05 July 2011

Birthday with boyfriend ^.^

My bf got these slices of cakes for me! =D

It's actually kinda lame cox my birthday is on the 28th, and on the 27th, he had to work since morning til late evening. And by 9pm plus, he was already yawning like mad.

And i tell him he should go sleep but he insist that he wanna stay up til 12 to wish me on the dot <333 But i wouldn't be mad even if he wake up tomorrow morning to wish me lah.

Right when the clock strikes 12!


LOVE EACH AND EVERY LAYER! Five to six layers of stuff in one slice of cake. Madness~

One of those days i get lucky and succeed in putting on double eyelid tape =.= LOL. This is a double eyelid sign =.= Parallel some more. Nise..

We head for Vivo for loklok at basement and then a MOVIE (Caps cox we hardly catch movie in movie theaters lolol)~ Mr Popper's Penguins. Lol. Kinda love the movie! I don't mind watching it again!!! And again! And.. Again..? Yeah.. I do that.

Then to a Japanese restaurant that serves skewer, that Xiaxue recommended AND IT'S SO GOOD!!! Or maybe this is like the only Jap skewer i know of other than Tori-Q lol. But it's REALLY YUMMY!!!

And my boyfriend booked the whole restaurant.. Don't believe you see lor.

Two waitresses..

The whole restaurant empty and our table by the window..

See properly still got janitor's work trolley below one. LOL.

Bluff one lah. It just happen that the restaurant was really empty when we went in.

And i'm like "Eh.. You don't need to do this lehhhh~" Bf "Do what?" Me "Book the whole place down for me.. Thanks" Him "Yeah. Hope you like it"

We both know that i know it's a joke thou. Lol. I ownself no-shame only.

Then later a couple walk in.. And i'm like "Wah. You even hired calefare. Thanks!!!"

By now my cheapo double eyelid stickers slipping down already. Cox eyelid too oily =( Super sad i want thick double eyelids!!!

Just realised that last year on my birthday, i wore a panda top also!
The print on the top is a panda. But it was cuter cox got hoodie. This year one not so cute cox i'm moving on, slowly. Lolol.

Some of what we ordered ^.^ I LOVE EVERYTHING LAH!

I want to show you all pictures of the birdie that landed in my house! Lol. Next time thou!


Anonymous said...

hi just wonderin what nail polish are you using? i really like it. thanks!xD

Anonymous said...

can i know where is the resturant ? thanks thanks

Anonymous said...

Where is the restaurant, like which level? If possible, the name of the restaurant. Hehe. & are the food there ex? Thanks in advance! :)

Anonymous said...

hi! im just wondering, why do you never take pic of your bf and upload it on your blog. i would love if you do so. it sounds like he's some mysterious guy. thank you. happy belated bday. :)

Anonymous said...

You look like zoe tay in the pic with your red panda hood!

QiuQiu said...

I'm using those $1 nail polish got from tao payoh interchange!

The restaurant is at Vivo level two, a jap restaurant call SHIN smh i forgot.

Price is about.. $2 - $3 plus per stick? The stick is not stingy one, like big pieces of meat etc.

My bf is a very private person =(

Anonymous said...

I really like the picture of you in the panda hoodie! Really captures my attention :).

Ellie said...

WE NEED TO SEE PHOTOS OF YOUR BF, QIUQIU~!! Kekekeke so sweet <3

poppy said...

the conversation between you and your boyfriend so funny leh!! do you take pictures with him even though you dont post on blog?

you look a little like cheesie in the pic which you say your eyelids tape are slipping down that one!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for your next Budget Barbie episode! The one you said you will go to the Swap and Shop flea @ Chinatown and do an episode on it :)Please be up soon!

Tina said...

You look really good w/ double eyelids! And I want your panda shirt!! Super cute!! >< lol

QiuQiu said...

Ellie, lol! Cannot lehhh...

Poppy, yeah we do take some pictures! I just keep them in my camera and computer! =D

Anon, yeah it's gonna be up REALLY soon!

Tina, thank you~~

C said...

qiuqiu your panda hoodie so cute!!! whr u buy it from? :p

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Qiu!!! Don't forget to make a wish! wee :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi:) may I know how you put double eyelid stickers? I've been trying but failed :(

c-mainey said...

Hello, Qiu Qiu. I would like to ask where your boyfriend bought those cakes from?
Sorry for the trouble!