29 March 2017

Tricky Studio

This is a shoutout to all the instagrammers, influencers, brands and online boutique owners, even to the photography and videography enthusiasts, if you're looking for a concept space to get creative with your projects, you must check out this space!

I've been there for a shoot before they even started to operate, when there were only basic props and equipment but the pictures turned out to be one of the most amazing ones i've had haha. Other than my awesome photographer friend's skills *ahem* hahaha, I think that the natural lighting there is beyond fantastic plus the decor is really whole new level!

I'd leave the pictures to do the talking.

You may find the rates for rental (studio and equipment) at the end of this post.

They are open for rental for the following:

Photography | Videography | Concept Projects | Recreational Classes | Events
Email: asktrickystudios@gmail.com


Fully equipped Tricky Studio for rent:

Spacious studio at 7m x 9m, with height of 4m to develop photography, videography and creative projects.

Separate Male & Female toilet / shower.

High ceiling and huge space area to work with.
Equipment for videography and photography..

They also have coloured backgrounds so if you need a more fun setup you may also use the colour backgrounds in the studio!

Paper background colours available are 9ft/2.7m wide / 13ft/4m height, in more than 12 colours: Plain White, Plain Black, Studio Grey, True Blue, Beige, Tulip,  Brown, Purple, Cream, Red, Mint, Olive.

With more colors coming soon!

Doesn't matter if you need to shoot something for lifestyle with just products or what you.. There are many little corners in the studio for you to free play! And excuse me, did you see the swing..

It is an actual, functional swing. Imagine all the possibilities and different ways you could style it up for shoot!
Clean, chic and contemporary
Dressing table looks perfect in daylight or for a darker themed, lit warm shoot.

Product shots set up..

Flatlay obsession.. No problem.
The space is so huge you can even do furniture styling and photoshoot within!
Catalogue shoot..

A fresher twist..

Props are constantly updated and changing at Tricky Studio so your pictures will always be looking new and fresh with each visit!
Look for a cozy space for yourself, your crew, your models and the clients during a shoot, kickstart the creativity and execute it in the comfort of a studio fully-quipped and looking chic.

You can do all of these at Tricky Studio!
Email: asktrickystudios@gmail.com

- Rates -

• 8am - 8pm = $35/hr
• 8pm - 8am = $40/hr

• 8am - 8pm = $40/hr
• 8pm - 8am = $50/hr


Weekday Packages
(hours only usable on weekdays)

•12 hours = $360 ($30/hr)
•36 hours = $900 ($25/hr)
•60 hours = $1200 ($20/hr)
•120 hours = $1,800 ($15/hr)
entitled to 

Deluxe Packages
(hours usable on any day)

•12 hours = $420 ($35/hr)
•36 hours = $1080 ($30/hr)
•60 hours = $1,500 ($25/hr)
•120 hours = $2,400 ($20/hr)

Camera Equipment Rental prices

*Subject to availability only, and per hour rates only available with a studio booking.
•Canon 80D - $8/hr, $80 per day  (unavailable from 1st-9th April)
•Canon 5D Mark III - $10/hr, $100 per day
•Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM - $2/hr, $20 per day
•Canon EF 135mm f2.0 USM - $5/hr, $50 per day
•Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 L II USM - $8/hr, $80 per day
•Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8 L II USM - $8/hr, $80 per day
•Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II USM - $8/hr, $80 per day
•Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT -$2/hr, $20 per day (batteries not included for non-studio rent)

One of their latest addition to the studio, a Marshall action speaker that's not only very photogenic but adds a beat to everyone werking it in the studio.

Working with Tricky Studio is not just about finding a functional space to get your work done but it really gives the full package of creating a vibe, a brand packaging in setting up your own personalities, brands and delivering work for your clients!

Email them for enquiries!

Tricky Studio!
Email: asktrickystudios@gmail.com


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