07 May 2010

I'm prettier! Thanks to Artica!


I know, how can i be prettier right. Ahem. Already very pretty *not shy* ^.^
I like most of me except that i have a nose that's too big, eyes that are too small, eyebrows that are too thin, teeth that are too yellow, face that is too square/ big AND a whole bunch of hair that is WAY TOO CURLY, STUBBORN, DRY and SCREWED UP over the years.

But i can be prettier, yes! Weeks ago after getting the sponsorship from Artica, i went down to have my hair analyzed by Juno (the Creative Director). And then it was decided that i should go with straightening since i swear to stay off rebonding for the rest of my life.

Becox my hay is MAJOR Q-Q kind, and everytime i rebond, in less than 3 weeks, the $180 rebonding will be screwed by the new-grown curly hair. The whole shape of my head will just go haywire, literately. That's rebonding for me over the past 10 years, and i decided to cut it off my life on our 10th Anniversary. HAHAHA. It's like a break up. I have my new love now, straightening, it'd be more natural for me when my new-grown joins the pack. But rebonding will still work for most people i guess, the people lucky to be born with straight hair =((

But then again, my hair has been rebonded so many times i can't remember and i NEVER go for hair treatment except once last year, and i HARDLY is diligent enough to use hair conditioner and yes, i shampoo only once every two days most of the time. So my hair is pretty much in a half-gone situation so i am not expecting Artica to do instant miracle to it.

So here are the picture of the visit first! Must show you these besides the end result! Becox i had so much fun there! LOL!!! Niao Niao made me laugh so bad. Okay not really, i made myself laugh mostly becox i was so HAPPY!!! =DDDD

 My hair before anything was done
I know i shouldn't show you this becox it's like me opening up myself totally.
*act emo* i feel like i am baring myself naked to all my readers. I feel so vulnerable.
LOL. It's CURRRRRRRLY, dry and frizzed up. In short, it's DEEP FRIED.

So before THE Straightening was scheduled, i wanted to cut my hair first becox (pardon me) THE WEATHER IS SO SCREWED UP, I GOTTA TALK TO GOD ABOUT IT. So after the quick haircut i got two bottles of products from Artica. It's just to help subdue my monster-hair temporarily before i can find a few hours to spend at the salon doing THE straightening.. Haha. Here's what the miracle product did to me

Day one after usage. Still pretty much dry, i won't lie.
But it's a lot better than before using it.

Day 2 feel a lot more different! Good difference! =DD

Yes, i wear this top to sleep so you'd be seeing the same top for a few day. Don't call me dirty, i just don't change it often cox i hardly dirty it when i sleep what *defensive*
And i am such a good blogger, first thing i do when i wake up is to grab the camera and go to the window to snap picture for you guys to see *proud*

Day 3. It works hor?!

You must have heard so much about the products over the shelf that gives you instant result so why would you wanna try this right? But i have the orange series (can't reveal which brand) of Hair Mask, Hair Conditioner and Shampoo which is HIGHLY RAVED about that is supposed to work instantly and gives lasting result. But it doesn't. The first day after buying the orange series i was so hardworking, i conditioned and masked my hair. And it felt good for the whole night and then the next day, it went berserk again half way through the day. So i am guessing maybe it's works from the external and it wears off til you do your next routine.

Day 4

Day 5: HELLO, GLOW on the HAIR!!!!!
Who would have thought i could have glowing hair too?!?!?!?!

Then i went for THE hair straightening

And guess who was there too!!!


I almost hate her for her small face and all.

Then she go and do this 蓬蓬頭 which makes her face even smaller!!!
I hate her, not almost

蓬蓬頭 Rachelle!!!

Me love Banana ^.^
My nails nice not? Pink and sparkly sparkly one!

That's Juno.

I was like "啊唷! 你可以不要管我的 camera 嗎??!"

The UFO thingy.

All in all i met three people there during my 4 hours battle. Actually not my battle, it's more like Juno's battle. HAHAHA. First Rachelle was there right. Then Niao Niao came for her hair colour too. Previsouly her hair was just too.. Dry looking. And it's mainly becox of the colour she did at a home-based salon.

Niao Niao secretly smiling: SHIOK~

Then the third person i met there was my boyfriend.


Oh nothing much, i was supposed to meet him for dinner and i couldn't make it becox the hair appointment ate into my dinner time and so my boyfriend came looking for me.

We are getting married also.
He already popped the question but i am still considering. But i think i might say yes.



I know, you are like, "Why so many pictures of almost the same angle.."
SIMPLY BECOX, i think my side profile looks damn chio. HAHA.

飛標剪刀快手大俠. I genuinely hope he'd like this title i bestow upon him.

Random happy shots while snipping.
I think i was so happy maybe becox Juno said he'd make my face look ten times smaller. LOL.



Became ; )

How? NICE RIGHT!!! My face is 1 time smaller now!!! The cut was great cox it compliments my face shape, the straightening was GREAT cox it looks so natural!!!

Oh hi, where's my face? I can barely see it. Haha!

Niao Niao likes her new hair colour too!!!
So much healthier lah!

Me now. Yes different hair but still haven't change my top.
LOL!!! Same old brand new me!

I am a little sad thou..
*act emo again* Becox i am a Korean but Juno made me look like a Japanese.

Just wanna show you i tie hair also look cute now!

I love Artica!!!



Rain said...

wow, the difference is so great!
Yes, you look pretty in your "new hair"

By the way, I am born with natural straight hair (not such a great thing though) that is always flat (because it is lifelessly straight). Will Artica service or products weigh the hair down further?

Unknown said...


Wah lao just when I'm doing a post on my hair sponsor then you doing yours. See la now I gotta postpone mine liao la (if not later ppl say I copy copy...)!!! But never mind, your hair needs help more than mine, seriously. I know. I watched it grow. ;)

You know, it's great to know we sorta grew up together, and we're still watching each other grow and are still quietly there for each other despite meeting like sometimes once a year? Kudos to sisterhood!! And oh yes, KUDOS to Juno for saving my 姐妹's head of pubic hair!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Loving you, ALWAYS.


QiuQiu said...

Hello Rain! Thank you!!!

I think they might have other sorta treatment for you to give volumn to your hair. You can just call Juno, he's like the Guru =D Call him at 90223918. GOOD LUCK! ^.^

QiuQiu said...

LOL!!!!! SILVER ANG!!! You describe my hair BEST!!! HEAD OF PUBIC HAIR!!!!!!! LOL!!! laugh until i peng san. Lol. We're always bff =))) But you're a going to be celebrity. And i am a going to be Xiaxue. WHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHa. Kidding! LOL!

dblchin (double chin) said...

U look totally awesome after the treatment! Thumbs up to Artica