21 December 2010

My Boobs, my lovely female body parts.

I am really happy to share this experience with y'all. You've been sharing everything little parts of my life with me for two years odd now. I hope you're enjoying this, as much as i do =)) Now this is a big part of my life, and i am really, really happy to be able to document this on my blog as well as on Clicknetwork.

I think when i look back at this, a few years down the road, i'd still smile.

Can you see?! I'm making very beautiful memories for myself now =D

Maybe i should start this by sharing a few most common nicknames i get called for being flat-chested, for the past 23 years. Okay, given that i wasn't REALLY affected until i was 17, it was only 5 years ago that i really feel like there's something missing about me.

And i regret to say i get so self-conscious, i stop going to the swimming pool when i was 17. Let alone the beach in bikini or anything. And it's really something that i'm not proud of, being so hide-up about this becox i'm all "I AM SO PRETTY", "I LOVE MYSELF" but i guess those were good esteem booster. Hahaha.

So a few common nicknames..

 My life sucks. When i google for "airplane runway", this came out first.
My birthdate is 28th June =(

 No i'm not called names that relates to anything about this dude here.
I am called the washing board she's about to hump in this picture.
The jagged part is where my ribcage is supposed to be? Cool!

In chinese, the Pacific Ocean in direct translation is as captioned above.

Laundry poles aka "Dek Goh"

On a good note, some people say i am the whole package. Becox they can use me to wash their clothes as a washing board, then use me to hang their laundry out to air as a laundry pole. DOUBLE COOL!

From the video of the procedure on Clicknetwork.tv you probably can see that i was practically flat, Eff, Ell, Eh, Tee, FLAT. No boobs, not even a small teeny weeny bit of boob.

Do you know how sucky it is, to have NO BOOBS at all? Jokes aside *snaps finger* voilin, please.

When i was 12, i went through shitty part of puberty, just like every other girl did.

Ultimate-painful breast-soreness, red and swollen pimples and acne, period and gross hair growing everywhere.

I went through the shitty part, but never got the final result as the other girls.

EVERYONE GOT BOOBS! Why i don't have! =(( Even the fat boy in the class had boobs!

But being ever so optimistic, i didn't thought it was a problem even when most of the girls around me in school started growing things on their chest. Some already had BIG boobs at 11! Swear to god! I remember when i was 11, my gf ask why i don't wear something inside, cox our P.E shirt grows thinner by each wash.

I told her something like, "I got no neh neh pok yet what."


Like it's all part of growing up. I really, really thought my time will come.

Just not yet.
I mean, i know all the theory about life is fair, fate is fate, and what will be will be, all the things we tell ourselves when we need to be positive about life.
But don't you sometimes just wanna know, WHY?

Why like this?

There might be people talking about me, i'm fine with that. Importantly, i know i did something for myself, at least once in my life. And it makes me truly glad =)

So you can talk about me but don't talk about my boobs! What's more, they are grown-ups now. LOLOL. They have feelings and are sensitive, okay? Hahaha!

*plays Christina Aguilera - Beautiful*

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And to lead you through the story to HOW i was able to do this procedure with Macrolane, performed by Doctor Jonathan lee,

I posted THIS in May.

Stomp made it into news and Wanbao made it a bigger news. They even gave me the headline. Then Shinmin Dailies put me on the cover too. I didn't keep those articles becox they were really quite awful and accusing.

And then i met the good people at Clicknetwork.tv for an open call for audition.

Through some liaison, Gillian introduced me to an interview on Straits Times URBAN about new-age personalities online. So i appeared on the cover of URBAN looking naked. HAHA.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After all the meetings the Clicknetwork girls went to, they finally got hold of Dr Jonathan Lee.

And i met Dr Jonathan for the first time on 19th Aug.

I remember it becox i did a search on my gmail knew it would be the start of my life-changing experience. Haha!

And i was told about all the possible options that i could consider..

Implants and the various options within this choice, fat-transfusion, filler injection.

He also went through all the pros and cons of the various choices, pertaining to my case.

So i was given some time to go back and think about it and i decided on filler.

Becox i do think that ultimately, i just want to have boobs, for once in my life. And be able to don most clothes with confidence and actually look good in them - For once, in my life.

不在乎天長地久,只在乎曾經擁有. LOLOL.

And to be able to fill a bra cup, was one of the common vision Dr Jonathan Lee and i share to make this thing work out. I'm realistic, he's professional. No i didn't ask for a B, C, D cup, i remember telling Doctor Lee, "All i want, is to have something. Anything."

Yes, i had no breast. So i guess when i said this, i was really feeling helpless.

So anyway, not trying to justify my actions here becox whatever i did, it's making me feel DAMN GREAT with myself now.

Hello boobies.. Mummy love you both, okay?

So here's to bring you through the procedure! In pictures!

Before anything happens, i ought to have a few shots of me, before.
I think i'm still happy, just not complete.


Where it's all gonna happen.

 This time i was really just thinking..
"Wow.. It's really cold in here" HAHAHA!
Sorry! No deep thoughts! Lol.

Christine giving me some warmth.
So nice when everyone around you cares for you =))

About to be gone..

Wait for it..

While waiting for me to knock out..

Quick snap - Jess, Dr Jonathan Lee and Christine

Going, going..

Gillian getting ready..

OKAY! Look at that pat-jiao face! I'm gone! LOLOLOL!

Gotta fix my hair that's all over the place and my flickering eyelids!

Some of you damn mean! LOL! Ask you to watch the video to see the procedure, you go laugh at my mouth and still ask me if i sleep also like this. YES LAH YES LAH! Lolol! I sleep damn ugly one. Worst, i sleep in the train with my mouth open like this too! Champion~

Each time i see Dr Jonathan Lee, i feel thankful =))
I think crucially, it's to have a doctor you can feel comfortable with, and put your trust in.

Nah, here you go. Your sleeping beauty who looks like a beast. WHAHAHA.

And then here we go!
Macrolane, the filler of my boob job.

The procedure is a Macrolane Breast Filler procedure. It is a hyaluronic acid gell filler that's injected in a pocket behind the breast and above the chest muscle, through a small incision in the armpit area and is normally done under local anesthesia.
I got 100cc of macrolane in each side. The procedure takes 30 to 45 min, and no hospital stay is require =D So i get to go home and stare at the mirror everyday right after the procedure. Haha!

All the Macrolane for my procedure.

And we're done =))


I vaguely remember how Jess held my hands tightly =')
Everything was so unreal, it felt like i was waking up from a dream.


And i also remember falling back to sleep for a bit and wake up to seeing the girls at Click and i thought i hear "Qiu, you're awake! They look very natural" And that was already my dream come true, half way.

Blabbering whatever came to me..

Haha.. Sorry, had to show this and make the link..
See my hairband..


Looks like this hor? LOLOL!

The girls i have to thank for =))

And this was when i saw my babies in the mirror.

Thank you Qmed, thank you Christine..


Thank you Dr Lee! =))

I imagine a road i was walking on.. Initially there were people who throw stones at me.. Hoping that it'd hurt, thinking that i should trip over and fall, thinking that it's fun for them.

And then i keep walking.. And i keep walking, still optimistic and happy. Really lah, no matter what happens, i'm born optimistic, it's like it's in the blood or something.

And i guess life is being kind to me.. They let me meet these people, and they walk with me.. And now i'm changing my route.

Instead of Destination: Accept Life Happily;

Hugs and Kisses to you all, angels of my life! ^.^V


ING said...

Haha! classic sia, the comment you gave when you are 11 ! I rmb when I was young, my friend asked, when you grow up, what cup size you want, A , B or C ? then, i was thinking B like very big and ugly leh, so i said A! True enough, I'm still A now:( !! damn sad :(

Anonymous said...

where did u get ur top frm? n how much? i love it!

sl said...

I can really understand how you feel when you are being call 'airplane runway'.. b'cos it happen on me too. Thanks for sharing your story and I just want to check it out.. Do you need to 'top up' the filler to maintain? then will they sponser you in the future..

enenmon said...


Michi said...

Hi, I'm an A cup whereas all my close frns around me is either B or bigger than me. I really envy them a lot. When I saw ur video, I was very tempted to do, but I would like to ask u some questions like does this have side effects and is it permanent? Most importantly what is the cost like? I think you can reply me thru my email add wen2cute@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

You're really lucky to be offered so many opportunities in life! Too bad for me my blog just hit its 4th anniversary a few days ago yet it's still getting like, only 20 hits a day xD

Anonymous said...

I agree...i understand your feelings...i'm airport runway too.. :( morale low with that name...

Anonymous said...

happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Is this a 1 time thing? Do you have to go back and refill the filler?

Anonymous said...

Is this a 1 time thing? Do you have to go back and refill the filler?

- said...

I'm really really happy for you :-)
Haha I actually cried when I saw the video :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ..
This is my FIRST time watching you video..and i cant help to feel that you're amazingly brave..i have the same prob as you and i really REALLY know the feeling and what you have been through..being TEASED and called names..it really hurts alot..and i mean A LOT~!!!!it lowers my confident level straight into zero..and the worse part is i have to pretend that im ok with what they said in front of everyone!it really sucks!it's not our fault tha we have ZERO BOOBS!so stop TEASING!!!!!!

yiling said...

qiuqiu thank u for sharing u're v brave i'm happy for u.. *hugz*

sada said...

Good one qiuqiu... I learnt a lot from the video like what is hyaluronic acid, how the procedure is done...
Glad that you share ur experience with us and not hiding that u've undergoes such procedure...
I was still thinking what is hyaluronic acid few weeks ago when I saw an report which a taiwan "miss universe" (I donno how but to me she's ugly, LOL) said she didn't goes for any boob surgery and try do deceive public with her so so so unnatural boobs...
I really think that this procedure does help you up a lot and only people who really need should do that (hope u r not offended, sorry) and not for those women who are having boobs but think that they are not bigggg enough... donno how big they want also...
Take care...:)

Anonymous said...

Eww, i want to throw stones @ you too

Japhanie said...

Hey! Now you're really like a package! Tall, slim, gd body figure, pretty,gd skin complexion, nice voice + your beautiful boobs now :)

Anonymous said...

so now you are a B or C cup?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, top is from mamatiam.com

sl i have not decide to top up or not.

enenmon XIE XIE! ^.^

Michi, maybe you'd like to check with the clinic instead =) Not permanant, no side effects that i take note of.

Hey guys, thank you all for the encouraging comments! =)) It keeps me really happy! Everyday, i'm thankful for people who're nice to me! THanks!

Anonymous said...

Jia You! You can't control what people say, but you have shown everyone that you are able to control your own destiny.

Most of the time, most people are just contented with ‘说说而已’,but you have transformed that into ‘说到做到’.

When 100 girls whine about their small boobs, only 10 will do something about it.

Out of the ten who did something about it, only one will be brave enough to acknowledge her boob job and share her experience with everybody.

You are the special one.

Don't let anything get you down. Wanbao is trashy, Qiuqiu rocks!

sl said...

How long does it last?

Anonymous said...

im really glad that you're a confident girl now! go ahead and wear ur bikini and run on the beach with a towel yay~~

stay happy and cheerful! <3

Fontaine said...

Congrats on your new babies! I feel very happy for you! :) By the way, how tall are you? You look very tall!

Anonymous said...

i love u n ur boobs alots xoxo

swxt said...

Hi qiuqiu! How tall are you? :D

Lynn said...

hey. whats ur cup now? can u show a pic ? i mean with clothes of cus. :]

Anonymous said...

i envy ur courage to do it, i feel what u feel before. TOTALLY NO BOOBS. and still e same at this age, and yup, im e same age as u. way to go qiuting!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, I think that you're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

hello, I feel so happy for you (:
thanks for sharing your story, such an encouragement cos i used to feel deformed for having no boobs at all too! like srsly not even an A cup, totally flat kind, haha.(and i'm almost 20, hmph.. :( )

i'm sure you made lots of other girls out there realize that they don't have to cry themselves to sleep ever again (:

your honesty is, so admirable.

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu,
You are a very strong girl!
Keep moving forward~

Candice said...

hi qiuqiu, i don't know if you still rmb me, we ever spoken via online before. i saw your latest video on boobs job and I think you are awesome and brave! you are who you are! =)

Vivien said...

Hi qiuqiu,

you know what, i can totally feel what are you feeling. cause i have been what you had too. im now actually a the same cup as you. and i have seen my friends during primary school growing theirs and wonder when is my turn. may have some inferiority when i see others' but im already satisfied that i HAVE it. thats all matters.
Live your new life to the fullest huh.
very touched when i see that video.. ):

j said...

hi qiuqiu i hope u can ans my queries.

i just watched ur vid on the boob job and i cant believe someone else actually in the same predicament as me and feels what i do. what u said abt gng to the beach, other girls sayg they have no boob do have at least an A.

also, since before that u didnt have even an AA, whr did u get your bras? or did u just wear bras that didnt fill out?

im thinking of doing it too so did you do it at qmed? and how much is it (even though u were sponsored)
do the scars heal completely?

u r an inspiration.

tq so much (:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Qiu Qiu...

This is the first time i dropped by at your blog and i cannot not click the label "My boob job" since i myself also got nothing.

I also got the same nickname like airport runway, dek goh, the board for washing clothes, etc.

And feel very sad when i do lingerie shopping because most beautiful lingerie at least has B cup... And even though i bought the smallest size, which is 32 A of course... but still my boob cannot fill the space of A cup!! So sad ...

The saddest moment is when i see other girls which has proportional size of boobs.. They have cleavage... I also want...

I tried bust enhancement lotion, bust enhancement bra, also bust enhancement cookies... The last one is a big mistake (i think).. Because (maybe) it gave too much hormone, i ended up having a cyst and i had surgery because of it.
Actually i don't know if it is because of the cookies... I'm just guessing..

Qiu Qiu, maybe one day would you please write a post about boob job FAQ ?

Because.. who knows i want to have boob job too..

One of my questions.. Can you sleep facing down? Will it hurt or any bad thing can happen?

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ,

How long has it been and how are your "babies" now?
Which clinic is it and how much you paid for?
Also, any side effects?
Please share!

Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

boobs are nice anyway. Why do women think they have to actively do things to themselves to make themselves sexy? You are a woman - men think you are sexy especially when you're not wearing any clothes.

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Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu I'm 16 this year and I haven't gotten my period yet but I'm like you, I have no boobs and don't know if I ever will. 我是个飞机场加丽个电灯泡. Haha seriously only a small bump. Did you continue with your boob job or did your breast grow naturally after you got pregnant?