02 October 2010

Just thought you might wanna see this..

Hello! With some makeup, everyone can have the confidence to act cute! And look cute!
Y^.^Y *barfs at this sign*

Some of you guys might have seen me without makeup before. Like maybe you saw someone tall and slouchy on the street walking and eating at the same time, or playing with her hair while she's singing and walking, or just trying to fight some aunties at the 3 for $10 clothing wagon, right, that's me. You might have seen me without makeup before and was kind enough not to point me out. Thanks. I know i look quite bad w/o makeup. But it's really, REALLY becox of the dark eye rings and the rotting complexion. Other than that, HAHA, i am actually quite alright without makeup! ^.^

With makeup, i dare to pose like a not-aware-but-actually-fully-aware-pretentious camwhore.

With makeup, i have the guts to fake a scream and not end up looking like a CS model trying to be edgy. I look cute =DDD

So here's to everyone who loves me for me - You shouldn't. HAHA.
You should love me with makeup. At least a bit. See.

Same smile..
Left side lost due to lateness, cox the face like haven't wake up.
Right side win although lip gloss colour damn buang.

Both holding hair..
Left side looks like Ah Gua ki-hiao trying to ask "$20 can?"
Right side, Sweet girlfriend look. Haha.

Both smiling subtly..
Left side see already.. Nothing to say.

Don't want to caption anymore. Left side just go and die please. LOL. 

Right side pout makes you wanna give in and let her have her way.
Left side pout.. Makes me link to this......









Same lips -.-"
Same jawline -.-"
Same dark eye rings -.-"

Okay all i'm saying is.. Makeup can also save lives. Haha.

But makeup will always still need photoshop.

Please don't leave comments like "You look fine without makeup!" or "I prefer you without makeup" okay? Thanks =))

And my top is $3 from Punggol Plaza ^.^

世界上沒有醜女人, 只有不會用 Photoshop 的女人 =DDD




jksl said...

hey (: i wont say that u dont need makeup.. But, u definitely dont need photoshop.

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE SO BRAVE TO POST PHOTOS OF YOU WITHOUT MAKEUP! <3 not that you're ugly of course. it's just... I will never have the guts to.

Gee said...

Don't photoshop nicer! Got the complexion.

S said...

You are a natural beauty! :) You don't look much difference with or without makeup! I love the way you blog keep it up!


Anonymous said...

You do not need to ps. It looks quite fake. Don't need ps also pretty what!

QiuQiu said...

jksl, that picture a bit over photoshopped. Lol.

Anon, it doesn't look THAT bad. Lol. i got worst pictures, clear close up shot of myself w/o make up, with all the pimples and ance..

To all, basic photoshop can do every girl a big favour! =DD

Anonymous said...

what software u used for photoshop pics?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi may i know wad photo shop u using?

Anonymous said...

hi may i know wad photoshop u use? where can i download. thks

QiuQiu said...

Anon, Photoshop CS, my bf's friend lent him the photoshop disc. So i have no idea where to download. Sorry! But you can probably google online for free trial versions.

Anonymous said...

Don't say yourself until so bad lar!
And yes, you don't need photoshop.
For real:)

Anonymous said...

Lol you look very...taiwanese.

IRINA TAN said...

please dont degrade yourself that much. you arent that bad.