Let's just say most treatment centres have a rep for over-promising all the time.

So she told me, a few things to follow and do, and she promised in two months, i can lose at least 9kg.

Sharing in a bit, read on! =D

Filling up a very detailed form about my body and health conditions as well as my lifestyle habits for them to better understand how to help me customise a body-shaping, weight loss and wellness program for me to get back in shape and shed some pounds! =D
Talking to another consultant about my weight gain and loss pattern. OMFG look at those back-fats. Being 70kg is no fun T.T She's showing me some of the all-natural products i can take daily to help burn fat and reduce weight. I tried them only in my second month with Expressions!
Doing an analysis on my body fat and muscle mass as well as my metabolism weight and more!
And then to take some before treatment pictures just for my own keep sake and to show you guys T_T Omg i looked like a hippo T___T totally pear-shape T___T
With a crazy bulging tummy that i cannot even suck in much T____T And remember i told you i forgot to apply stretchmark cream on the side of my belly??? ='OOOOO Moms will understand..
XL tube top and pants still look damn bazhang on me lol.
Speechless. I don't know how Josh can still tell me i am beautiful everyday. I think he is blind lolol. I looked into the mirror and i'm like "Sigh.. Nevermind lah at least my baby cute" LOL.
The above pictures before this were taken for me by the Expressions team so i a bit paiseh so.. *guilty* i got try to suck it in a bit lah.. =XXX This one the team left the room and i ownself snap one without sucking it in haha. DAMN ROUND MY BELLY lolol.
Sit down like still pregnant wor haha!
A picture while my treatment room is being prepared. Meet my arms yo, Chubby and Flabby. Lol.
Start of my treatment! =D It's quite relaxing lah. You simply lie down.. And they will do their thang!
Serious Angela at work =D OMG DAMN SHE'S GOOD. You see her targeting the back of my underarms where it shows that it's flabby most obviously on pictures.. Later i show you the AMAZING result!!! If you ask me if this treatment is painful, 100% no. Is it uncomfortable? To be honest, very mildly. I don't wanna lie to you all. Imagine a cold and wet baton on you, very ticklish right. Haha. I'd say the uncomfortable level is about 1-2/10 only lah. If you very very scared of cold and wet then boh bian loh, wanna be skinny not? LOL.
Went for the thermal wrap and expelled A LOT, A LOT... A LOTTTTT of waste and toxic from my body!!! =OOOOO The picture is quite gross i don't even dare to show you all. It's almost like showing you all my poop O.O That's how gross it is!!! If you do this you will immediately feel like a fresh new person after what the heck.

That's all for my first treatment!

You might have a different one cox at Expressions they believe in customizing something JUST for that client, targeting only what she needs, no less, no more.

I am very thankful the program Angela planned for me works out extremely well though initially she refused to promise me can lose 20kg HAHAH and only promise me more than 9kg in two months.

But wah, now i think back.. She promised me 9kg, in the end total i lose 13kg so far. This kind of bonus is sweet~ HAHA. Angela really don't lie nor over-promise! Love the professionalism!

Said i'd show you guys the results of just my FIRST treatment, right.

LOOK AT MY ARM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% no photoshop. I never even pull colour. From slightly bulged out, it become firmer =OOO ONE TREATMENT ONLY LEH.
Notice how my armpit fats firmed up?!?!?! =OOOO Even got the skinny armpit concave in!!!
Haven't seen you in a long while, armpit concave!!! Haha!
Not just the armpits!!! The entire arms became firmer and more in shape!!!
Did the treatment on my inner thigh........ Please just look at the difference before and after.
With my legs slightly apart. You can see after treatment the fat bulge is softer, while before treatment it's much harder and tougher. All these cellulite gathering and having a party there =_=
That's that!!! This treatment was my first, and Expressions told me if i am not impressed or not happy by the results, i can choose not to take up this ambassadorship becox they want something that really works for me, no need to hardsell, no need to upsell. Just as it is~
Of course being super happy with the results from just the first session, i went back =D
SO EXCITING!!!! Doing the same amazing treatment i did on my arms on the first visit, this time on my waist and belly to break down the cellulite and then firm up =DDD I won't show you the results now.. But to be honest, overall results, other than the amazing weight-loss, i am happiest about the shaping of my waist line and belly and thighs!!! All thanks to this treatment and my next phase of treatment!
Into the second half, second month of my treatment =D

I felt sooooo relaxed each time i am at Expressions. Cox it's like my weekly indulgent in pampering myself. Just 1 hour plus off, to take care of myself, feel good, look better.. You know?

And then go have a good lunch at Thomson.. =XXXXXXX

FML MAXIMUM after EVERY SINGLE TREATMENT, i'd go have lunch. Initially i was crazy about the ba chor mee. I'd order one bowl of mee pok with extra deep fried pork lard =XXX

I know, i should be ashamed of myself.

Later, i fell in love with The Prata Stall. I'd order one kosong prata.. And one plate of maggie goreng.. With a cup Milo Dinosaur =XXXXX OMG I OUGHT TO BE SHOT.

We've all heard of this kind of people haven't we?!?!? Always hear them saying "我在减肥", "I'm on a diet" but then next moment you see them eating like a pig. LOL. Hello, nice to meet you, that's me.


Finally right, i tio gong tao (went under a spell) for this Thai food at Thomson fmlllll. IT IS SO FREAKING YUMMY I AM NOT KIDDING. I love love love their thai grilled toast with condensed milk......... *guilty* And their Thai Boat Noodle omg omg omg. Their Phad Thai........ =PPP SO GOOD LAH!!! Their chicken wing also very nice but a bit too spicy for my liking lah haha.



I love food too much.




It's not hard to achieve this magic balance at all. Expressions don't ask their clients to go on diets nor to go on a special hamster-food menu. Honestly, whoever can do that also can slim down naturally what. It's just harder and take a longer period of time only loh.

But let me finish first.. The Thai restaurant is called Thai in Town lah. Their tomyum soup also very good. LOLOL. Okay i am done. Thank you for listening hahaha.

If you're a crazy food-lover like me, you'd know this is why we give up on dieting, give up on better-looking selves and give up on a better version of us that we could be!

Yes, no doubt, WE CAN BE! Only if we really want to.

Take this, babeh. I take two, before meals. It burns fat. Sounds good enough? BURNS, FAT. Okay. Nuff' said. I went to Japan and eat like a hungry cow for three full days. Lost 1kg when i came back. All thanks to this. You may get it from the Expressions website under products.
On top of taking the Formula 2 from Expressions, which is made from natural herb, i still go back for my last few treatments within those two months. This is very interesting one.

For about one hour, this equipment that is connected to a massive chic machine, keeps contracting my muscles!!!!!! It's a very strange sensation but it gets very addictive!!!

It's a mixture of vibration, suction and contractions!!!

And the most amazing thing is that after the treatment.. Few hours (or by the next day morning) later, YOU WILL GET MSUCLE ACHE AT THAT AREA =OOO

What the heck lah it's like doing exercise like sit-ups and crunches to tone up your belly and waist line except you don't have to move wor!!! You just lie down chillax use phone hahaha.
During my last few treatment sessions haha. My face jawline never photoshop one ah.
Expressions let me try this to use it for maintenance even after i stopped going for treatments. Results quite impressive hor!!! I think it must have helped me a great deal cox i apply it everyday!!!
On my final treatment, i got this detox set. A special concoction for me to clear out the toxins in my system and let it have better metabolism rate. It's only for three days!!! So that my belly can shrink even more!!!
On the day for photoshoot..
Make up done~
Hair almost done..
And we're ready to roll =)))

Can't believe this is me now.. The 83.5kg fatty just few months back..

Hard to make the link right.. I was soooo big and bloated that even when i smile, my face feels like no space LOL.

Another set for the photoshoot =)
I don't like red but i think red likes me ; ) HAHAH.

I find it quite amazing how Expressions can make me, from feeling like a disheartened and fat new mom, to a hot mom now, if i might say so myself HAHAHAHA. Just kidding i wouldn't call myself hot mom lah. Yeah okay fine, i totally would lol.

If you have body-shape /sliming or any beauty and wellness related questions, please check out Expressions website and contact them!

Very thankful for how Expressions helped me got back in shape..

All you new moms / moms-to-be.. Don't worry, Expressions cares for you. And your body shape up, and your weight, and most importantly, they care about what makes you feel good and confident about..

So that you can just focus your energy with your family, new baby.. Oh oh oh! And husband! Haha!

Thank you Expressions for getting me back in shape.. Now i feel so much more confident and happy!

Thanks to all the treatments at Expressions, i saw great improvements in term of my stretchmarks and cellulite. It's all getting less visible now =D And i feel myself feeling lighter and much more energetic, kind like feeling and looking from age 28 to 22 HAHA.

All mummies can get the Baby Belly Fat Treatment at the special price of $88 by clicking on this link www.expressions.com.sg Good luck and enjoy the treatment!!! =D

Also, see you guys at the Supermon Bazaar event! I'd be attending and sharing more about my weight loss journey with you all as well as my thoughts on being a new mom! Excited to see you guys! There will be goodie bags for all eligible moms~ Details as below:

Venue: Suntec City Hall 401 - 404
Date: 29th August 2015
Time: 2pm - 3pm

Call 67357586 for appointment at Orchard outlet
63851555 for appointment at Thomson outlet

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE~ Don't fret about post-natal weight-gain, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! =D I did it with Expressions.. So can you =))) JIAYOU!!!!

Here's a video to show you my journey with Expressions since day one.. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu!! Sorry for going off-topic but are you wearing 'Impression Lingerie' bra when you were wearing the red dress? Thank you so much!!

Xiao Vee said...

This is so interesting :D :D
Happy to see your body got in shape again, Qiu!

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Hanna Lei said...

You look gorgeous! Awesome they helped you so much -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

You look GORGEOUS! That weight really suits you (even though you want to lose more). It was interesting to read how you lost the baby weight. Wouldn't mind reading more of your diet and exercise plan healthy lifestyle.

Diana Machado said...

omg what a change :) we where beautiful back then too

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!

Honestly, I think you look amazing even if your weight has fluctuated. How wonderful to have your husband who loves and sees the beauty within you. :) Also great that you are gaining back confidence through the body shape you want. However, while slimming centers can help you, the results would only be temporary if healthy eating is not incorporated in your lifestyle. Beauty shines from within, no matter how much makeup or skincare you use, the food you put inside your body literally makes you. Of course, this is your life and I respect whatever choice you make.

I wish you all the best!


ps, been a reader for many years :D

Anonymous said...

Hello QQ!

Is it possible to show a picture of what the fat burner formula pills look like? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow you look great, Qiu! One question - do you know where the gold dress you wore in the photoshoot is from? It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, congrats on your successful weight loss.

I was just checking out the ingredients of Formula 2 on expressions website and co-checking it with KellyMom.com on herbs to avoid during breastfeeding. Would like to tell you to take note that Chickweed and Parsley root can potentially reduce breastmilk supply and Bladderwrack can be potentially harmful to mum and baby and should be avoided if you are breast feeding. This product might not be suitable for breast feeding mothers.

Anonymous said...

But QiuQiu is no longer breastfeeding for a long time now. Her baby girl Meredith is already placed on formula milk. So it is perfectly alright and fine for her to continue the supplements given by Expressions.

Anonymous said...

breastfeeding is still the easiest way to lose weight and eat sooooo much! lost even way more than pre pregnancy weight :p

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu, so much respect to you for being so brave and showing us your new mom body, unretouched or hidden.

Anonymous said...

It's disappointing to click thru, wanting to try out the treatment at special price coz i'm a new mother too. When i reached Expressions on the scheduled day, kept asking me if i'm here for the qiu qiu trial. Then the staff who attended to me asked me to sign up for a package instead, and that there's no trial...

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, does the treatment really remove the stretch marks? Is that possible? thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu may I know how's ur stretch marks looks like now? Do u have any update pic?

Singapore Slimming said...

Glad that you enjoyed our slimming services. Look forward to see you soon. :)