23 April 2010

It should all balance up! =))

I was so caught up with work, meeting the puppies and then running here and there for lunch appointment (I just had MAJORLY YUMMY CURRY at Mr CURRY by Waraku three days ago!!! Tell you guys about it soon) and hair appointment (Ahem, don't be jealous. Somebody is gonna be taking care of my hair for me now, ALSO tell you guys about it soon!) and then i gotta do my leopard prints nail leh? Then i also gotta try my new CRACK nail polish. Ah, busy right? =DDD

I was saying, i was so caught up with everything else, i forgot to tell you guys that i was SUPER sway three days ago, on the same day i was so lucky to have the invited lunch at Waraku and to meet the people at my hair sponsor studio. Okay lah, i am sure you guys wanna know who's sponsoring me, tell you at the end okay!!! I KNOW!!! 我好像大明星!!! *not shy* LOL

I had a HDB appointment with my client that was at 8.30am. Before that at 6.15am, i woke up to prepare and drank a bottle of Vitagen. 7.45am i went coffeeshop for Milo Bng with the owners. 8.15 my tummy stirring up. And there after, i ran to the toilet 6 times to LS - Major LS.

On the 4th time to the toilet i saw the cleaner auntie in the toilet cleaning up the only unoccupied squatting cubicle. So i waited for her to be done. So i am sure she remember me and me shitting damn smelly. LOL.

做麼!? 做麼!? *defensive*
你們便便是香的 meh?!

So then, 5th time i went into the same toilet, auntie sitting down to take a break already. And i went to the second last cubicle which is far away from everyone else already!!! So i thought maybe it should help right, with the smellllll~~~~~~

NO MAN. I KNOW IT WAS SUPER STINKO, but you know what auntie did?????!!!!!!!

KEEP SPRAYING into my cubicle!!!!!

I was at the second last cubicle right, so left and right sides both can reach in from the top, she went spraying from the left inwards to me, and then walk to the right and spray again!!!


You know normally we spray is Pss, Pss or like Psss, Psss, Psssss. MAX RIGHT?!

She went PSSSSSSSsssss.... PSSSSSssssssss... PSSSSSSSsssssss... Psss, Psss on the left.
Then PSSSSSSSsssss.... PSSSSSssssssss... PSSSSSSSsssssss... Psss, Psss on the right.

Auntie 要毒死我 i think!!!

And it got me coughing so bad!!!!!!
But i scared if i ask her to stop, it'd be like.. Not right lah?

Like 自己便便那麼臭, 難到要大家享受 meh.. =(((

But i just want to tell Auntie, "I HATE YOU"

Okay auntie? I HATE YOU.

The 6th time i REALLY needed a toilet, so no choice i ran to the same toilet cox it was the nearest. Auntie not there. You cannot imagine how happy i was when i don't see her there. Like my shit also feel happy:

"Yay! We can be ourselves! Let's stink up the whole place! Yay! c'mon!"

See, it's my shit that is creating havoc, why do i have to have air-freshener sting my eyes.

Why, still why. SWAY LOR??!! Why!!!!

But then.. Being so ever optimistic, i choose to count my blessing and yippeeee~

My hair sponsor is
Picture 1

I neglected my hair becox i tried to befriend it but it never EVER did once feel for me. Remember how i became the outcast back in school thanks to my hair? And i used to cry in the morning when i was preparing to go to school, just becox i know it's another day in school when people are gonna laugh at my hair. SO, tell me, 是誰對不起誰?!?! My hair did me wrong right?! LOL.

我終於可以向這醜醜的頭發 say 拜拜了!!!

You guys who have been following should know how helpless and disheartened by my hair i am since young! So you guys please follow me to see my transformation okay! LOL.

So no matter how bad that day went, i actually was still pretty awesome! =D


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