09 September 2015

❤︎ Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk ❤︎

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You guys already know my hair woes by now. I have naturally curly hair. My hair grow out is frizzy and dry one i really don't know why. Curly, frizzy and dry T_T

Usually i wake up in the morning with a head of hair sooooo huge, it's like the lion's mane. The kind that stays in the wild, under the sun and crazy heat, and rolls around in mud / sand. LOL.

Only consolation is that i have no flies flying around my hair =))) HAHAH. But really..

Do you some days just feel like that, as your hair would?!

Introducing the five EVIL HAIR STRESS Brothers!

Hahaha the article write up of them so cute hor!!! We gotta watch out for them! They gonna attack our hair and our hairpily ever after will be no more! Haha!
We all know what we do to get our hair looking good. Combing, curling, hot-ironing, blowdrying etc.

But do you know that what you're doing to solve the problem with dry, tangled hair and split ends etc, is also making the problem worst, in the long run. You blowdry your hair, your hair become dryer on both the inside and outside =O You comb your hair, your dry hair breaks and then you have more split ends.

You get my point.

So we should get to the root of the problems..

That is.. You should have easily manageable hair. That doesn't constantly needs blowdrying, curling, hot-ironing and forceful combing. Tough love, i know. Haha!

Introducing the Essential Night Care Milk!!! After using Essential damage care series of shampoo, this Night Care Milk should be your ground zero. This is where good hair starts!!!

Essential is a popular haircare brand from Japan! I've been using their basic haircare like shampoo and conditioner to the more intensive treatments from Essential like their hair masks!! I love it!!

Now they are relaunching their Leave-On Treatments range!!!

Suited for the lifestyle of girls in Singapore with its ultra light texture and fast-absorbing qualities! You know how we girls here are, right. Weather so hot and sunny, put a bit of sunscreen also don't want, too oily. Too sticky.

Hair whole day protecting our scalp from the crazy scorching sun, put a bit of leave-on treatment, don't want, so heavy make our hair look oily. LOL. Dialect got one saying, "hiam dang hiam sai" LOL. 嫌东嫌西. This one don't want, that one don't want.

After shampooing in the day, if blowdry will make the hair very dry, don't want. If just go out like that, when the hair air-dry, it will be so tangled, don't want. But don't care anyway, just leave the house with dripping hair that soak through the top. Let the whole MRT and bus know what shampoo you just used. LOL.

At night after shampoo, blowdry too noisy don't want. Don't blow dry must wait for hair to air-dry, so sian, don't want. AH OKAY LAH JUST SLEEP WITH WET HAIR LAH!

That's my life story right there okay. Hahahaha.

If you're like me (lazy like crazy haha), HERE'S THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU!!!

Simple steps to manageable hair: Apply it on damp / towel-dried hair, go to sleep and fight pillow friction and damages! Don't worry texture is very light and it's non-sticky!

Plus, it smells soooo good~ I can't describe it to its best but i'd try! It's kinda uplifting but subtly sweet, a little bit like floral honey =DDD I LOVE IT!!! Aiyah you go and smell it in the shops okay!

I tried it the night before and then the next day (day of taking this set of pictures haha) i wake up with easy to manage hair =D Can just use fingers to gently comb through!!! =DDD

All thanks to the Essential Night Care Milk! =D It protects our hair from pillow friction by leaving a protective coat around each hair strand and prevent misaligned cuticles when hair rubs against the pillowcase, leaving hair more manageable the next morning! =D

You know it's very bad that when we sleep, toss and turn, our hair gets rubbed against the pillow case, it gets pressed on in different directions and placement, it gets messed around, become tangled and damaged from all the actions omg. But if you use the Essential Night Care Milk, not only does it protects our hair from all these damaging actions.. It also lets you wake up with manageable hair!

Good right, no need to comb it forcefully through the tangles and no need to hot-iron it to make it stay in place =O Of course washing your hair will ‘reset’ the mane, which is why many ladies have no choice but to wash and blow dry their hair in the morning before going to work!

Now with this you can have more time for beauty sleep!!! At night no need to wait until hair super dry, no need to blow dry, in the morning don't need to wash and blowdry hair also! And then have to rush to commute to work and all. Omg, i don't know how you all do it. Your morning sounds damn stressful to me =O So remember to simplify it! Haha!

Also introducing the all new Essential CC Oil!!!

The ‘CC’ in the new Essential CC Oil stands for Cuticle Care.

You know like how CC cream works?

They give you coverage but at the same time nourish your skin, gives it sun-protection, brighten it and make it better. You can call it multi-functional - One cream, many effects!

The Essential CC Oil works in the same way on our hair!!!

1 oil, many good effects =DDD It protects our hair from the evil 5 hair stresses!

CC Oil forms a protective coat around each hair strand and protects your hair from the 5 hair stresses, leaving you with hair that is more in-place, less tangles and much much more manageable!

It contains Hair Supplement Oil, which is similar to hair’s natural oil! So while protecting and nourishing your hair, it also makes it looks beautiful and naturally shiny =D

What i do is i apply it before i leave house and since it's so portable and tiny, i can put it in my bag and reapply at any time of the day =D So you can have TV commercial standard hair all day lol!

The next time you feel like your hair is stressed up by the evil five brothers of hair stresses (breakage, blowdrying, split ends, combing, and dryness), how do you deal with it?!

Some crazy ideas to bring some stress-relief to yourself and your hair (not to be taken seriously LOL):

Run away from it all and cover your bad hair with a bucket. Got hear before ostrich mentality? If i don't see it.. The problem is not there! Hahaha! 
Vent your pent-up bad hair trauma by popping some bubble on bubble wrap?!
Whaaat?! Some good old head banging moves for stress-relief?!

Actually you can also combat the evil Hair Stress Brothers in this fabulous Facebook game!
Combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King!
And win attractive weekly prizes! =D

(Click on picture to play and stand to win the prizes from Essential =D)
Very simple one the game! Just use left / right key to control Mane Hero! If she catches Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk, she gains points. If she catches the evil Stress Brothers or Pesky Pillow King, she loses points. The idea of the game is easy to play lah haha.
But when i really play it.. I find myself a bit slow HAHA. My tip is, don't gian bng go catch a Essential CC oil / Night Care Milk that is too far from you!!! Confirm will catch evil stress brothers one!
Step one to good hair! The Essential Night Care Milk! Off with the vicious cycle of blow-drying hair, force combing hair, split ends and dryness etc!
Step two, make it look good! Haha. Have naturally shiny hair with the Essential CC oil, which also nourishes and protects your hair =))) Thank you Essential for letting me try these! I love them! The CC oil especially is soooo light and it doesn't feel oily at all!!! How do you all make it like that! An oil that doesn't feel oily =O

And each bottle is only $11.90! =OOO

Visit Essential Singapore Facebook page for more info or follow Essential on Instagram at @EssentialSingapore

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