29 April 2011


My apologies!!! noLabel buffet totally got cleared out today!!! Shop opened at 12pm, supposed to last til 10pm but was cleared out (inclusive of stocks catered for next two days of the buffet) at 3pm. So i don't know if they should thank you all for clearing out their store or say sorry to those who missed it. Haha.

Maybe both! But no worries! On their Facebook they promise more exciting events coming up!

I am sorry to those who missed it! And to those who Q-ed but didn't get to shop. HALLO! Why you no use my advice! I say ELBOW SHOVE everyone else!!! Lololol.

And they have new stocks in the store now! So don't forget to check those out too!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

NOW I AM SERIOUS, you'd need to read my post here to know the easiest way to get to noLabel at Bugis.

You will want to know.

Yeah the china bag at the background isn't exactly a good way to start with but..

IT'S ALL PRETTY CLOTHES IN IT! Along with the clothes on the rack, and all the stocks that noLabel has.

But pretty so what, right? If it's expensive you also no likey. Lol.

Okay okay, this is where you have to thank noLabel.


The noLabel BUFFET!!!

YES! Like any other actual buffet you go to, you pay ONE PRICE, and then you eat all you can! In this case, you GRAB ALL YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! *elbow-shove*

Lolol. So please do yourselves a favour, scroll up and open the link in another window, you'd wanna see how find your way there before everyone.

The typical price range at noLabel ranges from twenty plus to thirty plus.

Now for $35 nett, you get to bring home ANY AMOUNT OF PIECES you're able to squeeze into the carrier!!!

The buffet is gonna start this Saturday (30th April) and will end on Monday (2nd May).

But i say first huh, noLabel do have sufficient stocks to run the buffet for three days but i'm predicting the prettiest pieces will be snatched off on the first day so i suggest you visit over the weekend, TOMORROW IS THE BEST!

So you have all the crucial information. Here's what you may expect to find!

The black flora mesh dress you see above..

Denim-like material with polka dot designs! =D

Best part is the collar! When i button it up, i look like a good girl. Lol.

Love the "oooh i'm so soft" feel to this dress!

Cute not my leopard preens top!

Not forgetting the sparkly black high skirt!!! the material is very smooth and a little little bit furry kind! I don't know what material is it but it's comfy!!!

Something loud for work? If not this red dress (comes with belt) has a vintage, cocktail dress feel to it so you could wear it for high tea? =D

If red is too loud for you, grab these nude/ dusty pink/ white/ grey into your buffet bag ^.^ They'd be perfect for work! Love the nude chiffon top i'm wearing!!! Has small pleats details, sweet and demure, is just so me. Lololol. Kidding~

A chic grey dress with gathers to the side and unique sleeves cutting.
Okay enough of all the work wear!!!

THIS IS LOVE!!!! If you don't grab this two pieces from the buffet you're missing out! Becox it's my favourite piece! Got look like korean or not?

And not forgetting the love for the boys! noLabel has outfits for guys too!!! How you like the pink/white stripes pants i picked out! I think i'd style Budget Ken in this! Haha.

Like any of the pieces i feature in this post? There's MORE varieties in store for you at the buffet! So remember to head down to noLabel tomorrow! Grab-all-you-can buffet ends on Monday!

Follow them on Facebook HERE for more good deals or send them any enquiries there!


TIFFANCY :) said...

do they hav time limit for the grabbing of clothes?

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know how big is the carrier?

QiuQiu said...

Tiff, no time limited!

Anon, bigger than typical blue plastic bag size i think!

Anonymous said...

Hello exactly how big is the blue bag. Why is this offer durin my exams period?!?!?! :(:(

Anonymous said...

What time does it start?

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu, does this apply to guy's apparels too? (:

Coco Tai said...

QQ, you so skinny! Now I'm jealous of you. Ok here's the deal, you kill me bc of my eyelashes and I kill you bc of your thinness. Deal? haha "kai wan xiao" of course [: But anyway, you do look Korean in that one outfit! Are you mixed korean/chinese?


QiuQiu said...

Please visit their Fb page for time details etc! =D

Coco!!! thank you!!! I am pure Singaporean but a korean in thoughts. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I think you're hot. Sizzles.

Anonymous said...

Somehow i prefer your photos with unphotoshopped eyes...
Photoshopped one look a tad scary while your real ones so pretty :D

Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi, Qiuqui- you look so elegant when you have your hair tied up in a low ponytail and make-up on your face-You look very classy. Though you look also pretty and cute without make-up, I kinda prefer you with make-up. Have a good day.

XueLing♥ said...

Missed the buffet :'(

Anonymous said...

Hello QQ! Where did you get the hat in the last photo frm? It's so cute and pretty! :D

Btw, you are vry pretty! Stay beautiful foreva! :)

Anonymous said...

u r so skinny n hideous w ur big alien head