17 July 2011

QWeekly - My new hair sponsor =DDD

Woohoo~~~ My new hair sponsor! =DDD

Best part?! It's at KOVAN babeh~!!! Yeah! Purple line FTW!!! Haha ^.^

Super happy for several reasons!!!
Kovan has LOTSA yummy and cheap food!!!

The salon is near Kovan MRT so i can take straight train there from Punggol, or pay $6 for taxi fare (yes, tried. Lol)

The salon is SUPER big!!! With mirrors everywhere! Super good to camwhore in lol.

They have a whole team of people working on my hair, each on their specialty. Love it #feelslikeasuperstar Haha! Of course all of them are all-rounders but it's just i LOVE it that they all come together, and discuss with me what i'd like and what i'd NOT like. This is truly cool!

Thanks to Gen for the intro! =))

If you haven't seen the condition of my hair before, it looks like this =(

Kinda excited to see what the team of hair stylists at Hair Cuttour gonna do for me!!!

Here's one in memory of the old hair. Lol.

Favourite past time in salon, EAT, tweet, wassapp, camwhore =DDD

The root to all my hair woes, is mainly, the roots. LOL. Get it or not?

Thanks to Janet and David, i say goodbye to curly and black roots =DDD

But the problem we had was my hair is quite unevenly coloured to start with. You have black, you have goldish, brownish, redish, yellowish etc. But the products they use is super good so they're not worried about the rest of the colours BUT black.

So they had to whip up a different mixture for my black roots area and i'm really scared the end result will be uneven cox it happened to me before. But i guess it's all about trust =DDD

After colouring, treatment time!!! =D Janet taking her work seriously. Lol.

While having my hair steamed with goodness of the treatment.. I snap a picture to show you my double eyelid that day. Haha. Left side of the eye in this picture i'm using the double-sided eyelid tape from Beauty Fasshon. Right side is almost invisible eyelid sticker from RoseBelle. I both also love! =D


LOVE IT!!!! =DDDDD Like saying HELLO to my hair after so long~~!!! And it's so freaking soft and.. Spongey O.O I know!!! How can hair be spongey right?!

But it's true!!! Like i grab some of my hair in a bunch and i can squeeze them. Like squash them, and they'd get back in shape right away, and then i squash them again, and they'd regain their suppleness O.O

I don't know. But maybe this is why they call it the Botox hair treatment =OOOO YES!!! I don't know about technical specs of how the Botox hair treatment works, but it's freaking good!!! And the effect + super nice smell + smoothness is SUPER lasting!!!

Gen say her hair smells super nice after the botox treatment for about 10 days O.O I don't know, i did it for 5 days now only. Haha. Still smelling good and feeling good =DDD

Then! I got a bit greedy when offered if i wanna set my hair to curls instead of going out with straight hair, you know, to match my outfit that day. Lol. OF COURSE I SAY YESSSS!!!


Thank you Hair Cuttour!!! =DDD

My leopard preens jacket (my favourite now!!!) and nude tone mesh skirt is from TheBlogShop. You definitely want to look them up if you're thinking of setting up your own blogshop. They provide supply, marketing and branding solutions! They also have their own shops in orchard, haji lane etc, to feature your items!

Back to hair business, thank you Janet! =DDD

Tel: 6284 4866 for appointment
Blk203 Hougang Street21 #01-55
Exit Kovan MRT Heartland Mall. Keep walking straight towards HDB side, find block 203 and you'd find them easily!!! =DDD


Anonymous said...

hey qiuqiu did you watch ch8 the 9pm show 'Ah Di'? i think you look abit like the taiwanese actress that act as Shanshan

smok√ę said...

nice curls!

Unknown said...

like your new hair...=)

Ellie said...

your hair had so much volume already :O jealousssss. YOU LOOKED EXTRA PRETTY TODAY! PERFECT SKIN NOOOOOOOOO~

GenevieveWijaya said...

wow wow wow wow WOW soooo pweetay~~ Remember to go try $0.30 soya bean at Kovan!!

Anonymous said...

i hope you dont wear the eyelid stickers... you look weird with it, you are prettier w/o it !!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu sorry i know this comment doesnt fit in here and you've touched on this topic before but i just wanna know.. rmb u talked abt boobs boosting creams and medication?... and u said u've tried quite a few?.... what about must up? from japan?.. have u tried it?... does it work?...cus apparently many blogshops are shipping in stocks for must up candy and cream these days and there were alot of recommandations on it. I want to try but im afraid of side effects that might harm my health in anyway. I just want to know do you think the must up canday can be trusted? should i risk trying?.. sorry that i have to ask this because i have no experience with such products before and i feel that i should consult someone but i have no one to consult. :( so could u give me some advice for it please? I would really appreciate it if u give me some advice whether it is good or bad. At least there is some kind of feedback on it. I'm not desperate or anything, just paranoid and dare not risk it :/ so judging from its recomandations by people what do you qiuqiu? Do you think its safe enough to try?...cus it is sold in blogshops and im not sure if it is sold in pharmercy stores like guadian and watsons sooo... i just need your general advice on this... will you help me?

little miss shy,
<3 QiuQiu.

Anonymous said...

I think you look great with curls! It's like WOW.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu,

its little miss shy here, sorry i dont know what other way to ask u for advice but to send u a comment here. Because I am not any sponsor or advertiser or model search company so i dare not email u without your permission, because as a fan i know that i cant be a nusience and just email u whenever i want to.

Anw, i just want to let you know my email address just incase u're really sweet to advice me on the mustup product :}

My email is nmlh_628@hotmail.com

Thanks for even looking through this email
Qiuqiu, i just feel really bad cus this topic
was talked abt long ago. So i was hesitating
to ask u about it in the first place. I shall not
drag on anymore. Hope to hear from you soon!

little miss shy<3

Anonymous said...

For some reason you look like sharon Au, the ex mediacorp artist ^^, only from certain angles u look like hehee

Anonymous said...

where did u get those boots ?! DAM KAWAII LE ! <3

Anonymous said...

how much do they charge for treatment ?

Anonymous said...

shanshan is fucking pretty u know! look like her. i wan 2 get the eyelid tape invisible huan but sold out zhe mo ban?

Light Love said...

Omg, beautiful hair! Super healthy and shiny! <3