21 September 2010

My Pet Peeves - Outdoor

You guys know i am generally quite nice. But people cannot get in my way. Cannot upset me. Cannot provoke me. Cannot be a slut and then turn around to call me a ah lian. But in any case ah lian got more integrity than cheena whore please. So i am generally nice, until people are not.

These are a few more things that can make me otherwise, a very very nice, harmless, non-violent person.


Human Blockbuster

Do not bloody block my way. Do not block anybody's way. Do not stand put in the middle of nowhere and start using your cb phone when everybody needs to pass that space to get to somewhere else. Do not squat down to clean up your son's ice cream mess. YOU BRING YOUR PHONE, YOURSELF and YOUR SON TO ONE SIDE, and do your business there.

Also do not stop in front of me to eat something, i will shove you from the back in hope that you choke on it.

Worst thing is couple strolling. I HATE STROLLING COUPLES WHEN EVERYONE IS MOVING FAST IN A LIMITED SPACE. You want to stroll and stroke buttocks, go garden. And when people snarl at you, don't give them the "jealous people" look, we're not jealous, we're simply pissed. But honestly, it'd help it you are good-looking couple. Usually i get more pissed when the couple is ugly and less pissed if they couple is good-looking and then i'd think to myself, "Okay, fine. I give it to you since you guys are gonna add beautiful-looking human beings to the world" LOL.

To counter this problem, i think there should be this device, where it's battery-operated. And when we wanna use it, we on it and it becomes HOT. And then we'd just press it against anybody blocking our way. It has to look like a cup of something, or a bowl of something so that it doesn't seem so intentional that we're out to hurt. Burn all the inconsiderately slow buggers.

Act-cute Girlfriends

You want to act cute to your bf, hit them while you shake your boobs and pout your lips, whiny punch them, tair them, pinch them, slice their dick whatever, okay, go ahead. DON'T WHISPER TO THEM WHILE OBVIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT ME!!! When your bf turns back and look, you pretend to hit him. And then you both laugh. FUCK YOU UNDERSTAND?! It's not even funny, IT'S RUDE.

It's rude to do that to anybody. I get this too often, i know it's becox most of the time i don't have makeup on, i dress in frumpy clothing and i look like a tall, undernourished transsexual with long hair. But if you wanna talk, TALK DISCREETLY. Don't pretend to talk discreetly when you enjoy everyone else attention by laughing out loud and covering your cb mouth while whispering into your bf ears.

It's almost like i got harassed, raped  and cheapened by somebody's eyes and words, right in my face everytime this happens. And i get the same thing even when i dress up. It's like act-cute childish girlfriends will always think it's cute to laugh uncontrollably at some other girls. IT'S NOT CUTE, OKAY? Your bf will cheat on you. Laugh about that. And you will get pregnant at 16. Laugh about that. And you will fail your N/O levels, LAUGH ABOUT THAT.

Qio, Qio lan ah.

Needy MRT commuters who hint the wrong passenger for seat.

I know this whole thing about priority seats for people who need it more than us. And i am all up for that. But if you are a commuter in need today, PLEASE GO HINT SOMEBODY WHO IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE PRIORITY SEAT, AND HINT THAT FELLA TO GIVE UP THE SEAT THAT'S RIGHTFULLY YOURS. Okay?!?!??!!

Don't hint me when i bounced to the end station just to get a prime seat, which is in the centre of the row of seats, furthest seat possible from the priority seats. So if there's anybody that should give up seat to you, it should start from the outside.

Please tell your grandma, grandpa, grand aunt and your pregnant sister / friends, don't hint the wrong people for seats. It's the thick-skinned people sitting on priority seats!!! It's them!!! Please......... Inform them. It's like i can't even count how many times i have to give up my prime seat to pregnant ladies or old ahpeks / ahmas. And then i'd feel the hatred when i am standing there, looking at the bastard sitting at the priority seat and trying to figure out where he might be injured. And EVERYTIME, EVERY SINGLE TIME, they are perfectly fine except skin too thick. So then i'd curse that something will happen to them, so that they will actually deserve the priority seats. Like maybe the guy will get pregnant or grow REALLY old tomorrow or simply, break a leg or two =D

Smokers walking out of the lift, smoking

Nuff said. You will get final stage lung cancer for being stupid and for being a killer =)) You will.

Taxi with GREEN top light on but won't stop becox got cheena whore in front seat with him.

Okay lah, any taxi that has green light on, but won't pick up passenger is guilty. WHY THE FUCK YOU DON'T CHANGE TO BUSY OR SOMETHING?! Green light gives people false hope! I usually only start cursing the 4th taxi onward that comes along with green light but doesn't stop. Hahaha.


I don't know how to describe how i feel towards Q-Cutters. Thing is if somebody ask if they can cut my queue, i'd most probably say yes. Becox if they have the guts to ask, they must be really desperate to hurry. But people who cut my queue for food, taxi or any sort of queue for that matter, i think other than the fact that they have really bad up-bringing, they will end up with some sort of unimaginable karma. It's like i never seen them again in my life, i guess something really bad must have happened.

Don't stop me from cursing them, you all should start by stopping people who cut Q. You know i am NEVER kind to people who cut Q. I give them this cold, heartless stare everytime. And i promise myself that i would rather save a dog, a hamster, a goldfish from drowning than them, if i have a choice. This is how much i hate them. Becox they are generally very shameless. If they can eat into people's advantage for their own benefit just like that, imagine what kind of people they are at work and as a friend. Eeeew.

To counter this, somebody just gotta tell them where the Q is. And if they bua bodoh, then go tell the cashier, please. If the cashier allows or doesn't care, then it's no longer the Q-cutter fault, now it's all about making the cashier lose his/ her job OR it's time to win some complimentary voucher by writing complaint letter. LOL.


SCREAMING KIDS that are not so cute to start with.

All i could think of is to SLAP them till they STFU. But. It's just wrong......... To use violent on children.. I know.. So, I think kids who scream too excessively should wear a muzzle =)))) I know right, i can be so smart sometimes =D And parents who allow their not-so-cute kids to run around crazy and scream like wild hyenas, you deserve a death penalty. Confirm. If you ever wanna die, i'd gladly say yes, but please foster your kids to a new family first. A family that can bring them up to be normal human. Cox obviously, you're failing that part.

But cute kids screaming and dancing, that's totally fine ^.^ That's quite cute actually.

- - - - - - - - - - -

So please please please, we can make our place a more pleasant place to be. Start reproducing with only cute and good-looking people but if that's so hard, just be a little more considerate.


Anonymous said...

I love this entry, its exactly how i feel all these along. Human blocks are trolls, and there should totally be a priority carriage or two on the mrt, lol. As for people who cut Q, they are just uneducated, but mostly from china or act like one.

Shufen said...

And also people who finished smoking and straightaway board the bus! Polluting the air inside seriously! :D

CARMEN said...

Wah liao, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAID MAN! *see how agitated I am*

I always feel like tearing them into pieces with my bare hands when those spastics blocking my way still give me a "What you want" face, TSK!

OH! And those kids with itchy hands and needle butts. Can't sit still, touch here and there. Chop their hands off I tell you! And blame their moms for not teaching them the right attitude.

Anonymous said...

eh you stfu up! chao ah lian with a cb face!

Qiuyue said...


Drink must smoke
Eat must smoke
Toilet must smoke
Waiting for bus also must smoke

Whatever it is ...
They didn't smoke will die like that.

Qiuyue said...

Be proud you are tall =D
I love your height !
I'm 171cm and how I wish I'm taller =P

Coco Tai said...

ahh I agree with all your pet peeves! Smoking probably being my biggest pet peeve though. It's SOOO rude to others who do not want to inhale your air-dirtying lung tar...ew!


Anonymous said...

LUV all your pet peeves coz i have the exact views but not gutsy enof to say it..thank you for voicing this out.

Jo said...

totally agree maxxxx to the the smoking and act cute gf part!!

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

I really do hate smokers who smoke at a non-smoking area ESPECIALLY in restaurants -_-

But I always calm myself down by telling myself that "Tomorrow, I will see their faces in the newspaper, the death section" :)

Anonymous said...