26 October 2010

Budget Barbie Ep6 - Bugis for Boys!

Budget Barbie ep6 is for Guys! So you guys can stop asking WHERE IS THE LOVE~ Haha!

So i brought Ben into my room.

And he cracked so many jokes and said a lot of crap. Lol! OMG, i enjoy it so much when there's someone to talk to me in 'my house'!!! If not i'm like this lonely girl, shop alone, go home alone, talk to the air alone. Sibeh cham. And then mo-dune-dune wear panties on the outside and start spitting fire etc etc. Okay in short..



Laugh until..

Ben might be calling me a whore who flirt with uncles for discounts..

Ben with his mega love: Sex-Maniac Black leather gloves with studs doing the Wing Chun fist moves.
Lol. I made that up.

Got some wallets for the girls too! ^.^
It's a pity i don't use wallets if not i'd keep the beige leopard prints one for myself!

Other stuff for giveaway this ep!
Beatles Tee on the right

And this pair of shades! I think this is funky coool!

And they always say 好心沒好報. It's true.
After sourcing out so many cheap deals with Ben, he does this to me.


See HERE to find out where you can get $5 synthetic leather jackets for guys!

Bye~ ^.^


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting,

Are you selling your secret-shoppe diamond key ring holder?

Anonymous said...

How come you don't use wallets?? :S

Anonymous said...

i love your budget barbie videos! :D oh by the way, why do you not use wallets? do you go shopping alone? hahas, i've always wanted to go shopping but i have like not much friends. but i am scared that if i shop alone, people will look at me weirdly. and what if i meet like people i know while shopping, would it be very awkward? hahas, hope you can help me.

Anonymous said...

hey! where did you buy those wallets from? the name of the shop wasn't on the video:( i really want to buy those wallets for myself! hope you can help!:)

Anonymous said...

where did you get the wallet 4 for $10? so cheap..

QiuQiu said...

Anon, it's not in the packaging anymore, i only have the diamond ring. Can email me at qiutinger@gmail.com

Anon, i will end up still too lazy to slot it in and try to pull it out everytime. Cards, money, all the same. End up all in my bag.

Anon who's afraid to be seen shopping alone, IT'S NOTHING WRONG! Just do it!

Wallets from beside the sex shop in Bugis.