09 August 2010

JB day trip =DDD

Went JB with sisters! =D And i thought i might as well take this time to give myself some training for Budget Barbie. Hahaha! Show off my buy okay ^.^

HelloPanda and ChupaChups for the ride.
I call it the Ah Teng Ma Ma Shop =DDD

First up food at JUSCO. Niao Niao and i!
We all went ballistic seeing A&W.

And then i wanted to box somebody (anybody) after eating. WHY SO AWFUL NOW?! Last time i ate, i was 11, and i missed it for over a decade and this is what i get. I still want to box somebody.

Exchange rate, 1SGD to 2.33MYR!!! =DDD I am going to convert the prices to SGD for your convenience okay. Yeah i know, i am so nice to you guys =DDD

Buys at JUSCO.
Don't ask me which one becox i don't really know.
The one nearer to custom is the one

From this shop, i got bows and one blue nail polish.

Got the bows at $1.65 each! Nail polish at $1.25 =D

The rest of the polish on the right were all bought at City Square. The standing ones are $1.40 each.

The ones lying down are the REAL GREAT DEAL! Taisu nail art glitter glue! You know how much is the CHEAPEST i can find in Sg for something like those?! 3 for $10, from pasar malam. Shops in the malls selling them at $9.90 each. And i got them at $2.15 each. WHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. This Taisu is super useful becox it can be used to streak glittery lines or be used to hold blings and pearls and whatever you want on your nails. Can forget about nail-glue. I never manage to find a good, strong nail glue. Taisu, ROCKS!

I thought it's some boring gift shop. But i still went in, becox this JUSCO that i was at only has one level =(( So we just try to pass more time there. BUT LOOK WHAT I GOT FROM THERE.

ALL the makeups are from that shop.
EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP IS RM5 ($2.15 in SGD). What?!??!!?
I still cannot believe! And i went to City Square later right, i saw at the pushcarts, some were selling THE SAME THING, but DIFFERENT PACKAGING, for RM19.90 - RM25.

So if you wanna tell me $2.15 makeup products sure suck big time, okay.. Fine. Maybe you're right, will it be any less sucky is it's $10.75 for the same thing? CHEAP THRILL, CHEAP THRILL!!! Just let me be~ Hahaha!

You may ask me why i buy $2.15 in JB when i can get mascara / eyeliner / lipgloss at $2 from Daiso in Singapore. I love Daiso, but their makeup products like not very chio leh?! This one got heart-shape one you know!!! Then the top of the eyeliner is like a pink bling =DDD Plus the eyeshadow pigmentation quite alright. I am not expecting a lot so it's okay! I AM STILL SO EXCITED CAN YOU TELL?!

The "Lovable" pouch is from
  It's like a typical bookstore with cute stationery and whatnots.
$2.55 =DDD Cute hor?!

Then we move on to CITY SQUARE!

Must have this whenever i am in JB =D
Mango in spicy dark soya sauce. Why doesn't Singapore have that commonly?

Very sad cox Action City in City Square doesn't sell the mini chewing gums anymore!
But still must buy they durian / mango chocolate! I like!

From here i got..

You probably won't look good in these. Only a few will. I am Afew.
Hahaha! $4.30 each!!! =DDD I super love the skirt on the leftest!
I call them all, my Summer dress up =D

This shop sells boots for RM9.90. Crazy or what??? But don't expect much from the condition.
I think it's been kept for at least 3 years.

From that shop i got this pair of flats for $4.25!
This picture doesn't do justice for my new favourite pair of footwear.

Wanna know the original price?!


From here i got..

This for $4.25. I know what you guys might think..

Too ugly to even wear to sleep, sure get nightmares plus will shit in pants during nightmare.
Screw you. I can't show you the real life cutting of this pants. It's meant to be worn at highwaist and it's gonna make me look like a VERY cool girl. HAHAHA. Oh yeah~ I'm gonna make your nightmare high-fashion. LOL. If any sucks for you, i'd choose to call it high-fashion. Becox i can always blame InTheNameOfArt. HAHA =D

Everything here cost RM104. And that's $44.65.

I am going to rest. How can i just get a cold so instantly??? I was fine the whole day!

Night night =)))



Sweetdb said...

Wow! The makeup is so cheap! Even cheaper than a meal. hehehe

shaz said...

fyi, this is the Permas Jaya Jusco. :)

Unknown said...

nightmare pants made me lol like mad!