15 May 2011

Almost step-by-step!

So i was bored and started doing a makeup step by step post -.-" I don't even know why i do this, cox most of the time, i do the same thing. Just different colour. Lol.

BUT, this time it's a little bit special becox i'm using stuff i got from the shop at the basement of Punggol Plaza. Where i bought the Hello Kitty wash =DDD

I tweeted the other day that i got some mask, eyeliner and lipgloss from that shop. Honestly the makeup is not cheap. But it's really quite good to use, so i don't mind. But the facial mask DAMN cheap and good thou!!! LOVE IT!!! Like one dollar plus only. I think i might be addicted to it =((

The eyeliner i got, glides on very easily and is waterproof, and it's the best-selling at Taiwan now so it must be good right. Lol. And then the lipgloss/ lip-tint has extra moisturizing quality and doesn't.. turn white when mixed with saliva after a while. You know what i mean?

Anyway~ Here we go~ Put on foundation and conceal whatever you wanna conceal!

The most special buy!!! =DDD It's eyeshadow stick, sold in places like.. London, New York and Tokyo! But now you can find it at basement of Punggol Plaza, LOL. I think it's like a crayon! You literately colour your eyes with it. I got the pink, purple and white =D

Pink first.. All the way and stop at where the brow bone is..

Purple on where the brow bone is and the area nearest to the outer corners of the eyes.

White at the inner corner of the eyes, sort of draw on top of the area where the eyeball is.

Tadah~~ The super good eyeliner!!!

I got the silver one and the black with 'diamond dust'. Comes with free sharpener somemore! Love how easy it is to glide on. EVEN BETTER THAN THE BRANDED ONE Yong Ming got for my 23rd birthday please. You can go check 2010 June archive to see what brand that is. Lol.

Frame up your eyes with the shimmery black eyeliner..

Then highlight with the white liner, at the inner corner of the eyes..

Then draw on fake lower lashes like my gfs did for me here.. I first saw Kaykay and Wendy do this and didn't understand how convenient it is. Lol. VERY.

Now should be when you fill in your eyebrows with whatever colour that goes with your hair colour. BUT, i forgot to picture this step. So.. Moving on!

Lipgloss i got from the shop! I somehow find the coverage quite 'thick' so i think it might be a liptint also! I got the natural tone with shimmer and the rosey pink one =DDD
Furry dispenser for easy application, looks like rambutan. Lol.

No bluff you one, super moisturizing. My lips were all dry and cracky before this!

Blusher!!! And please look at my lips, i copy from Xiaxue's Angelababy lips video tutorial one. Lol.

So here! Without flash..

With flash =D Yeah, i have to post this again. Lol. Cox i love it!!!

I changed my facebook profile picture to this right after i photoshopped it and started leaving comments to compliment myself. LOLOL. And then replying to my own comments *realise it's wrong and psychotic* Hmm.. Yah. Lolol.

There's like ten thousand more pictures i took but after i photoshopped this, i decided i have to show it off NOW. Lol. So here you have! I should spam my blog with pictures taken from this do-up when i'm ultra bored!

For now if you wanna get anything you see here, you can visit the shop at the basement of Punggol Plaza or email lien@beautyfasshon.com to purchase if you don't stay around Punggol!

I am determined to ensure they don't close shop becox this is by far, the only thing that excites me in Punggol Plaza. Yes, NTUC too. Lol. But really, they have ultra cool products like shampoo imported from Japan/ Korea, that you don't typically find anywhere else that is highly raved about overseas. I'm worried cox they are at the basement and they don't get the traffic that much =((

Okay i'm going off, please start leaving nice comments already. Lol.


Venassa said...

How much did the eyeliner cost?

Love your makeup tutorial posts.

sarah said...

hi qiuqiu! this look is adorable! :)
would like to check with you, is daiso's lashes really different in terms of quality as compared to dollywink? can both be used for a no. of times? i've been having eyelash extensions for a really long time, thinking of stopping so i've bought the eyelash glue from you and am on the lookout for decent quality/price fake eyelashes. been so reliant on eyelash extensions that i'm quite afraid fake eyelashes wouldn't be as reliable.
thanks in advance! :)

G said...

How much did you got them for?

Anonymous said...

Can you teach us how to edit using Photoshop??????? Pretty please

Anonymous said...

Your lips is really nice man!!!!!! How much did the eyeliner cost anyway? Please upload more makeup tutorials!

Anonymous said...

I think you have great mAkeup skills n a great personality too! Always looking forward to ur budget barbie episodes :))

Anonymous said...

i thought your hair shld be green in colour?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bongqiuqiu,

May I please know what camera do you use?

QiuQiu said...

Hello! The eyeliner is $9.90! =D

Sarah, i never bought daiso lashes before.. Cox it's kinda ex.

My ash green hair was one month plus ago leh. colour faded to coppery brown now =)

I'm using S95.

Thank you guys! Can email the shop staff if you have Qn about the items =)

Anonymous said...

ur hair sux, it doesnt really go well with ur make up

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu! i emailed the person and she told me the eyeliner is $10.90... WHY? ):

QiuQiu said...

Hey guys, i think the eyeliner is $10.90. I really forgot. Bought a lot of things that day.

Anonymous said...

hi there, may i ask what contact lens you using on e very first picture of this post? i mean where do you get it? its nice (: or did you edit?

Anonymous said...

u should have included the prices!! :(

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, i'm curious by using eyeliner to draw the lower fake eyelashes? will it look weird or too fake that it is by drawing? can you do a post on how you drew it? thanks a lot you are so pretty. :D

Whizzer's Rose said...

hi qiuqiu-nice lipgloss- can you tell me what brand is it??? i've been looking for that kind of pink shade-it's usually what I see on Angelababy.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, contacts is photoshopped on!

Anon, prices is between 9.9 to 10.9 if i rem correctly!

Anon, no leh, looks pretty ok to me in pictures. In real life it's just a bit more dramatic and more awake-looking.

Whizzer Rose, huh.. I don't know the brand, it's from taiwan, one of the top seller. You can get it from the shop by emailing them if you're keen! =D

Anonymous said...

You have no makeup skilld what so ever :S