18 January 2017

Biolane x Meredith

A quick little announcement that i'm so proud of! Meredith is made official ambassador and model for Biolane haha! When i first introduced Biolane into Meredith's life, i knew it would always support a good product especially if it's for my baby's skin!

Even when i was an ambassador for Biolane back then, i would make purchase of the products when i run out of it, even though i could have gotten them for free haha, i didn't wanna wait that few days cox ran out liao, so i just get them for myself/ Meredith. A few times i simply buy and stock up during baby fairs cox it's cheaper LOL =X #Kiasu

For parents interested, Biolane is going to be at Baby Fair again! And there will be exclusive promotions when they are there. Details below and later in the post!

BIOLANE @ Baby World Fair 2017
13th – 15th January 2016
TIME:  15-16 JAN: 11am-9pm 17 JAN: 11am-8pm
Singapore Expo, Hall 5 (Booth B24)

Outtakes from the photoshoot haha. This is so cliche but so sweet =D
 Can you believe that this little toddler here..
Is the same little baby here..

Biolane baby care products are specially developed to protect and meet the needs of baby’s skin.

Very sadly if your baby, like mine, has sensitive skin, you can't really up-root it except hopefully with time, as they grow up, they become less sensitive to triggers as their skin grows stronger against skin-sensitivity triggers.

But what you can do is to take delicate care of it with the right products which not just prevents but also builds a good foundation for your baby skin.

Biolane uses active ingredients carefully selected for their gentle nature. So gentle they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Yup, even for newborns. Meredith's been using it since birth!

Guaranteed to be alcohol and paraben-free, formulated at physiological pH to maintain skin’s natural balance, Biolane puts mummies' hearts at ease =D I also really love their specially designed textures, it's never oily / overly-creamy and it's always very easy to apply.

The fresh and subtle fragrances is a bonus on top all the other attributes haha! Until today Meredith still smell as sweet and familiar as day one when i brought her home from the hospital, thanks to Biolane. This was Meredith at her first shower at home. She was almost same size as their shampoo bottle hahaha.
This is a 2-in-1 shampoo and bath. She is using something else in the Biolane range now! We use it previously out of the many choices in the range cox save time also hahaha! O.O
Now she big girl already so we use something else for her! She now uses the Biolane Gentle Shampoo cox it does not sting her eyes! She refuse to let us shower her like a baby anymore, where we hold her in a way the shampoo doesn't get into her eyes haha. Now she either wanna sit in the bathtub and play with her toys or stand under the shower wth haha.
This makes the Biolane Gentle Shampoo is a good choice cox it's paraben free, alcohol free and soap free and is also enriched with honey so it has with untangling properties that makes combing easier!
Another of Meredith's favourite! Actually my favourite for her skin haha!
THE Biolane Liquid Talc!!! ❤
Why i call it THE Biolane Liquid Talc is becox it just won, yet again another award! This time it's the SG Parents’ Choice award 2016/2017 under the category of Baby Liquid Talc!
Congrats Biolane!
And again! With so many awards backing Biolane up, i gotta say i am very impressed!

As a mother, i cannot be more thankful for Biolane Liquid Talc. Becox i believe that babies, toddlers and kids all need to apply powder, cox it keeps their skin feeling comfortable and fresh. Especially for babies who have saliva going down to their chin and neck, as well as toddlers who are starting to get active and start to sweat so much and all the sweat and dirt gets stuck in their skin folds.

Also kids who are soooo crazily active, they sweat a bucket O.O

So powder will help absorb sweat and keep them fresh and prevent or cut down risk of sweat and dirt triggering skin sensitive. BUT I HAD ONE PROBLEM.

Powder is sooooooo hard to manage.

They fly around so much cox they are so volatile. They spill so easily. When kids inhale them (confirm will one) it might cause respiratory problems or with prolonged usage, it might build up and lead to other more serious problems.

That's where Biolane Liquid Talc comes into play. It dispense as liquid form and as you apply, it turns into smooth powder texture that goes on the skin! No mess, no problems!

Everytime people ask me why Meredith sweat so much until she always look like she just come out from shower or from swimming session LOL. She does! So powder is really important for her!

And Biolane Liquid Talc is my choice for her =D "Diz my cute-cute face!"
"Do you not like it?"
"Okay if you like it then gimmie a hug!" Haha!
Meredith modelling for the Biolane Gentle Moisturising Spray! She uses that when she was a baby cox it's very very light in texture and i love it! It's like lotion moisturizer that comes out in spray form!
So happy and cheeky omg haha. For mums who prefer a more creamy/richer body cream for her baby, Biolane Nourishing and Moisturising Cream will be more suitable. As below:
The Biolane Cleansing Emulsion. It helps to moisturize your precious one's skin even during cleansing and washing up!
Together with Biolane Nourishing and Moisturising cream, which is an ideal body cream to protect baby’s fragile skin from drying. I've seen babies with dry skin, if not properly taken care of, it can lead to skin sensitivity okay, so please take good care!
Applying diaper cream before we head out. Of course using the award-winning Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream! If one parent tell you it's good, maybe it's good. But if it keeps winning awards voted by parents, you know it must be really good hahah. I don't know but Meredith never gets diaper rash when using this so it gets my vote!

Heading outdoor with Meredith for the shoot!
I feel a bit extra becox they had only wanted to take pictures of Meredith hahahaha but erm i still change into matchy outfits in case you know.. =) HAHA. Turns out Meredith also can't sit still for long so there i am =DDD HAHAHA #NoShame
"Such a hot day, mummy!"
Still so happy omg.
Is my daughter born to do this LOL.比妈妈还 pro! Hahaha!
Always so willing to plant me a kiss =)))) Thank you Biolane for all these tender little moments!!!
She was featuring the Biolane Thick H2O Baby Wipes! Which is my ultimate choice when it comes to baby wipes. Only the thickest and most gentle wipes for Meredith's bumbum and skin!
Mama hope you continue to grow healthy and happy okay!!!
"I will if you let me go play on my own, mum" LOL.
Photoshoot over and i am really wiping her down and freshening her up using the wipes! Alright! For daddies and mummies who are keen in find out more about Biolane and to try it or to get it at special discounts, here's something to look out for~

BIOLANE @ Baby World Fair 2017
13th – 15th January 2016
TIME:  15-16 JAN: 11am-9pm 17 JAN: 11am-8pm
Singapore Expo, Hall 5 (Booth B24)
 You may find Biolane at the baby fair with exclusive discount! Below are some of the bundle discount and promotions but that's not all of it! They have a lot more discount going on other than the 20% storewide discount and up to 30% off on selected products! 
So do remember to check the Biolane booth out when you're at the fair! Some of the discounts:

- Biolane Gentle Shampoo: $22.90 (USP) at 30% off, $16.03 (promo price)
- Biolane Liquid Talc: $28.90 (USP) at 30%, $20.25 (promo price)
•    Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion 200ml going at 40% (USP: $18.90, Promo Price: $11.35) at 11AM – 1PM daily! So go at this time to enjoy even bigger savings! =D
There is also this exclusive 4 piece set you may find at the baby fair: USP $90.60, promo price: $59.90 (33% off)!

For more promotion update, visit and like Biolane Singapore FB page.

Psss, you can also quote “Meredith” before payment to get additional 5% discount hahaha! My daughter useful or what hahaha! Alright that's all~ Thank you Biolane for letting Meredith and mummy so much fun growing together! =D I love the Biolane Singapore team.

Behind every happy-baby shot, there is always a nice jiejie (thank you!!!) and team singing Happy Birthday song HAHAHA.
And more songs.
"You adults are so silly!" Hahaha!

 I'd be heading to the baby fair on 13th wth O.O Kiasu parents at work hahaha. Gonna sweep and stock some supplies and essentials for Meredith and for the newborn coming in April/ May O.O So fast what the heck, now already January T.T Okay bye bye! Enjoy yourselves at the baby fair!!!

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