05 October 2009

Hua Song Museum

One more trip with Omy to Hua Song Museum! I totally hart Omy now cox every time it's something exciting! But i miss the Halloween trip today you know =(((

Anyway i'd flood you with pictures this time cox REALLY, the museum is so well done, i don't think i wanna be a spoiler by trying to say something intelligent or knowledgeable. For more information, please visit their website here. Alternatively, you can always join Omy as a blogger and get super good lobang everytime and then you don't have to read other people's blog to find out about good stuffs. Lol..

HAHA!! What did i just say?! I REALLY should not try to caption the pictures!!!

當然也讓 Uncle 幫我寫一張 =D
Can you see my name? 洪萩庭

穿錯 uniform colour 的紅頭巾小姐很搞怪

My favaourite set up besides the old kitchen which i will not show you guys.
Go see yourself! When's the last time you visited Haw Par Villa?

Can you spot your childhood candy? I can leh!! Does that mean that i am very old?

怎麼樣? 有沒有很 fit in?
這裙子很 "長娥", 呼?

Back to the area where it's filled with lovely kids, lantern, happiness and...
MOONCAKES!!! My super love! I ate so much mooncakes recently but i don't even feel a bit sinful. Cox.. I am going to digress.


Anyway. More on that next time.

Haw Par Villa sure brings back a lot of fond memories of my childhood =)

Visit the museum to have a understanding of the chinese heritage in the most fun and amazing way!

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