14 August 2015

New NIVEA Body Firming Serum

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Sup you girls~ =D

What's your favourite fashion must-haves and accessories?!

I always thought mine is just nice clothes - Number one importance. That is sort of like the overall impression you get from first look at someone.

Bags - Number two. Cox everyone will notice that quite easily, as easily as if you hold a banana in your hand O.O Or if you carry a huge watermelon on the street, you get my drift. Lolol.

Shoes - Number three. Hahaha. Cox i honestly thought nobody will give a damn about what i wear to protect my feet LOL and use to step on the floor lol but okay lah shoes can really make / break an OOTD so i put it in number three importance nowadays.

But one thing i noticed is that fashion trends come and go.

What is fashionable / popular now might run out of style in a few years' time, or even a few months.

And the gauge for perfect beauty also changes. There's hardly default beauty in anything that is going to stay as a good evergreen gauge for beauty.

Example, last time everyone wants defined jawlines and facial profiles. Now most people go for the supple soft and firm look that's more feminine and youthful.

I won't be surprised if one day these trends change again haha then a bit fml lah cox i already shave away my jawbone LOLOL.

Good thing though one thing can never go out of style and is a default beauty standard UNIVERSALLY across the board haha - Beautiful skin!!!

To think about it, it's awfully true that our skin is our best fashion accessory!!!

Our body IS the largest surface of us, on a whole, and we show most of it on a usual day, more than our face show, more than our hair shows, more than our nails show. Lolol.

So when people see us, actually most of it they see our skin that is showing haha!

There's a Chinese saying: 人靠衣装 佛靠金装

It means to say (in direct and unsophisticated translation done by me LOL) that even the buddha relies on the gold outer cover to look grand and good, so all the more us human gotta rely on what we put on ourselves to look good as an overall package. But i think it should be..

人靠皮肤 佛靠金装. Haha! We are INDEED covered by our skin HAHA.

So our skin is the ultimate fashion statement! Haha!

Having beautiful skin, not just your face but your body, gives us that additional confidence booster in everything we wear. Our skin shouldn’t be the limitation to what we would wear lah! So having visibly hydrated skin that is evenly toned and firm is really important!

Poor skin condition, on the other hand, be it on the face or the body, can easily add years to one’s appearance and make us look older, more tired and dull =((( And we really don't want that~!!!

But it's a harsh fact that with gravity, time, stress and sun (lol), all these factors going against us, it's just natural for our skin to lose its radiance and elasticity.

In fact, most women over thirty have below optimum level of collagen in the skin cox the skin being unable to produce collagen and elastin on its own. Collagen is important because it makes our skin firm, while elastin gives our skin flexibility.

The loss of collagen and elastin causes your skin to wrinkle and sag. Using topical skin products that contains Q10 can effectively help skin become firmer as it can penetrate deeply to provide antioxidants and help our skin create collagen and elastin.

That’s why NIVEA has upgraded its popular whitening body moisturisers to boast brightening and firming properties!

The previous version only had day and night serum: NIVEA UV Whitening Serum and Whitening night Serum.

Now, the new range of NIVEA Body Firming Serum comes in 2 day serums (with SPF33 PA++): Extra White Firming serum and Instant White Firming Serum and 1 night serum: Night White Firming Body Serum for night time rejuvenation.

You know the most common type of body moisturisers is lotion?

NIVEA Body Firming Serum is exactly special cox it's a serum!

The difference between lotion and serum is that serums have better product efficacy than lotion as it has higher concentration of active ingredients, which will give us fairer and firmer skin in a shorter period as compared to lotion.

Like serums for face, it also have smaller molecules to penetrate deeper into skin layers for better absorption. Most importantly, it has a non-sticky finish.

Now we can achieve fairer, firmer and flawless skin in just 14 days~!!! This range of the NIVEA serum body moisturisers contains 95% Vitamin C derivative and Coenzyme Q10. And those are the main ingredients to help our skin get fairer and firmer consecutively!

The NIVEA Extra White Firming Serum is the star product to look out for as it helps you achieve added whitening effect over a period of time! Use it when you come out of the shower, daily! And you'd find your skin grower fairer and firmer with time! =D I apply it on my arms..
And on my thighs T____T Cox these are the places that needs firming and whitening! By the way i love love love how this whole range smells omg. Also it's very easy to spread all over the body cox the texture is very light and it gets absorbed really quickly into our skin =D And there's no sticky feeling after that =D You can feel comfy in your own skin and flaunt it~ =D
NIVEA’s Q10 firming technology helps in anti-wrinkling, anti-oxidation and boosting cell energy for firmer skin. It also contains Vitamin C of 95% purity to help make skin fairer in 14 days. Use it religiously and you can say bye bye to saggy dull skin

Another favourite in this range is the NIVEA Instant White Firming Serum!

Anytime you need a quick fix and look fairer instantly, use the NIVEA Instant White Firming Serum!
Really can tell the difference within a matter of seconds after using the Instant White! I kinda feels it's like a veil of serum. A veil that makes you look a few tones fairer instantly. It contains titanium dioxide which are used in BB cream to give you that dewy, radiant look that Korean celebrities have! Also in the picture you can see the old whitening serum from NIVEA as well as the two new day serums (Instant White and Extra White).
Now you can have fairer and firmer skin in a single application with NIVEA Instant White Firming Serum! I'd suggest to use this for quick fix lah. Like before you head out of the house, before you attend a special dinner or before a photoshoot haha! #BeautyCheat

Another one to introduce within the NIVEA Firming Body Serum range!
The NIVEA Night White Firming Body Serum! =D
Use it when you're going to bed for a night of rejuvenation for your skin!!!
The new NIVEA Night White Firming Body Serum =)))
Shameless selfie time with the Night White haha!

You know when i think about NIVEA, i think about FAIRNESS. Haha. What i picture in my head is of all the fair, healthy skin happy ladies being comfortable in their skin.

Seriously ah, i think with this three NIVEA Whitening Firming Body Serum (Instant, EXTRA, Night white) i think i will really become Snow White wor. Lolol. 一白遮三丑 got hear before not haha!

So i conclude i will become more and more chio lolol. Okay please go try the NIVEA Firming and whitening range of serum out for yourselves and you'd no longer need to keep asking me how how how i become fairer over the years.

ANSWER = Protect yourself from the sun + use good whitening products! Simple as that~ =D

Also, NIVEA is hosting a #ultimatefashionstatement on 22nd Aug, 2-5pm at Capitol Piazza B1-36 to teach us girls how to make your skin the ultimatefashionstatement! They have invited celebrity makeup artist, Clarence Lee & fashion stylist, Keith Png to educate us! =OOO Both of them have been grooming international celebrities =OOO Let's all go and get tips from them haha! ^.^

Topics to be covered are how to get healthy, fair and firm skin, the colors that flatters your skin tone as well as the cut of outfits that suits your body most. To win tickets for the workshop, post a blue OOTD and hashtag #ultimatefashionstatement and #NIVEAsg.

I will give away 5 pairs of tickets. Winners will be announced on 18th Aug.

Visit NIVEA Body Facebook for more information and updates!


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