23 February 2016

Source of life in my household - 3M Hot, Cold and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser

The title very serious ah. But water is really the most crucial source of life.. To me at least!

We use water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, showering, watering the plants, for so many many activities and daily routines that we have to do.. To stay alive, basically haha.

I don't know what took me so long to get a drinking water filter!!! Becox..

Becox i was basically living like a refugee in my own house LOL. SOooooo many bottles and containers for different purposes!!! Let me introduce them to you.. L - R:
- Blue cap bottle to store water to place in the fridge for cold water
- Kettle to boil water
- Thermal flask to keep water hot (which will turn warm at the end of the day..
- Two clear bottles to store normal room temperature water after it's boiled from the kettle
- Grey and white bottle of normal room temperature water for Meredith's milk
- Smaller thermal flask of hot water also for Meredith's milk

You think that is all???

More bottles of cold water in case we have guests. Ah Bong my nephew for example, can already drink one whole bottle in one shot after his basketball session.
Another bottle in the fridge for the doggies.
Room temperature water that was boiled (just in case you know lol) at the table for our convenience..
BOXES OF BOTTLES OF WATER T.T I buy them cox it's more convenient that having to boil and let-cool tap water T.T Now you know what i mean by to me, water is the source of life!!!

If there's one healthy thing that i ever do for myself, is my love for drinking water. I don't exercise, i don't eat healthy =X I don't take supplements etc. But i drink the healthy requirement of water-intake for adults! And each time people order iced coffee, fizzy sugared water, ice lemon tea etc in restaurant, all i want is iced water. Lolol. This explains why i need to buy these boxes of mineral water =XXX Cox i drink a lot of water at home / for bringing out!

I REALLY REALLY CANNOT do with a single moment i feel like water won't be enough / readily available. I'd feel really insecure and even to a point of frustration lol. I think i blogged about me and my need for water before. Lolol. Like i must ALWAYS have a bottle of water with me, in my bag, by my work desk, on my bedside table..

Right outside my bedroom lolol. At Meredith's milk desk you can see a boiled and cooled down room temperature water and hot water dispenser lolol. One night i realise the hot water ran out and we forgot to top it up and Meredith was already crying for milk. PANIC T.T

Are you going crazy yet?! Looking at all the different way my household store water!!!

I believe if you pay a little attention to what's going on in your household, you'd realise a lot of time is spent boiling, reboiling water. Letting it cool off, letting it chill. So much hassle!

Remember all my old friends?! They are called old friends for a good reason. Cox now i realise i only need ONE GOOD FRIEND. One who really cares for me.. HAHA. So my place went from this....

To this . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Deng deng deng~
I just need one ❤︎ 3M Filtered Water Dispenser ❤︎

I've had it for about a month now and all i can say is..

Super easy and idiot proof to use lol. Blue light for cold water..

Tap screen again for green and you get room temperature water!

And the other side for hot water! It even has a safety button so you don't have to worry about your little ones hurting themselves!


No more boiling, no more boiling and then putting the water into fridge and wait for hours before it turns cold.. Or waiting for it to cool to room temperature!!!

Now i can have instant hot / cold / room temperature water!!!

And then sometimes we wanna cook something over the stove, a lifehack to save time is we can now just dispense hot water from the 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser, it saves us time from waiting for the water to boil!

Another example why the 3M Filtered Water Dispenser helps me save time is when i am making Meredith's breakfast. I really just need a tiny little bit of hot water to be added to the cereal. But my kettle got minimum boiling level. So i still have to wait 5 minutes for the hot water to be boil T.T

But with the 3M Filtered Water Dispenser, everything is instantaneous. Lol. Even if you wanna save EVEN more electricity, that's fine! You just have to put the hot water on standby mode and just wait for one minute for the water to be ready! That way your electricity bill would only be appx $1 for hot water and $4 for cold water a month!!!

But i don't care lah omg my household need hot water at different timing through the day so i leave the hot water on all time so it makes the electricity cost $4 for hot water and $4 for cold water!!! Freaking $8 only T_____T I  buy cartons of mineral water and keep boiling and reboiling hot water already how much liao. Also the time wasted leh, priceless lolol.

Also water through 3M Filtered Water Dispenser is a natural form of hydration without artificial additives to alter the water's pH level. And it's BPA free so there will no plastic chemicals leaching into the water that you drink!

We know in Singapore the water is safer than anywhere else in the world but just to be VERY safe (as all parents would want to be, i believe) the 3M water filter also has a UV light to sterilise water up to 99.9% and remove bacteria such as E-Coli. 3M filter also removes slime, rust in pipes, asbestos by 99.9% and Protozoan cysts. I know the water that is flown to us is clean but you know the pipes are all decades old right haha. You never know what could have grown over the yearssss.

And that is why a filter is important! What's more now the 3M Filtered Water Dispenser has UV light to keep our water DOUBLE-PROTECTED and safe =DDD

Installation was super fast too! The installer is very professional and has installed numerous 3M Filtered Water Dispenser for uncountable households so you can rest assure they can give you the best advice!
The piping is just like that wor!!! Super tidy and inconspicuous and not unsightly at all!

The 3M Filtered Dispenser comes with a super affordable maintenance cost at only $120/cartridge, where you're advised to change every 6 months or 4,000 litres of water used, means only $0.03 per litre!

6 months is the recommended guideline for big families. For a small family like me who only have many guests come over on the weekend, the cartridge can be used to up to 9 months!!!

But let's count by 6 month/cartridge, still it's only $0.03 PER LITTRE!!! =OOO


The 3m Filtered Water Dispenser help me save $0.74 per litre of drinking water!!! That is awesome crazy!!!

The water dispensing space is also extended to fit water bottles up to 25cm in height! This one is consider quite long liao but still got some allowance you see. Lol.
If your water bottles are even longer than mine, you can remove the drip tray for extra space!

This is the cartridge filter! It can be bought at your nearest HomeFix and Selffix DIY Stores! So compact and powerful! Sophistication at its best!

Replacement of cartridge is also damnnn easy!!! So easy that even i can do it really. Usually this kind of hardware things around the house i'd never ever wanna be involved and will only leave it to Josh to solve the problem lol. But this one is soooo easy! Only one cartridge to change!!!

When we were staying in a shophouse home studio previously, becox we had so many guests coming in and out of our place for photoshoot and meeting etc, we were using water drum dispenser.

You know, the HUGE drum of water that you have to be like Hercules in order to lift and overturn it to fit it into the dispenser whenever the water level runs low lolol. Of course got smaller drums lah but it runs out so fast so usually it takes two people to lift and fit the big drum during replacement!

Now my 3M Water Filter cartridge looks damn swanky lolol.

I wanna be honest with you, i've been quite a show off whenever our guests ask about our 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser. LOLOL. I mean how can i not be?!?!?!?!
It looks very chio, you must admit. Sleek and clean-cut chic design..
My baby even looks pretty at this angle =))) HAHA. Yes i am very proud of my 3M Filtered Water Dispenser and i'm not afraid to show it!!! Hahaha!
There's also the black one for option!
Guests come i'd be like "Oh you want some cold water? Right away!" HAHA! Much faster and cooler than opening my fridge, taking out the container, unscrewing the cap, pour water out, screwing the cap back, return container to fridge to keep water cold hahaha! Press water that time somemore can act chio like i'm doing here lolol!
Hot coffee or tea? RIGHT AWAY. Acting chio is optional. LOL.
Meredith checking out the water filter. Haha. So happy that she's drinking filtered water cox it's healthier in all senses, no impurities, no bacteria!!! And it can make her look cuter!!!!!!
"Really ah, can make me look cuter?! GIVE IT TO ME" Lolol. Kidding lah of course.

On a more serious note though, of course drinking cleaner, healthier water is good for your baby. Not just babies, it is better for EVERYONE in the household. Young and old.

See this video where the baby's skin improved by SO MUCH after consuming water filtered by a 3M water filter! Previously he had eczema and skin allergies which doctor diagnosed to be from food / water he consumed. Also check out this video where the mum choses a 3M water filter for healthier water source for her family of three kids, where the elder one has congenital heart disease.. Families around the world chose 3M water filters for their most precious families for many good reasons!

More details and product specs HERE.

You may also order online HERE.

Jestac (authorized distributor for 3M Filtered Water Dispenser) is running a CNY Promotion!!!
The filter which will usually cost $1,888 is now going at only $1,488!!!
PLUS!!! You get 1 FREE filter cartridge (worth $120!!!)!!!
PLUS!!! FREE Delivery and Standard Installation!

So you get to enjoy $570 savings from now til end of March 2016! The first 20 to sign up with code "QIUQIUHCD2" can also enjoy an extra $50 off when you purchase the 3M dispenser via Jestac HERE.

This is a deal you cannot miss if you're considering a better drinking water option!!!

Upon signing up, friendly consultants from Jestac will get in touch with you shortly to share more about the product in detail so you'd get to understand the dispenser better! There's a lot more specs that you'd be so impressed by but i can't put them all in a post! Haha! So i only share with you the vital pointers lah, of why i personally love the dispenser so much.

If you would like to view the actual 3M dispenser or try a cup of 3M filtered water, you can visit 3M’s Authorized Distributor at:

No.2 Kim Chuan Drive CSI Distribution Centre
#02-06 Singapore 547080
Mon - Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm, Sat 8.30am to 2.30pm
Tel: 6288 8290

The 3M Filtered Water Dispenser is also available at ALL Selffix DIY outlets and Selected Home-Fix DIY Stores, Popular bookstores, Spring Maternity, Paris Silk Electronics and Best Denki outlets.

I hope you're ready to live a more hassle-free, healthier and more carefree lifestyle!
Proud, happy owner of the 3M Filtered Water Dispenser!
Blast from the past omg. Gone were our refugee days LOL.

If you ask me how much i love my 3M water dispenser, i'd tell you the moon represents my heart LOL. Really it's one of the BEST products i EVER EVER EVER shared about in my 7 years of blogging. Especially now that i am a mother, i appreciate ANYTHING that can improve the lifestyle, health and happiness of my household and the people i love, in the household =)))

Links for your convenience:

Product details HERE

Order online HERE for $570 savings and use code QIUQIUHCD2 for an extra $50 off!


Anonymous said...

Really happy for your, QiuQiu! What is even nicer is that you no longer have to buy water bottles so it's even good for the environment! ;)

Hanna Lei said...

Very cool product -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Disgusting so plastic

Anonymous said...

the $100 ntuc voucher is before Feb or Mar? in your blog you mention Mar but the google form is before Feb.

Had submitted my interest...hopefully they contact me asap so that i can be eligible for the voucher.