06 December 2008

The other shoot

This was a dumb shot by YongMing.

And self-shot, good shot. Meaning, Ym sucks.

And this is YongMing on his first time. Haha. I am so excited to see the pictures! Not becox' i wanna see myself! But becox Naomi (my neice) and Bong (my nephew) will be appearing on a big big banner i heard!

But of course i am always excited to see myself. Even if it might be just a quarter of the face.

Anyway, don't insult me with rubbish. Thanks. Rubbish belongs to the dustbin. Do i look like a gucking dustbin?! HUH?! Guck you, all.

I DO NOT own any single one of you all, anymore.

QiuQiu and just QiuQiu

1 comment:

Belinda said...

Haii QiuQiu..
What is your job?
Are you a model?
Seems interesting to me :)