21 December 2010


Okay i drafted the post below like two weeks ago so i might sound a little upbeat then but yesterday was the worst day ever, of my life. I been through losing at sports carnival, being ostracized by people, losing job opportunities, being cheated of feelings, being three-timed in ex-relationship, anything, anything is not as worst as sending an animal to SPCA.

Still utterly upset about it and i'd share the whole traumatizing encounter but for now..

They really need your help.

MooMoo needs a strong hand, one who is patient and and determined enough to make him trust in, and listen to.

He needs a safe home!

Moomoo is a medium-large breed dog

Moomoo: Just gimmie the treat please!!!

Moomoo after showertime =D And he's now 8 months old.

Right now Moomoo is in the care of a bunch of GREAT people with big hearts.

And THESE are a few other doggies under their care, til they can find a home.

Please help spread a word. They can be your bestfriends, if you give them the time to prove it.


Anonymous said...

i'm like addicted to your blog. I check like 2-3 times a day?! LOL at myself =/

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu, another alternative is ASD singapore. http://www.asdsingapore.com/

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i tried to call them but they say they are fully occupied now so have to pay for their boarding services.

Anonymous said...

You know who is Wang Xin Ru? You look so much like her! Pretty!! :)

Anonymous said...

Taiwan TVBS news said your boobs is now 32C..

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu. why cant u keep moomoo?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i can't cox i am staying at bf's place with two dogs already..

QiuQiu said...

Three dogs as of now.. So we can't have the forth..

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, im the 2nd anon. this is my story. that time i had a disabled dog then i live in a hdb then max is 1 dog. but i have two dogs, so no choice have to give up the disabled dog. then called up asd singapore and they came down to collect the dog and now its in a happy home at sunset way there.

Anonymous said...

you can try shelther dog at pasir ris pet farm there. got madam wong shelter and Animal Lovers League. try petschannel. its a website.