29 June 2008

Title: Official

Greetings *serious and formal*,

I would like to announce the formal transformation of Qiuting (ME! ^.^) and the style of her blogging.

Like, hello? I am 21, adult already you know. And therefore i am going to blog like an adult.

*Back to seriousness*

Due to the silly emotional-constipation of certain someone (which means in laymen term, irresponsible people who chose to publicly annouce, discreetly yet rather obviously their displeasure about certain issue pertaining to me on my special day), i decided to give up blogging about UATO part two. So without part two, there'd be no part three (which is just silly pictures i took which are really FUNNY and definitely more entertaining than SEC kinda blog. But too bad, miss it). Go and guess what's SEC. It's a kind of syndrom i invented just a few seconds earlier in this post. (Now you know what i mean, even discreetly, or you can even say you never mention name but please, people are not dumb)

But on a heavier note, without sacarsm and back-at-you vengeful feelings, i think if anyone is to cross me out just like that, of course i can even easier-ly cross someone out. I mean, what are the chances i'd get SEC pertaining to such crap?

Aiyah.. Maybe you won't even understand a single bit of this. Then maybe you may keep switching to other blogs and tag LOVE =) *rolling eyes but still thinking it's not enough*


You can be anything, i can be anything worst. No no no, don't get me wrong, i am not comparing, just saying that i can get really angry too. So don't think only you'd get pissed and all i do for my full time duty is to coax you. By hoax or by coax. Whichever.

Okay, after all, i think i suck at being serious.

So. .


Once upon a time, before this QiuQiu decided to join UATO. She was 45 kg. Actually, 45.5kg. And i think she looks something really lovely, maybe like this. Can you imagine, so nice.. Like collar bone can keep water and breed mosquito and anyhow smile also nice!!!


Now she's like this. A bit no pride. 48kg

And if she doesn't love herself anymore!!! She'd end up like this crap!
Maybe.. 55kg?!
No more collar bone, dude!!! And and. Please notice that the nose is bigger, eyes smaller due to the fats on the face pushing them inwards. So please! No more telling me anything like i am skinny! It makes me depressed! Haha.. Cox i've counted! And the smses and the msnes, and the greetings relatives gave on the BBQ two days ago, and what they say while biding farewell, EVERYTHING in total, 80% of it are as below:
Eat more lah. You so skinny. You too skinny already. Eh how come so skinny! Please take my fats. You got eat or not. WL you how heavy only?! Why you skinny until like that.
Okay, something along those lines. But please, i am healthy and i want to be skinny healthy! ^.^

Think of my future if i really believe that i'm slim! LOL!

Note: I'd be nice if you are. And i don't wanna explain, not anymore. Well unless you clear up the drain chokage and install some really high-tech system that will keep flushing, and flushing. And then maybe there won't be so much shit in there.

P.S I am still relatively, very nice.


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over 50 looks best