08 January 2016

#KFCLordOfTheWings is back!!!

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Here to introduce my NEW FAVOURITE EVER from the many wonderful creations at KFC!!!

Remember KFC Battle of the Wings?! I did a post on that before! And the battle was between Korean Yang Yeum Wings and Japanese Umadare Wings!!!

Umadare wings were savoury, sweet and tangy and i loveeeeeed it so much!!!

But in the end Yang Yuem won T______T It won by a few votes. WHY LIKE THIS?! I ate it at least 10 times during the time it was available! But sadly only posted 2-3 pictures of it. If i had posted each time i ate it, i think maybe it could have won HAHA.

This time round the tasty KFC Wings are back!!! ! Available in 4 pcs ala carte ($4.90), Wings Rice Bento Set (4 pcs Wings + fragrant chicken rice + side salad + a regular Pepsi at $6.90) or Wings & Fries Set (4 pcs Wings + 1 medium Fries + a regular Pepsi at $6.90)! =D
And i was there with Ben (who loves Shoyuzu more, like me!!!) to slay Peishi and Yutaki who preferred Yang Yeum since it was first introduced. HAHAHA. Sorry i very competitive one!!!
Tasting session!!! =DDD
Meet the all-new savoury Japanese Shoyuzu Wings!!!
Classic SHOYU with a twist of YUZU!

It's here to take on the defending champion from previous campaign – the spicy Korean Yang Yeum Wings! And i have full faith that it will win this time and be #KFCLordofTheWings!!! =DDD


I'd eat it with KFC fragrant chicken rice T.T
I'd eat it on its own!!!!!!
I'd eat it as a set meal with fries and drink!!!
I'd eat it with my friends and family and i won't even tell them the existence of another flavour HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

So yes imma do everything to promote and vote for my preferred flavour HAHA. Cannot believe i lost the last round!!! This round must snatch title!!!

You may also vote for your favourite flavour HERE!!!

Simply pick a side, take a selfie, and share the image on Facebook.

You can also download a $1 OFF Wings Rice Bento Set / Wings and Fries Set coupon at the end!!!

Instagram Users who also upload the above selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #kfcoishii or #kfcmashisoyo will stand to win $50 KFC vouchers too!!! (Yes, you can see i'm very biased LOL)

So excited about the food tasting you have no idea!!! Here together with Ben, Peishi and Yutaki!!! Each of us rooting for our preferred flavour!!! =D
And this is how i lost my job LOL. Yutaki damn spoil market, brought along his own background to take food shots for the wings lol.
*punch!* Break my ricebowl + support Yang Yeum hahaha!
To be honest, i could see why people loveeee the Korean Yang Yeum wings lah haha. It's hot and spicy. But it's just a little too spicy for me! But for those who love a punch of hot and spiciness to your tastebuds, this would be what you'd prefer!
My choice would be the Shoyuzu cox it's EVENNNNNNN YUMMIER THAN THE UMADARE WINGS!!!! =OOOSo freaking flavourful you just have to give it a try i'm serious!!!
If you love a full blast of flavour (and not overbearing spiciness LOL) and refreshing touch of citrus Yuzu, you have to try try try the Shoyuzu!!! =D OKAY!!! 请大家多多支持!!!
Hahahah battling it out hahaha. Peishi is just like "No violence please"
"我们只是同事, 不是朋友" Hahaha. Sorry more selfies to come!
Yutaki took this for me haha.
Damn that strand of hair haha. Nevermind, 凌乱美.
That day i damn annoying kept asking them "我像吗我?! 我像生过 baby 的人吗?!" Hahahaha.

Okay lah enough selfies! If you love to snap selfies, why not join the vote HERE by taking a selfie!!!

Remember to post it on Instagram and #kfcoishii or #kfcmashisoyo to win $50 KFC vouchers!!!

You know you need to hashtag #kfcoishii hahaha. Do it.


Hanna Lei said...

Looks really good! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

red eyeshadow or did plastic surgery on eyes?

Anonymous said...

Your nose shadow just so hilariously ugly

Nana Lopez said...

The food looks mega delicious.
Also, you look like a living doll.
I would definitely make a fan art if only I can draw. Le sigh.