18 May 2011

The whole 1/4-life crisis thing is just bad calculation..

I'm gonna turn 24 pretty soon and i used to keep thinking that 25 is the quarter-life-crisis age and therefore i have one more year to feel chill about having not much achievement under my belt but it's SO WRONG. Becox the mortality of Singaporean women is 83yro, according to Wikipedia. Not 100. Lol.

With those numbers in mind (LOL. I am recently very obsessed with trying to analyze problems using numbers to prove myself coherent and logical hahaha), quarter-life crisis is about 20.75years old (83 divide by 4). And i am past that already O.O *hyperventilate*

*refusing to calm down*

*hyperventilate somemore*

*go hysterical*

*pull hair*

*get pinned down by Donnie Yen and Jerry Yan*


I was asking boyfriend that other day if he believes that everyone has a calling. And he looked at me in disbelief and just laugh it off -.-

OH, so this is cold hard truth? Nobody believes i am capable of thinking more in-depth???

He is right, all of you are right. I am not into that (thoughts too in-depth). LOLOL.

I was gonna patronise him by listening to him saying whatever he thinks is his calling, and then i'd tell him what i truly think about MY calling, in details. Hahahha. But he didn't tell me about his calling so i didn't thick-skinnedly tell him about mine. So i'd tell you all =D

My calling is to be a tai-tai by the age of 45 =DDD

But i'm looking at the clock ticking and i think i'm running behind time by quite a fair bit cox if i was sensible, i would have started doing something constructive at 18 or so lol.

But then again, on a positive note, i have 21 years to earn enough money to be able to upgrade a lot of things in my own life and my dad's life and have plenty more $$$ to pay for my botox, filler and glucosamine pills (lol) at age 45.

Wah, life is looking good already. Hahah. Cox i naively believe in my calling. Lol. I'm should get cracking already! Please take me more seriously hor, i'm an adult now. Lolol. Only adults are serious about what they do. Lol. Kids help people sell branded bags on their blogs, or pose with cars and think they can do it forever. WO BU SHI. Lolol.

Plus it's actually very motivating to see the people on top continuously doing things to enrich and value-add themselves, and dumping all competition behind. Like Xiaxue. I don't know if you guys noticed, she is actually a very sharing person. If something's good, she'd be sharing it but then FHL that most of the time, people don't give her the credit. Lol.

But the shitty part is, when people DO give her the credit, to general people it become like we're curry favouring her, carrying her balls, being her dog, copying her etc -.- If she minds people having the same thing as her/ doing the same thing as her, would she even talk/ blog/ tweet about it for people to copy??? She would have just kept quiet about it or introduce something else that'd screw us all up. Right not?! Lol.

Like, "Hi Xiaxue! How do you keep your skin so flawless?? What skincare products do you use?"

"Oh, spread margarine on your face every night and sleep with it! The next morning, wash it off with piping hot kopi-o and then scrub your face with sugar and pounded pandan leave mixture. My secret to flawless skin passed down over seven generations, shhhh.."

She has been urging me to get started on a few things. And i appreciate that a lot! Cox it's coming from her, i feel very *squishy squashy* Lolol. I definitely need to do something as now there's just wayyyyyy too many spaces in my life! Yeah you can decipher that from my tweets. Lolol! I'm mostly bored and rewatching old movies and eating MSG at home! Lolol.

Okay lah, just a post to remind myself how much more i have to do to answer to my calling. Lol. And to show how appreciative i am to have a chance to meet and be motivated by somebody i admire so much since yearsss ago.

You all no need to leave comments like i'm bootlicking/ copying Xiaxue already please. It doesn't affect me anymore. Cox i know for sure that i'm still who i am, that typical woman going after bigger things in life wishing for a better future ahead for myself, my dad, my family my bf and my doggies. And sharing the same love for cute, pretty and interesting stuff in life, as any of you.

Only difference between all of you who love her, and me adoring her, is that i am a little bit more lucky.. To be able to stalk her IRL. Lol.

*do psycho face*
*fondle with goatee*

If you all were nicer to me i would have started a fanclub for you all to join lor! And give you insider update about Wendy since i was so free! Like..

"8.30pm, Wendy is going to nap. And by that, we all know she's gonna sleep and wake up at unearthly hour like 12.30am"

"Wendy is procrastinating about blogging for us now. Let's flood her twitter with encouraging words to guilt-trip her!!!"

"Do you smell it? Wendy is whipping up ABC soup at 4am in the morning!"

But no, it's not gonna happen becox most of you doubted the sincerity of my adoration for her and called me names. I KNOW OKAY, COX I ALSO SEARCH MY OWN NAME ON TWITTER WHEN I'M BORED. Lolololol!!!!

And plus, i promise myself to start living a more fulfilled life. Hahaha. Okay, so how should i start lying about it tomorrow on Twitter? Is there a scheduled tweet function on Twitter? I should schedule it at 8am tomorrow and wish everyone good morning cox waking up pass 12pm just doesn't seem like i'm on the right track. Lol.

Enough rambling, my Mcdonald's is on the way.


Evie. said...

i really like the way you write. very honest and it's like i can feel u talking/ telling a story to me. hahahhaa. jiayou QiuQiu! :D

Anonymous said...

can you do a post of your double eye lid tapes? (you use that right?) hahha please! thanks! and what brand do you use? thanks (:

clara said...

hey there! i really like reading your blog. btw, where did you get your jelly pens from? they're really pretty:D

Anonymous said...

why isnt there an end?? alamak u trigger us to reading it and then leave us hanging by ending it with a Mac Delivery

davienne said...

i think your calling should be.... becoming a tarot card reader!! somehow i can imagine you in gypsy-like clothing, mysterious looking eyes.. crystal balls and weird looking tarot cards

and oh, a pet parrot to help you pick them out for u!!

QiuQiu said...

Evie, thank you!

Anon, i don't usually use double eyelid stickers leh.

Clara, jelly pens from hong kong!

Anon, Lolol. Sorry! Random thoughtS!

QiuQiu said...

HUI WEN, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! *stare* Lololol.