22 October 2015

❤︎ Hokkaido Fresh Milk ❤︎

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Introducing Hokkaido Fresh Milk today~ =DDD

Hokkaido Fresh Milk is flown in fresh from Hokkaido dairy farms. It is the closest you can get to the nourishing creamy goodness of Hokkaido so highly raved about by people all over the world, without flying there!

Everyone knows how premium Japanese produce are. With the love, dedication and passion they put into their produce and services to maintain the high standards they have.

And out of the hundreds and thousands of things that Japan is known for, the fresh milk from Hokkaido is famous for being the best kind of milk one can ever taste.

Why you might wonder..

Tell me you won't be damn happy and chillax if you grow up like that haha.
These are some pictures of the cows bred and taken care of in Hokkaido. You can google them also!

The farmers ensure that they create a pleasant and relaxed environment for the cows, feed them only nutritious food like mix of coarse feed (fermented grass, corn and hay) and concentrated feed (corn and barley etc). And the farmers will check EACH cow's physical condition on a daily basis =OOO

Omg the farmer's love and care for the cows are like how you would take care of you own family O.O

Also, the cows are only milked during their prime years, and they grow with spacious area for them to roam free and exercise within the pasture.

Omg there's so much to take care of for these cows, really salute the farmer's dedications! It's like raising many many kids of their own O.O Gotta put in so much loving heart and soul into it T.T


Sorry too excited!!! Cannot contain my excitement hahaha!!!

You all know i very biased towards Japanese stuff one =X And it's for good reasons!!!

The Japanese really takes pride in the things they do.

They make sure they only provide the best with the best value.

Take for example.. You must have heard of the $60 Hokkaido melon.

Before i ever tasted it, i was like.. RIDICULOUS. Who would pay $60 for a melon?!?!?!

After i tasted it and understand how the Japanese made it happen. I would. Any day. Do you know how this melon is produced? For example if a melon seed can grow a vine of 10 melons.

Instead of letting them grow (and have the sweetness spread across for example 50 melons), the farmers stuff the shoots back into this one precious melon. And so this one melon can grow to be as sweet as it can get.

This is not about the know-how. Everybody can know how to do something good, if they want to learn.

This is about making the choice to be excellent, instead of doing only what yields quantity and what is most profitable. And i think we should give a lot of respect for that!!!

Same goes for Hokkaido Fresh Milk. They choose to be excellent, starting from good field, good healthy cows, good care and attention paid to the cows etc..

Hokkaido Fresh Milk is produced by the renowned Yotsuba Milk Products Co. Ltd, by established dairy farmers in Hokkaido. Expect only the highest quality and nutritious dairy milk in each pack. It is their promise to upkeep the good name of Hokkaido produce, known for freshness and quality.

Flown in fresh from Hokkaido dairy farms, Hokkaido Fresh Milk is milk in its simplest and purest form. There's NO addictive because it's good on its own!

Of course it's also the best milk you can get for dishes that requires milk haha. Or for your beverages like tea, smoothies, ice cream etc!

Or for your baking needs!!! You all must have heard of Hokkaido milk pudding T_____T It's sooooooo good T.T Or simply dunk cookies in Hokkaido Fresh Milk.. It makes a tasty wholesome treat filled with goodness!

Goodness and maximum nutrients that are being retained fully thanks to the non-polluted farming environment and safe extraction methods!

Do you know, Hokkaido Fresh Milk makes up for 52% of the total dairy volume in Japan? Even the high-standards Japanese support this brand the most haha. My whole family only can drink Hokkaido fresh milk now on haha!

You can have it as a simple beverage with your favourite cookies ^.^ Here i have my breakfast oat cookies with Hokkaido Fresh Milk! You can also try it with cereal!!! I love it with honey stars hehe!
Another way to enjoy your food with milk, is to dunk cakes in it and scoop it up immediately =OOO Most people do it with cookies but omg i'd tell you, with cake, it's like milky cake pudding =OOO
Or, you could add Hokkaido Fresh Milk into your favourite tea or coffee ^.^ It's soooo rich, it will only make your tea yummier =D

If you're wondering about the taste, i can only tell you, you have to try it on your own to really appreciate it T.T It's soooooo good!!!

It's creamy and rich, yet refreshingly light to taste!!! Very well-balanced! I know some people don't like the heavy taste of milk, then you have to give Hokkaido Fresh Milk a try!!!

It goes down so smooth T.T It's like liquid gold air-flown in from Hokkaido, from the farmers who put in so much of their life into making it good. I feel quite touched O.O Thank you Japan once again, for sharing your awesomeness with the world T.T

I LOVE IT~!!! =P
Please go try it!!! =DDD I think it will be your favourite milk from then on!

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Choose only the best for yourself and your family =))

Alright! Leaving you guys here! If you value fresh and great tasting milk cultivated from a safe, clean and caring environment, Hokkaido Fresh Milk is the answer =)))
Find Hokkaido Fresh Milk at Fair Price Finest at $6.45 per 1L pack! =D


Jaslyn G said...

OMG Qiuqiu, you slimmed down so fast! :))) And you look super cute! Can you pls share some tips to slimming down? :) Thanks!

Hanna Lei said...

The cows look so happy -Hanna Lei

Jolynn Chew said...

if you want to advertise the milk, you should've fed your baby with it :) that will be the best testimony. just my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

you look like an old ah lian trying to stay relevant. That puffy top and pleated skirt scream 90's. Not in a retro cutey way but a wardrobe malfunction kind of way. Not sure why but even the most expensive clothes look cheap instantly when worn on you...

Anonymous said...

@Jolynn Chew: Qiuqiu's daughter would be too young to try cow's milk. A baby needs to be at least 12 months old to be able to drink fresh cow's milk!

Anonymous said...

Let's get the facts right. This full cream milk has high fat content unlike low fat milk. If you drink this "good" milk often, definitely will put on weight.
There's a low fat version selling at Takashimaya...but the creaminess won't be there and thus won't taste as good as this one.