10 August 2015

Pure Blue Shower Filter

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Omg vainpots and mummies and skincare junkies will be happy to know about this shower filter!!!

Thank you PureBlue for sending me this shower filter to try!

You guys know how more and more people are drinking filtered water these days? Cox everyone agrees (I mean in Singapore) that yes although we are told that the water from the tap is safe for drinking, there's still chlorine inside. It is used to disinfect our water.

If you drink it, you pass it out as waste. It might not be very good, but it's definitely not harmful.

But do know? That showering with the water from the tap is even more harmful than drinking it. Cox like said, you pass out what you drink.. But the effect of chlorine on our skin / hair contact is instant and if used for a pro-longed period of time, will cause very harmful damages to your body, skin, and hair! =OOO

When we shower the steam opens up our pores open and our skin becomes more delicate and soft and we are more "open" to absorbing chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Chlorine also vaporises into gas easily and gets inhaled into our lungs, causing another set of problems pertaining to our respiratory system.

Anyone been to Japan before and feel the difference of the "Japan Magic" on our hair, skin and body?

I have said it in many of my blogposts about Japan that i don't understand how when i'm in Japan, i always look chioer HAHA. Be it my hair or my skin (my complexion). My hair always seems smoother, skin always feels softer and looks better and healthier in pictures.


Now the mystery is reveal. Not that Japan is no longer magical hahaha but the Japan Magic is all about the water!!! They have much much much softer water there thanks to their awesome filter =O

Really one, you walk out of the bathroom after showering in Japan, you don't feel like your skin is tight and dry one!!! And your hair also!!! Won't be like dry and tangled =X #OnlyInJapan?

Not anymore i guess! With Pure Blue maybe all of us can look as good as we do when we're in Japan HAHA. The Japanese girls are not going to be too happy about it hahahaha.

Pure Blue shower filter.. In my bathroom for one month plus now, loving it.
It's installed like that becox the landlord's shower heater a bit old ah hahahaha sorry. But hey whatever work okay! The way you can do it now is..
It takes only 2 minutes to install the Pure Blue shower filter =D
Tadang~ Also hor now my soap and shampoo lathers much better even in smaller quantities! Cox the water is more pure =D
How tap water is being filtered by Pure Blue shower filter. They use BPA-free filters harness technology and high-quality durable elements (KDF, Calcum Sulfite, Maifan stone and Ceramic Balls) to remove harmful impurities. Each element plays an important role in water treatment and softening. But how do you REALLY tell the difference?!
Pure Blue sent me a chlorine kit, of which you can purchase on their website for $9, but i'm gonna be a little blunt here and tell you.. Don't waste the $9 =XXX I do the test for you lolol. But of course if you wanna be 100% sure, you can of course still purchase it and see it for yourself! I mean Pure Blue is so confident of their product they even have a test kit for you to prove it haha.

Cup on the left is water from my shower without Pure Blue and cup on the right is with. Can you see how high the chlorine level is please. It's off the middle scale =OOO Meaning it's on the high side?!

Chlorine removes keratin which will then cause damages to our hair T.T This is why we have dry and tangled hair after showering! So with the filter you'd find great improvement on dry, sensitive skin, as well as damaged hair!

Your skin will becomes softer, healthier, less dry and sensitive and that will reduced breakouts of rashes and wrinkle formation.

And your hair will become silkier and healthier as well! Also also!!! It will prolonged the lifespan of your coloured hair!!! Haha! You know how chio colours always gets washed off within a few washes right?! Of course lah, our water got chlorine!

Without a shower filter, the effect can be cumulative, resulting in dry, sensitive skin, unhealthy scalp, and damaged hair keratin. So i'm happy that Pure Blue sent me this for a honest review.

It's so good i gotta share! For those who might have concerns with respiratory issue, long-term benefits of using Pure Blue shower filter is it can reduce risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation!

Children, who are particularly at risk, benefit especially from the removal of chlorine from shower water! So if you have kids, babies and elderly at home.. All the more you should consider =D

Me with the happy and healthy baby =))) At a very reasonable and affordable cost!

Come to think of it, actually Pure Blue shower filter is really one of the more affordable shower filter you can find, at $92 SGD. It's also very very small and space-conscious and super easy to install!

Filter refill can be changed every 6months depending on consumption and home water quality.!

I really think all households should consider getting one! The effect of chlorine is really no joke one.

See this video on Pure Blue's website! We all know how everytime we step out of the pool our skin feels extra dry, tight and sensitive! That's cox there's more chlorine in pool water. And this is what our tap water contains too.. But in smaller quantity. Even that, prolong usage is still harmful!

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *
PureBlue is giving away a shower filter!!! And all you gotta do is to

Thank you again Pure Blue for being so kind and nice to introduce this shower filter to me! =D Now i can be chio like i was in Japan, EVERYDAY HAHAHA =DDD

Visit Pure Blue online store for more information and to make purchase!

Free local delivery for SGD80 and above is applicable for all orders from Singapore and Free International delivery for USD80 and above ^.^ Go be good-looking, people! Hahaha!


Hanna Lei said...

Not about the post but I have to say you look so pretty in this post! -Hanna Lei

Juliana said...

This seems like such an awesome product. I would love to win one. I liked and shared the Fb page. Hopefully, I can see the same great results as you.

Mich said...

I just bought one and tried it today! I really can feel the difference on my hair! Not as tangled as before and really dun have much of the "siap siap" feeling!

Thanks for the intro, Qiu Qiu! :)