07 June 2016

Etude House X Pony X Yutaki X Miyake X QiuQiu

Hello~!!! Just got the pictures from the Etude House event a few days ago and i am very excited to share them with you guys cox the event was soooooo epic!!! It's for their Bugis Outlet opening!!! It's located right where the iconic Bugis Junction fountain is, there's no way you can miss it lah!


She does makeup for 2NE1 Chaelin wthhhh~!!!!! And she herself is a superstar makeup artist who is known to transform herself and people into different looks and style with the beauty of makeup!

So when me and Miya were both invited to be her demo models, we were excited until.. =OOO

Both of us went bare face, ready to let Pony do her magic!!!
Before Pony arrived, two other superstars arrived first hahaha. LINE characters Brown and Cony!!! They have been a part of my life for about 2 years now since i started chatting with Cheesie everyday LOL. So super cute or what!!! Etude House really organise epic event!!!
Sneak a few minutes to try out their customised nail print machine. You can print any designs / pictures on your nails!!! And you can do them all in the shop when you shop with Etude House! I printed a picture of Meredith on my nail HAHAHA #ObsessiveMum I heard a lot of people went to print pictures of Big Boss of DOTS on their nails. You guys =.=" Please maintain. HAHA.

Etude House X Pony

Doing her magic on Miyake!!! She's so perfect i cannot!!! How can anyone look so perfect at every angle!!! And her presentation was so full of useful tips and advice for girls!!! 
Transformed Miyake into a Disco Queen!!! Haha! Miya looks like a Korean superstar after Pony work her magic on Miya!!! 好!!! 两个我都爱!!! HAHA =DDD
My turn. Don't know why i look so tamed here wth. 女神面前, 我也会 shy.
Pony sharing with us latest makeup technique call "Strobing" which means to highlight the.. Highlight and when light falls on your face, there will be a beautiful glow on it.
不要这样望着我, 我的心招架不住. Don't look at me like that.. My heart =OOO
From this..
To this!!!
Swear to god i never photoshop the highlight on my face! I know some people maybe find contouring too dramatic for everyday makeup. So here's the perfect time to learn strobing!
You can use Etude House Play 101 Stick (#10)!!!
It's a highlighter stick super easy to apply and glide on and blend!
And we are done!!! =DDD
Thank you Pony~!!! Miya and i look like models! Hahaha.
Some of the awesome products from Etude House Pony used on our faces!!! =DDD
Sorry but we look really perfect =)
With Charlotte!!!
 And again. Please just look at the strobing done on my face haha. Light falls perfect on me.
Back to collect our stuff and i had to snap a picture cox my makeup too perfect.
Cardigan $3.35, skirt $3.35. Still rockin it. Shoes $10!!! Socks from Tabio @ rosebullet!

Etude House X Yutaki X Miyake X QiuQiu

All makeup and hair products by Etude House and outfits sponsored by Rosebullet! We are going to do a makeover for a follower! =D
Getting my makeup touched up by a in-house makeup specialist in Etude House!
Miyake and myself going through the sequence of the event on our new Samsung GalaxyA5! It's really sleek and user-friendly! The selfie-camera is something you must try out haha! Can have bigger eyes, smaller face, smoother skin etc! =OOO
Yutaki opening the event.
Our sweet follower Gwen! She say her usual style is very simple so she's excited to try out a new look! A new look is what we shall let her try on! Miya is gonna be doing her makeup, i'm gonna be styling her hair and Yutaki is gonna be dressing her up!
Xiao Pony lai liao! Hahaha.
Miya focused. Haha.
Us at work =D It's so fun to work with your own friends becox the 默契 is already there haha.
WTH I THINK MIYA DID AN AWESOME JOB ON GWEN!!! She must have learnt a thing or two from Pony hahaha.
 My turn to style her hair. I was gonna do a sweet and simple hairstyle for her! But first gotta apply Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist to protect the hair!
My mic assistant Miya hahah.
Then i become mic assistant for Yutaki haha.
After Gwen changed out i continue to tong in her hair and set it with some volume using Etude House Hot Style Hair Spray! I  believe i was saying "Scuuuu-runge it a little bit" lol therefore the mouth.
And we're done~!!!
Or not. HAHA. A little surprise for Yutaki's birthday!!!
Together with Etude House, Miya and i planned a surprise for Yutaki!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SUPERSTAR FRIEND! Haha. He totally look like an idol here. We are all fangirls or what wth.
Thank you rosebullet for our outfits!
Thank you Etude House for putting together something so fun, interactive and engaging!!!
Congrats on the successful opening of the Bugis Junction outlet! =D


Xiao Vee said...

OMG Ponnyyyyy
did you guys take selfie photos with her? =D


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did you and Xiaxue fall out?