04 March 2011

New Budget Barbie Episode ^.^

Just realise i haven't blogged about the CNY and VDay episode becox i guess it was becox i usually blog about an ep one week or so after it airs. So when i was gonna blog the CNY episode, it was very near CNY and i'm all sucked into enjoying CNY. Lolol. Then VDay was gonna be over when i wanted to blog about VDay ep. Excuses excues. Hahaha.

So here's something timeless cox the Northeast part of Singapore is not going to be over. Yeah, it's gonna be there. Budget Barbie NEX and Heartland Mall went GREAT for me! Okay maybe NEX a little lesser. So far there is only two shops there that sells $10 outfits. The rest are typically $18 up.

But anyway! Watch Budget Barbie now and leave your comment AT THE VIDEO LINK, NOT ON MY BLOG to stand to win these!

Lol. Not so enticing i know. BUT IT'S A WIG!!! Who don't love wigs! Lol.
Somemore this one is cosplay worthy. Lolol. Who i am in the picture now is..
"The PurpleSatin moonlight Demigoddess"
That's me. Lololol.

 This two way dress or..

 Skirt is up for grab too!

 And this two way top..

 One sweet piece of flora hair clip with mesh..

And finally this sweet cutting red roses dress.
Would be perfect for a sweet day out!

Also remember to like Budget Barbie on Facebook HERE to be updated of on-going sale/ cheap bargains all around.. THE WORLD. Lolol.

Maybe 90% Singapore. 1 % paris, 1% Hong Kong, 5% Malaysia, 1% China, 1% Korea, 1% Japan.

Okay bye!


Anonymous said...

Why do you need the tube to be stretchable? You have not much to fill it anyway.

Celest said...

Why do you need to be anonymous? You're insignificant to the world anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi I like the shoes you're wearing! They're very cute^^ Where did you get them from?

Herine said...

i watched the video, Very entertaining! ;-)

QiuQiu said...

Celest, can just ignore them one. Lol. They will feel very sad and small when being ignored. Haha.

Anon, got them from bugis. $10!

Herine, Thank you!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

@Celest, mb thats why I'm anon, making myself known is not important anyway, just like you, so what If you're celest? It doesn't matter to me either. You're better off anon.

Anonymous said...

Haha, too bad, people refuse to ignore us even though we are "insignificant"

tc said...

You look so funny in the wig. I don't think the winner will ever dare to wear it out haha! I really love the flower clips!

Anonymous said...

Hi Where did you bought your Black hat from? The one in your latest Budget Barbie Video? Mind sharing, and what is it call?

QiuQiu said...

Black hat from online spree i held two months ago =D