13 May 2016

Mummy and Baby journey with Philips AVENT

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It's been a year since Meredith came into my life. And becox of her arrival, i am blessed with the chance to know about awesome products for babies that make the live of mummies around the world, better, easier. They are all ingenious ideas put into products so i really appreciate them.

Philips Avent for sure opened my eyes to appreciate the thoughts and considerations put into all their products, to help mummies save time, to make our job easier, so that we can really enjoy bonding time with our little ones.. It’s reassuring to know that Avent is here to support mummies like me at every stage of our motherhood journey =) 

My first few days with Meredith. Using this Avent milk bottle cox it's pink haha! No lah it's cox i've heard many mummies say this teat is good for anti-colic and also the teat design is closest to a mom's breasts so if you interchange between teat and direct latching, there won't be a problem.
On the third day of Meredith's life, Philips Avent sent the biggest hamper over.
These are just some of it T.T Thank you Philips Avent. From breastfeeding pads to the best milk pump they have, to baby monitor, to a few different kinds of milk bottles to the best sterilizer in the market and more.. Feeling very thankful! Ready and armed for motherhood!
The Philips Avent Twin Electric Pump really helped me so much during my short period of breastfeeding. For one, it's a double pump and it saves me lotsa time cox instead of 15-20 minutes on each breast X 2 (30 - 40 minutes) i only spend 15 - 20 minutes on BOTH the breasts! And it has a few different settings including stimulation massage mode to loose up the ducts for easier expressing. Also it's very easy to clean..
If you've been following me you'd know that my breastfeeding journey wasn't an easy one.

In fact it was the period i struggled the hardest. With me constantly falling sick with migraine and infection during recovery. But from then on, i would never assume any mummy's breastfeeding journey is easy. It takes a lot of time, effort and LOVE to breastfeed your child. And i respect all the mummies who do that. You guys are the best, really.

And becox it's already a big mission to breastfeed, it will help a lot if you have the right and good equipment to help us. That's why i am thankful for the Philips Avent electric twin pump.

I remember i was having crazy engorgement on the third day that any movement would kill me lolol. It was that bad. But on the 4th day i pluck up courage and used the pump on stimulation mode to massage my breasts and there you see on the top right picture, after 5-10 minutes of stimulation..

I manage to express breastmilk T______T I remember that was the best feeling ever. I sent a picture of that to all my good friends and family!!! =DDD

The heat and cooling pad from Philips Avent also helped a lot. Have a few of that in your house. At least 4. Before pumping i'd put on the warm ones for 5-10 minutes to you know, warm up the boobs for easy expressing. After pumping if you feel sore you could use the chilled ones to cool down.

Actually now that i'm looking bad.. Knowing how breastfeeding is so tough, i ask myself if i would do it again for my second child.. Answer is yes i definitely would still try. But i won't go through any struggle again becox i know i'd try my best and the next time round i won't just be well quipped with the best tools to help me, i will be well quipped with experience and knowledge hehe.

Ahh.. Those were the days.. When the smallest bottles we have, is still bigger than Meredith's face T.T
And when her nose was still too big for her face.. LOL. She's still perfect to me =) Hahah!
Found this photo in my computer when i'm going through all the pictures we took of Meredith when she was a newborn.. =') Time really pass very quickly..
I still remember how caught up and obsessed Josh and i both were with newborn Meredith.. That we don't even watch anything else. No youtube videos, no TV, the only entertainment we got was the classical music radio, and this.. This Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor, we watch so closely when we're eating in the living room.. And Meredith is sleeping in the bedroom..
Same goes for when i'm having my confinement food for lunch.. I would just watch her.. There's also music that i can play for her to soothe her, from my controller monitor here. Quite an awesome idea right.
All the days of burping her after milk.. Philips Avent has become a brand so closely associated with Meredith's newborn period..
Who is this is it little Josh. LOL.
Soother from Philips Avent (approved by orthodontist that may have helped us calm down 50% of her little storms of emotions). She's still using her soother till today (the 6 - 18 months ones) and is very generous with offering it to whoever she likes with a "AHHHHhhhhhh" =.=" Hahah!
Another day, another dinner, another hour of watching the best movie in the whole world on mini monitor haha "Just Meredith"
Fast forward to 4 months old Meredith.. To when she could hold her own milk bottle T____T All these little milestones, Philips Avent is with us through all the little and big steps Meredith take..
XuanXuan came to stay over for 1 week and she's also using Philips Avent bottle so we kept getting messed up on which is whose lol.
LIFESAVER SILICON BIB that i bought from ToysRUs @ Vivo!!! It not only is super genius cox it collects all the food scrape and liquid from a clueless baby / toddler, it is also super easy to clean!!!
Imagine how many shirts i will soil if i don't use the bib. This was when i first gave her fruits to self feed, she ruined her top instantly so i buy the bib and use it all the time for her!
BEST CREATION, LIKE EVER. The Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender!!!

Super duper useful for when she just started solid food on puree!!! We make all sorts of puree with it. And i must repeat, steaming is the way to go for baby food cox it retains all the nutrients! Unlike boiling where the nutrients will be drained off with the excess water.

Also this steamer blender has made Meredith puree phase soooo easy for me, i only gave her bottled puree like once or twice. In fact i didn't give her, my friends insist on giving her, some mango pudding and pear puree lolol.

You can basically make your own puree, any sort you want!!! Fruity kind, vegetable base kind, even meat / fish kind. You wanna add in rice cereal to blend together also can!

Just make sure that whatever you add on to give her, it's already something that you gave her before, and monitored before and is sure there's no allergy reaction =D

And with that, you can practically create ANY food you want for your baby.

We make our own tomato pasta sauce with the steamer blender and she loves it. We steam and blend tomato, tiny bit of garlic, onion, carrots and teeny weeny bit of parsley if we have it in the fridge, just to act atas LOL. Blend all these together and then add to the baby pasta!

As she grow bigger we also added some finely minced chicken =D

I really love the steamer blender so much no joke, i'd classify it as my top favourite product from Philips Avent!!! Saves times, make my life convenient and easy, makes my baby happy!

Spillage? Fear not if you're using the Philips Avent bib! Haha!
As Meredith grows, my place is just filled with so much love from Philips Avent.. The drippy tray is a gift from the Nuffies. Milk warmer is now used as a food warmer for Meredith haha. Sometimes we cook porridge for breakfast at 9am but she only wakes up at 11.30am =_= Haha. Like mother like daughter they say. We are queen and princess of θ΅–εΊŠ! Haha!
Another one that works so hard for Meredith every other day but is not getting enough credit for its brilliance. Lol. The Philips Avent 3-in-1 electric steam sterilizer takes up only this much space in the kitchen / office pantry (for working breastfeeding mums). But it can sterilize up to 6 full size bottle at ONE go. You may use it in 3 different capacity as shown in picture above!
Cheeky girl at around 5 months old..
And with the blessing of many good products from Philips Avent that help Meredith and mummy grow closer together, i have a cheerful and healthy baby, and Meredith has a very effortlessly hardworking mummy. Haha.

Why do i say effortlessly hardworking leh.. Have you seen #MerelyFood hashtag? Most of the food involves the Philips Avent Steamer Blender. If i need spinach puree for her spinach pancake, i go to the steamer blender. If i need to make pasta sauce, i go to the steamer blender. If i wanna make a dessert with fine fruit pulp, i go to the steamer blender.

A lot of people comment "Meredith is so lucky to have a mum like you"

I don't think so.

I think i am very blessed to be Meredith's mummy and from there, I am very lucky to be blessed with the knowledge of good products and how they work and i use them to make my life easier.

Being a mother is the hardest (although it's also the happiest) job. The only way to go is to find the easiest way to do something well. And i am glad to say that with Philips Avent products, my job is made very easy and idiot proof HAHA.

I've changed..

Last time it's all about me.. Now i know that whatever i do, is for the baby, or for the baby's future.

I can't cook for nuts but with the help of smart products and the internet (for recipes and ideas), i can do it for Meredith. Becox.. Only the best of me will do for Meredith =)

Am i doing a good enough job..? I don't know. Everyday is a new test. And everyday i strive to do better.

At least my food or my presence makes her smile =)))
Thank you Philips Avent for all these little moments you spend with Meredith and I.. =))
Using the feeding set from Philips Avent.

Snack time with the cute feeding set! Can teach her counting at the same time haha.
May we continue to grow closer, understanding each other better each day.. Mummy love you.

Thank you Philips Avent again, if i have baby number two i'd still buy all the Philips Avent innovative genius products to give my baby the best start in life =)))


Anonymous said...

hello Qiuqiu, can i please ask where did you get the high baby chair for Meredith? its so cute i want one for my baby girl too! looking forward to your reply 😊

Maral Alto said...

I've heard good things about this phlips avent product! Going on my wish ♥ list now...