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All items listed here and more, will be on sale for charity!!! 80% of the proceeds goes to Gentle Paws, a non-profitable dog shelter. Thank you.

The fund raising event will be at Space Invasion from 1st Nov - end Nov! While stock last!

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Hi, thank you for helping me clear my stuff ah! =D You shop more, i shop more. Lol. Let's all be heroes and boost Singapore's economy!!! "We have a vision for tomorrow~" Lolol.
Please read clearly okay thank you! =D

BN - Never worn or only put on lightly for pictures-snapping at home
W1 - Worn once, W2 - Worn twice
W - Worn (Means worn 3 times or more)
I am a size 6 or S. 172cm.
If the outfit can fit bigger size or if it's stretchable to fit a size M or L, i'd state it with a Most of the time i don't buy just S. I don't mind M also cox longer and my body is long =( lol. You guage for yourself lah okay! =D But of course if i can wear means wear loosely also nice lah lolol.

All prices are inclusive of normal postage and handling fees.
No registered postage unless it's above $50.

Sorry i'd reply only if the item is still on sale, if it's sold to a person who email earlier then we deal next time lah =D Items are on first-email-first-serve basis, so it'd be best to transfer right after you get an email reply after you send your order! Email

*sold items will be removed*



Eve said...

Hii, wanting to buy your lovely stuff but wondering if you ship internationally or in sg only?

Anjo said...

Love the Hello Kitty

Qiuting said...

Eve, hello Eve, international orders only applicable when spending is above $50 =)

Anjo, ^.^ It's cute right.

Anonymous said...

heyyy may i know the size for the bottoms, Aztech high waist shorts? Thanks! (:

mich said...


I am interested in the cream lace dress.
Just wanna check what material is it made from and is it sheer ? Does it come with inner lining? Thanks!

Anonymous said...


may I know what size does the W2 Pleated skirt is?
thank you :>

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu,
For the Coen striped shirt, what is the length? Can i reserve it and pay via ATM transfer in 24 hrs? :)

DustFlums said...

Hello! Do you ship to the US?

Anonymous said...

Hello could you update this like every week? Really love your clothes but most are alr sold by the time I notice it.. ):

Anonymous said...

hello qiu qiu..can reply my email. I had made payment for the ray floral dress for thirty bucks.need your email confirmation..cant wait to get my hands on that it so much..


Anonymous said...

I think you look damn pretty with bangs la, why nv continue having bangs?

michie said...

Hi QiuQiu,

I have sent an email on the 23 Sep with regards to the Peach Knit in your wardrobe. Just to check with you if it is still available. I'm interested to purchase it.

bwu said...

hi QiuQiu. i'd like to know if you ship to Malaysia? thanks!

bwu said...

hi QiuQiu. i'd like to know if you ship to Malaysia? thanks!

Cornelia Adiras said...

those short black wig OMG you are so cute wearing it!! your wardrobe are so lovely qiu qiu.

kindly visit my blog maybe :3

Anonymous said...

How to view those on sale apparels?

Grace said...

Hi QQ,
I dun see any items wor.. I guess it is all sold out? :(