12 October 2010

What if..

Aliens are trying to study us just so that they can look more like us?

But we are studying them to be as smart as them?

I know i'm assuming here that there ARE aliens. But see, sometimes there are people who make you think, "GOT THIS KIND OF PEOPLE ONE MEH?!" be it in the good or bad way. So if you can accept the fact that these assholes/ geniuses are alive, on earth, amongst us, you can accept me thinking that there are aliens.

Plus millions of sightings and multiple documentaries of the conspiracy theory to cover up, can't be all wrong.

But what if we have the wrong idea of Aliens? Right? I mean we always relate them to bursting light-speed spaceship, amber light, abduction, and bad piloting skills (cox they always seem to crash land on earth) etc. But what if you all are all wrong? And i am right? That aliens just wanna study how we look like, and how to look like us.

I mean how sad right? If you are damn smart but the whole world gets freaked out by the way you look. And have this wrong idea that you are a tranny becox you have no eyebrow plus your eyes are slant upwards. Lol. Like university graduates on the honor-roll but doesn't know interpersonal skills or self-presentation.

Actually i can imagine them coming across a perfect chance to abduct a smart human being but that fella looks Janer than Jane (plainer jane, geddit?! LOLOL).

 The aliens will be like..
LOL! They will need to consider if this is worth the catch!

 A determined alien wanting to perfect its look..
So that brains can go with beauty.

So the above alien removed all the two-way cake dabbed on her face (LOL, she is a sibei hiao alien!) and went for consultation with a plastic surgeon.

 There, that's her without foundation. LOL.

She'd go like..

Doctor, i need some fillers on my sunken jaw area. Could you do that?

And i know it's weird but i want smaller eyes. I mean who needs all the fish eye view, X-ray eyes?! I just wanna be like the girls here! Colour contacts and crazy lashes!

And the eyebags, can you reduce them as well? I know, it makes me look so tired. I'm so sick of trying to explain to my mum why i wanna do through all these. It's like all she wants is just for me to be an alien. And learn how to make our spaceship go EVEN faster.

Plus can you reconstruct my mouth? I don't wanna look shocked all the time. And eyebrow embroidery, you got do here?

Anyway i got a lovely small nose i just need to extend it a little bit, need some nose bridge yeah?

Could you give me the Vitamin C whitening jab as well? Thanks. Actually the only thing i love about being an alien is the pointed chin..

Okay let do it!

Oh wait! I need chemical peel also okay! Okay knock me out now!

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . 

. . .

. .


LOL. Why don't you get a wig!

 Hi~ My name is Aliena. People call me Baby Nana..
And i'm not smart, please.

Hee hee..

And don't forget the tehteh!

Okay i'm ending here. If i don't blog for the next few months, i must be abducted becox i offended the aliens. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Whoa. I have to say that your photoshop skills are damn good! Aliens also can photoshop until so chio. You pro!

Jayley woo said...


carrie said...

eh your alien eye pa jiao one hahahaha

baby nono said...

i wish aliens would abduct me so that i can sneak on them and steal their genius brains!! MUAHAHA.

QiuQiu said...

Jiaqi, ENJOY~!

Carrie LOL.. The before or after? Or both? Lol.