11 May 2016

D'Kranji Farm Resort

Was invited for a one night stay at D' Kranji Farm Resort!!! To be very honest.. I never knew a place like that existed in Singapore O.O But i was still excited to go looksee becox it'd be fun for Meredith and our family to go for a short little getaway. You know, like a staycay haha.

Before i go, i saw this image from internet search and i remember thinking.. Really meh. This one look like overseas LOLOL. But it's real one omg.
This is the villa i stayed in!!! In hotels you get rooms right? Just think of it as at D' Kranji, you get a villa. Yup, one to yourself and your people! Josh, myself and Meredith stayed in this Executive Villa!
Inside our room!
Plenty of living-area space! Meredith was pretty much roaming free lol. We had OKTO channel on for her cox at home she rarely get to watch TV.. Staycay we let her lah haha. Later i went to check out the toilet....... And realise that D'Kranji took "toilet" to a whole new level LOL..
The open-concept shower area!!! Everything is close to nature!!! Please check out my vlog at the end to have a better view of everything~!!! Super epic.
Super happy and stoked after checking out the "toilet" in our villa hahaha.

They so nice even let my helper stayed in a villa of her own lol. And this was hers. They gave her a one night stay at the Superior Villa O.O
If you drive, you can always park your car and if you're heading out, everything works like your own landed house like that lah, they have a electronic remote for you to close up the gate. Freaking chic.
They also have a family suite villa which is super popular with families and company team bonding or even for birthday parties and what not!!! Within the villa you have your own KTV, BBQ pits and super lotsa space to host plenty of guests for your celebration and gathering!!!
Went out for lunch at D'Well cafe within the resort!!!
Cafe serves up quite a big spread. There's also Penang char Kway Teow and KL Hokkien Udon mee and what not! But we very boring haha. I LOVE THE NUGGETS AND FRIES THOUGH. Super extra crispy haha. We had nuggets, fries, fried rice, curry chicken and rice, 2 coconuts, one coke, one honey lemon. Everything for only about $30+ =OOO Quite affordable for a resort if you ask me!
Somebody cannot wait hor. Lol.
Went to visit the Bird Nest Museum within the resort!
Quite interesting! They show you the different ways bird nests are treated and also why there are different class of bird nests.. From the highly nutritional ones to the "actually just as nutritional as agar agar" kind lolol. 
This was very interesting for me!!! Certain swallows and different swiftlets prefers different wood so when people build houses to attract them to fly in to nest, the most expensive kind of wood of course attracts a certain kind of birds. And do you know that caves bird nests are expensive not becox it's the most nutritional / most superior quality.. It's just cox it's more dangerous to retrieve the nest from caves. Lol. I thought these were quite interesting becox i am a huge fan of bird nest HAHA. My idea of being successful in life is to be able to afford a bottle of bird nest a day LOL. Joking.
My real idea of of success is to be able to carry a 10kg Meredith around the world. HAHA. She is damn rude by the way, hahaha, the lady at the museum gave us a tour and brief introduction to the exhibits and this Meredith kept smiling at her and waving to her and laugh at the things she say.. You need to be so friendly or not Meredith hahaha.
If you're into prawning.. There's also a 24 hour prawning area within D'Kranji Farm Resort!
This song was playing when we were "prawning" and Meredith starting grooving slowly left to right hahaha. She damn romantic. We couldn't really prawn but just let her hold the rod to play lah.
Instead of walking you could also rent a scooter / stepper bicycle / bicycle / toy cars for kids to go around the farm resort! After this we went back to our villa to have a nice nap LOL. Must enjoy the villa ma.
And then it's dinner time at D'Beer Seafood Restaurant~!!! =D Fts i need to botox my jaw muscle.
This is soooooo freaking yummy i cannot omg. I need to go back there again like now. So freaking fragrance the soup / gravy. Then the beehoon cooked so perfectly and goes so well with the lala T_T And it's peppery and shiok. Everything is just perfect.
THE FREAKING CRAB IS SO BIG!!! Sauce is damn good also!!!!!! I wish they have more more more sauce with the crab!!! I was licking the sauce off everywhere liao T__T
火焰鸡 (flaming chicken, it's call flaming chicken becox it really went into a crazy flame, check out my vlog!!!) was also very very very good omg..... T____T I am definitely bringing my parents and family back!!! This is too good not to be shared. Warning though, the chicken is SO tender becox it's steamed for 45 minutes first. So this would be the last dish to come in i guess haha. Must wait! BUT..
200% worth the wait. Each piece of chicken is so tender.. And the broth is so freaking tasty.. Together with healthy ingredients like tofu, mushroom and vegetables! Everything adds to the sweetness of the broth!!!
Suana prawns!!! Cooked in hot stones, within the wooden bucket! Very interesting!!! And the prawns are so huge and fresh!!!
With Veron, the IC of the resort who very kindly introduced all the must-try at D'Beer to us! Thank you so much Veron!!!
Went for a massage later in the evening!!! It's by a Thai lady and she does traditonal Thai massage or aromatic thai massage!!! They also have couple rooms for you and your loved one (can be bff, mummy, bf, hubby or daughter etc!) to enjoy a massage together!
If you're a night owl.. There's also a D' Beer Garden where they have a drinking bar along with music and light bites!
And pool table. So if you wanna chill somewhere within the resort at night, this is a place you can consider other than 24 hour prawning!
One picture with Josh who waited in the villa with Meredith patiently while i was gone for an hour plus..
For my massage!!! =DDD After massage that night sleep damn well hahaha.
Next day, i woke up to serenity of the greeneries surrounding me.. And then have breakfast at D'Well cafe!!! =DDD I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING. So simple, nostalgic and good. MY dad used to make these for us when we were kids lol. I swiped clean the whole plate lol.
After a quick and satisfying breakfast.. I went to try out the stepper hahaha. I am retarded on it lol. Josh was pretty good with it! I think i'd just rent a bicycle to go around the farm next time!
And as we go around the farm.. It really really felt like i was in another world..?!?! Okay not so kuazhang, but definitely felt like i was in another country!!! Please see my vlog okay, i saw an actual farmer.. O.O Turning 29 yro soon.. First time see farmer in my life wth.
Meredith be like, "Mummy, why does this leave look so different from the ones in my books"
Please.. Just look at this plot of farm....... T____T Did you ever think Singapore could be so beautiful too?!?!? 蓝天 白云 绿叶 翠草.. That would be the perfect phrases to describe the farms situation at D'Kranji Farm Resort..
This other farm.. Plants their own cabbage, Kangkong (Morning glory), Xiao Bai Cai and more.. O.O
So perfect..
This one the farmer was out for lunch if not i'd have love to stop by for tea and to have a little tour at his farm!!! See this cute little story he shared of why he now runs a farm at D'Kranji! That's also one thing about D'Kranji, you can stroll along the farm, go check them out and really have a feel nature!
There's these GIANT greenhouses currently still building.. I hope the next time i visit these will be up and running so i can check out more crops!!! =DDD

Thank you D'Kranji for inviting me and my little family this time round!!! Next time i'd bring my entire clan back haha! Good things must share haha.

D'Kranji Farm Resort is also very kind to offer a 10% discount on all villa rates when you book through their website, using the code BQQ2016. Valid till Dec 2016! T&C applies! 

Here's a little vlog of our staycation at D'Kranji Farm Resort. Please don't laugh at the pepper i have on my teeth when talking about the flaming chicken. Thank you. LOL.