01 March 2016

Still got it LOL

I haven't been taking up modelling jobs for a while now but actually i do like it a lot!!!

The last modelling assignment i had was with a Japanese brand was for a Japanese hair care product brand. And that was last year or something lol. This time round thanks to Miyake's introduction, i took up a modelling job with a Japanese skincare and beauty company!!! =D

Very very happy each time i get to work with Japanese brands becox erm.. Becox no need to say, Japanese products are ALWAYS AWESOME?!?!?! =DDD

Here are some pictures from me modelling for SANA Singapore a few months ago!

SANA (サナ) is a leading cosmetics/ skincare/ bodycare brand in Japan. It is widely known for its soybean Namerakahonpo skincare series (なめらか本舗).

Started the day really early with a team of nice, fun and young hearts!!!
While waiting for test shots to be approved. Haha. Swear to god i didn't know Josh was taking this candid shot of me. Sigh.. 为什么 i so act cute one hahahaha.
These are just some of the products to be shot!!! Still got many many more omg haha. Let's go go go!
Makeup done with everything from SANA! Foundation using Maikohan!!!
 It's super translucent and brightening! I love it!
Eyeliner and lower eye widener using New Born 2 Way! I loveeeee it so much!!! Cox super handy and easy to make eyes look bigger! Thank you SANA team for gifting it to me after the shoot to try!!!
One with their newly debut Namerakahonpo forming wash! It includes soymilk fermented liquid, soybean seed extract and soybean protein which cleanse the skin gently and deeply as well as moisturize the skin to keep its natural moisture balance.
Canny 心里 OS: Got so shiok or not use this facial foam...
With SANA NAMERAKAHONPO instant sheet mask~ The packaging very special one!
It's in a canister pack like this. And it's has lifting effect also!!! Guess how much it cost! Less than $1 per sheet only! With 32 sheets in 1 pack! Just pull it out, and enjoy the goodness! You can try to squeeze EACH single sheet of mask, every piece is infused with lots and lotsa goodness of the essence used! And it's very very stretchable omg. Try it to see for yourself~
HAHA. The instruction was to model the products and look very in love.. PASS OR NOT LOL.
Using POWERSTYLE for my brows here! It comes in sooooooo many different colours and shades!
Outfit change for SANA's Pore Putty range!!!
For those who have problem with visible pores, Pore Putty is award winning becox it helps conceal pores instantly and effectively! It also hides iscoloration and unevenness on our skin! Not drying one i tried on the day of the shoot. In fact it feels quite moisturizing.
Comes in two-way cake form as well!

Thank you SANA Singapore for having me model all these amazing products for your website!!! And thank you sooooo much for all the products T___T I think i love being a model LOL.


Lol. SANA products are available in all Tokyu Hands Singapore, SASA Singapore, BHG ALT Singapore & John Little Singapore stores~


crazyforcosmetics said...

Want to try their instant sheet masks.. By the way loved your Meregopenang Video..

Hanna Lei said...

I love your modeling photos! -Hanna Lei