25 October 2017

Happy Howl-O-Ween at I12Katong

Had the MOST fun Halloween Trick or Treat at I12Katong last weekend!!! Wanna know why it's the most fun? Cox I can join Meredith without sweating (thank you aircon LOL), without much squeezing, without getting too scared HAHA. And end of the day she was soooo happy she kept telling people about it. That's about what i live for, for my kid to be this happy as many days of her life as possible haha.

Before i go into the details and picture-loaded part of the blogpost, i'd just share with you guys that I12Katong will be holding a Paw Fest and their Halloween activities will be going on till end of Oct (YAY FREE FUN FOR ALL~) so if you're gonna have fun for Halloween but don't wanna brave the humid weather of Singapore in those outfits, you know where to go.

Just a few more days to bring the kids~ Thinking to go back again with Yurou and Yuxuan~!!!
And if you're a pet lover, bring them too! Paw Fest 2017 will also be held there from 27-29 Oct at I12Katong! =D WHOLE FAMILY CAN GO HAVE FUN =D

Actually i've always love to visit I12Katong cox it's very kids and family-friendly. The foodcourt upstairs the meepok and chicken rice very nice okay LOL. And Meredith went to their stimulated occupational playground once, and the cassia seed sand playground twice HAHA.

It's always been a mall we feel very comfortable to bring our kids and and even my parents to cox so much to shop, eat and play. But this time round when we were back.. It's such a pleasant surprise to see I12Katong atrium transformed into this..

OMG EFFORT MUCH RIGHT. I don't remember any mall put in so much effort for Halloween one haha. They very extra like me okay. I loveee hahahahah!
Check out the crows in the air =OOO
And witches on broom in the air!
Graveyard for the zombies hehe.. (Don't worry okay, these sets the mood but it's really nothing too scary until will scare the kids) hahaha.
Meredith spotted this owl first and got really excited about it i don't know why LOL. "Eee ge owl, mama. Ee waik" LOL. yes it's white, thank you Captain Obvious. Lol.
Picture with Mr Pumpkin.
Is it Paigerman found her house? HAHA. Seriously okay not i no-effort for her Halloween costume but she's very very insistent on wanting to be Paigerman and i tried changing her mind but fail okay. So i thought okay lah then i just buy the costume better, more legit. And it's $2 plus for the whole set that comes with a full face mask also wthhh.
Is it haunted castle?
I told Meredith, "we look serious okay" but don't know why i ownself go smile hahhaa i think becox i find her serious face damn legit.
Queueing to play games~ =D
Cute decor haha. Like a happy but mad scientist's or witches' lab haha. The potion so happy one the colour.
This is just to show my daughter very good girl omg. Haha. She really stand in line and queue patiently. Even when some of the kids cut her line when it was about her turn she still just stand there look at me then shrug and continue guai guai wait O.O Not sure if i should teach her to be more aggro LOL. Then again, her laobu 30 years old liao still very paggro so.. LOL.
Yay our turn~!!! Very cute this game, gotta aim the pumpkin at the chinese zombies hahaha.
So cute haha.
Meredith saw a dark angle roving mascot and we asked for a picture. The jiejie very nice to her bend down for her even when it's not very convenient! Then this Meredith see the jiejie bend, she also go and squat LOL.
Trying to do the sharp shooter one eye wink wth this girl think she damn pro HAHA.
She was smiling smiling okay then i say "no no no let's do serious face okay" then she really did this HAHAHAHAH. 有前途嘞.
Is this not the friendliest grim reaper around? Hahaha.
With dark angel and dracula bleah bleah bleah.
Candies from the mascots~ =D The skeleton mascot you see..
Is one of the very nice ladies from I12Katong hahahaha. So funny have to 亲自出马. 钱难赚 okay hahahaha. They are all such happy people, hope they continue making this mall a happy, joyful place to be!
The participating team slowly all arriving.
Hahaha i told Meredith "Pretend you very shocked" HAHA. She =OOO But i laughed and didn't capture it hahahahaha. So i ask her do again she did a happy "ahhh" instead hahaha. Omg my daughter has reached an age where she can take such lame instructions from me. I don't know if it's good LOL.
Gathering to get set for our Howl-O-Ween Trick or Treat around all the different shops in the mall~!!! =D
There's different little activities to do at each participating shop haha. So simple and so fun!!! Then after the kids do it, they can collect candies haha.
Meredith in the line and then keep telling me "Come! Come come come,  mama" Hahaha come ni de tou lah i also want okay say real one LOL. But i shy. Excuse me i got a Trick or Treat bag also okay =') HAHAHA. But nobody give me candies. HAHA. Joking okay, my pot i filled it up with candies from house, to give to kids there okay haha. Although it would be nice if someone gave me candies =')
This shop - The Style Closet, so nice, they gave each kid two candies and the lady in charge was so friendly and into the spirit kind haha!
So the kids gotta do a simple scare. And then viola~ Candies~ =D
Choo Choo train to the next stop~!
Went inside the Hot Lava Yoga shop to await instructions on her own hehe. I am so proud of you Meredith ='))) For all the times you did things on your own without papa and mama right by your side, for being so brave! =D
Off off off we go to move around for more Trick or Treat on our own~!!! So the emcee and the roving mascots will facilitate for a few shops on the atrium level and then the rest is up to ourselves to cheong HAHA. Josh, please stop taking paparazzi shots of me okay. HAHA.
Staph =) I LOVE IT haha.
Assembling before we set off on our own. You don't see these kids like so cute and tiny okay, they cheong for Trick or Treats that time is very very serious okay hahaha. Damn cute to see them running around and throwing instructions to their friends "HERE HERE HERE!!! C'mon!!!" Machiam Amazing Race okay hahaha.
Papa bring Meredith around for Trick or Treat haha. All the participating shops de shopkeeper all so friendly T.T Thank you guys so much, for bringing these little joy to so many kids!!! =DDD
Trick or Treat at Golden Village on the highest floor haha =D
AND WE'RE DONE~!!! The winner (the one who got the highest number of candies) will get to win $100 I12Katong cash voucher!!! Do you think it could be us? LOLOL. You'd find out.
Btw just wanna give a thumbsup to the organiser at I12Katong becox it's really very easy to follow this little printout to run to the participating outlets to do Trick or Treat! =D
View from second floor.
Happy weekend for our little family! Didn't bring along Amelia cox cannot run with her LOL. But next year we're sure to be back for DOUBLE amount of candies hahahaha =D
I ask if Meredith could give me this Crispy chocolate cox it's my favourite (it really is hahaha) she said yes. 没有白养你. In fact she got two of those, she gave both to me hahaha. And then she's ready to count her candies..
JENG JENG JENG JENG~ She got about 20 over candies!!! And she's very very VERY happy about it okay becox along the way she ate like 5 =___=

A boy walked pass us when we were counting and asked his dad

"Why she only has so little candies" and the dad say

"Becox she never run" LOLOL.

TRUE OKAY. We really never run becox i'm scared she'd get too much candies O.O =X

Then she will ask me to open open open omg. This amount of candies very useful to leverage on, to make her eat her lunch, "Eat your lunch well then i will let you open one candy" but no need to think about winning the $100 voucher becox..

And here we have, little Miss Meredith thinking hers is A LOT. Hahaha. Somemore ask me "Hold raik ghis. If nork layger drop" Scared she pour her candies out, will be soooo much until will drop off the table wor LOL. Joke.
Always be so happy and content with the little joys in life okay, Meredith. Thank you for sharing your chocolate with mummy, i think it's true love, you and me =)))

Thank you I12Katong once again for the very very fun Howl-O-Ween fun day out!!! =DDD

Everyone please bring your little ones to I12Katong, there'd be lotsa fun activities going on till end of Oct and for pet lovers, Paw Fest 2017 will be held there on 27-29 Oct!

You can redeem a free trick-or-treat bag and do your own trick or treat around the mall with the participating outlets when you purchase ANYTHING. So have fun~!!! =DDD

As Meredith say "I raik Heyowing. Ee fun" LOL.


Charmaine Ng | Architecture and Lifestyle Blog said...

Qiuqiu you and Meredith are the cutest mother-daughter combo. I really love your posts!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

J said...

I reckon this is my first time leaving a comment on your blog. ��

But I really want to leave one here today, because it’s been so loonnngggg since I last read a blog post containing simple joy & happiness.
Meredith is really a sensible girl! 妈妈 和 家人都很会教。
I hope you’ll safeguard your blog so that both Amelia & Meredith will have the privilege to reminisce their childhood.

Thank you for the effort that you have put in, like still having the willingness to draft blog entries now. Many have turned to IG these days; very curated visuals & scripted captions.

Just want to let you know that as a reader of your blog (I believe there are still many out there) for years, we appreciate your work & effort!