23 June 2017

Beijing 101 - hair and scalp expert

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Few weeks ago i had an appointment with Beijing101 to see how my scalp and hair is doing. Although admittedly i "played cheat" and had a hairwash and blow at the salon near my place to take some pictures for work at home, before going for the appointment at Beijing 101 haha.
That is why you see i feel like that, like the Beijing 101 leaflet, like i was having a great hair day. 

Although scalp still a bit itchy as always =X But i thought at least not 安安脏脏 like when i wash it myself. Seriously though, even after shampooing myself, the dandruff just won't go away.

So whenever i need to do work / take pictures / go to event, i'd let the professionals do the job.

I think pregnancy has changed my hormones or what, i don't know. I started to have dandruff for a few months now. Last time i shampoo every other day also no problem, now it's like today shampoo, hair dry liao confirm can see dandruff visibly again.

But with my scalp in magnified view..
IT LOOKS LIKE THIS EVEN AFTER THE HAIRWASH AT THE SALON IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD =XXX I think the auntie maybe over scratched my scalp cox i told her it's very ithcy?! Lolol. In any case, it still has dandruff but much lesser than if i shampoo myself i guess?!
This is a part where my scalp is not inflammed but still looks clogged by dandruff and looks like there over-excretion of oil =( Can you believe this is just a few hours after i shampooed it.

I think this is where people say, we need to get to the root of the problem LOL. Pun intended.

After my consultation and a soothing treatment that day for the inflammation, i made another trip to Beijing 101, this time to ask for more specific help for the dandruff problem becox if my scalp is not taken care of properly, hairloss is the next thing that'd happen, in fact as of now, healthy new hair are already not growing out much due to clogged and over oily scalp!

At Beijing 101, their professional hair care consultants are all trained in customising beneficial treatments for individuals that goes to them for scalp maintenance or SOS.

They are the experts when it comes to dealing with hair loss and other hair and scalp issues. Based on a survey conducted by Nielsen, 90%* of Beijing 101 customers (18 yro and above) have seen visible hair growth results after receiving regular treatments.

They have successfully helped their customers in battling hair loss in over 60 countries for the past 4 decades. Guess you must be damn good at what you do to be able to do it so well and be so widely well-received!!!

Aside from that, Beijing 101 has also won multiple international awards in various countries. Through their knowledge and skills, you can bid farewell to hair loss as well as your worries and look forward to achieving optimal hair and scalp health, as well as a regrowth confidence =)))
Me on the day for my follow-up treatment =D To get a better analysis of my scalp condition, this time round i shampooed my own hair the day before instead of having it done at the neighbourhood salon and I thought i look okay except..
If you zoom in to the picture.. You can see this =XXX
A view of my crown =X Heng i quite tall wth. If not maybe by now no friends at all LOL.
The little things that counts at Beijing 101 =)))
My consultant wants to have another look at my hair and scalp condition on a normal day where i shampoo by myself, so that it's more realistic to what my actual problem is, to better help me.
And this time i think she gets a better idea of how bad the clogged hair follicles can get =XXX
And how oily my scalp can get which leads to serious dandruff and can possibly escalate to hairloss problems real soon especially with my pregnancy and after, post-natal hormonal changes again. 
They very kindly arranged a private room for me! So relaxing, the atmosphere.. So much space to just wind down and enjoy a scalp pampering and treatment session!
Le wild baby bump says hi!
They used a customised blend of hair mask to help with the issues my scalp has. They have a different treatment plan for everyone so that's good! Cox i know mine is specifically to target my problem areas! Which is excess oil secretion, dandruff and slight inflammation from scratching from the itch haha. I also need to improve the growth rate of new hair =D Scalp mask time..
Let it sit for a short while..
Before washing it off and i loveeeeee this part becox it comes with a very shiok head and neck massage T______T Heaven on earth wth.
Do not disturb. LOL. Massage will help in promoting blood circulation of the scalp okay. So i'm in some serious business here haha. 真的是舒服到~
After blowdrying, it's hair tonic time! =D To help with oil control and all!
THEN.. The REAL DEAL for massage!!! They have a 20 minutes massage targeting your different needs!!!!!! It goes from head, neck to shoulder and upper back!

You can select from a wide range of problems you wanna ease and soothe, like some people have problems with lack of sleep, some with migraine, some is with fatigue and some just wants a massage for general well-being!

I took the one to help ease insonmia cox with the pregnancy i really have problems sleeping at night! 

And that must be the best 20 minutes i've had in a loooooong time.

But becox i pregnant, we only went with head and neck, no shoulder / back massage! Can't wait to go back again to pamper myself after baby come out!!!

After a refreshing and uplifting session for my head..
This is how my scalp looks like after treatment.
Closing in..
You can see results after just one treatment. The hair follicles are cleaned up right to the roots!!! And the scalp still has enough oil to maintain healthy but not excessive!!! Btw you can spot thin hair right, those are new hair. They are very important okay. You constantly need new hair like this cox they will eventually grow into healthy hair but if your scalp is unhealthy, soon these new hair will not be able to grow, and that's when balding / hairloss problem comes!
Thank you Beijing 101 for the pampering session and for helping me with dandruff and oily scalp problems!
I go home happy.. And clean haha =D
With 43 years of history along with multiple international awards, Beijing 101 is the hair expert when it comes to dealing with hair loss and other hair and scalp problems.

You can look forward towards having your needs fulfilled through personalised consultation sessions and customised treatments by their team of dedicated consultants.

It doesn't matter how old you are, hairloss don't just happen to old people =X It happens to people as young as teenagers and young adults T__T

Best is to seek treatment as early as possibly to fix the root of your problem! That is to achieve healthy scalp and new hair growth so you can look youthful no matter what age you are!!!

Lastly, i hope you'd enjoy the treatments as much as i did! Here's something just for you!

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