03 July 2011

QWeekly - Pre-Bday and my first show in a real theatre! =D

Lychee Martini cake Zhen got!!! For the three of us June babies!

Yuzhen is the BESTESTEST girlfriend becox she is SO NICE and SO SWEET and SO CAPABLE! =DDD I must por her a bit becox she really put a lot of love for us!

But shitty, they all came from work or from outside and are all dressed up and have on makeup. Punggol auntie went from home please. Lol. I was in the "名星 off-day" mood (like every other day lol) and i didn't make up.

Anyway it was for KTV so we get our own room. So i would think that nobody will judge me or find me too unsightly..

My friends are so old-ish = / Why can't they pose like how we take neo-prints last time. You know.. The "Two-Zero-Five" hand signs. Follow by the frown, blur, shocked and pout-smile expression lol. I was doing the ZERO in this picture.

Ahr, like me. This is the TWO.

Mich, Gem, Zhen, Xiao Ting Ting....... LOL. Wo hen erxin!!! Lolol.

Only one knife so the other two must at least touch the hand of Gem if not the knife. So that we can get some heng heng too. Lol.

Them removing all the candles while i cut the cake!!! And Zhen snap picture =DD Fen gong he zuo!

End up only i cut the cake for everyone. Wo wei ren ren. Lolol. I HAVE THIS THING ABOUT LOVING TO SIT ON THE FLOOR I DON'T KNOW WHY.

Mich looks so pretty here =D

I danced so hard to each and every song i was SO tired! And then i was having a good time and smelly Michelle say "Next time if you wanna dance like this, maybe you should put on makeup. You must consider how we feel.. You know.. Watching you without makeup, dancing.."

Michelle, you suck.

We were supposed to head Geylang for 126 Dim Sum (i super love!!!) and we lost our way a bit becox Michelle was giving lousy directions. BUT I SAVED US ALL =DDD Lololol. I gave Zhen the safest route to get to Geylang from Chinatown.

Mich is all like "No.. I think blablabla~", "Really meh? I think blablabla~" THINK THINK THINK. I tell Yuzhen what i KNOW is confirm can get there one okay. Most of the time i am a direction retard but anywhere near my parents place, i'm good! =DDD

So thanks to ME (lol) we finally got to Geylang. AND GUESS WHAT THEY DID TO ME. They change plans =(((((((( They wanna eat frog leg porridge instead *whine* I really whine non-stop! I mean.. HOW can you just switch plan like this?! I am a Cancerian you know! I need security and stability!!! #anyhowsay

Looking at the fact that we're living in a democratic society, 3 VS 1.. We went for frog leg porridge AND IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOOD!!! So no more hard feelings!!! =DDD
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

First time at Marina Bay Sands erm.. Shopping centre is it? I don't know which part is which lah. It's humongous with a ice skating rink and a river-like thing. And i saw Attention-Seeking red M&M!!! =DDD

One picture of me pretending to gaze away, far and demure. Lol.

LOVE THIS SANDWICH!!! This is like about the only sandwich without beef thou. Oh, got another one is salmon also. The rest are all beef patties.

Bf's one. Some naked burger or something.

There. He didn't like it thou. Say the meat is wayyyyy too tough.

LOVE. Cox got deep fried garlic bits!!! =DDD

After dinner, before the show we went to walk around to check out that area!
My erxin pose One.

My erxin pose Two. Lol. Actually i copy the lady who was snapping pics around us just seconds before. Lolol.

Yeah! My own pose. Lol.

Deng Deng Deng! I feel like some cheena bng. Never go theater before, must snap picture with GRAND THEATER then shiok lolol.

Made a bad choice.

Third row from the stage and the stage is only one metre away from the first row =.=" Should have bought fourth row! Cox after third row, there's another 2metres break then it's the fourth row.

Okay whatever, i'm just telling you, if you ever go see shows there get fourth row and behind. Cox we were sitting in there early. Like first to reach among the first three rows. And EVERYONE who stepped in, exclaimed in different ways "OH WOAH. WHY SO NEAR".

Got this Caucasian  family of three even attempted to secretly change seats and they have to be shifted back to the first row anyway. Lol. It was fun watching them being embarrassed.

Suagu no more.

Alright that's all for the pre-birthday celebration. YAH LAH, only two different happenings. Lol. It's not cox i'm not popular or likable okay. Haha. The rest are just busy and we have plans to meet soon okay.. *getting very defensive* Lol.

Thing about people making effort to celebrate your birthday.. Says a lot about how much they love you as a person =)) Thank you.. 8 years of friendship and counting, you guys are better friends than i am but i try my best! ACCEPT ME! ^.^

You guys are three of the nicest people in my life =))) Thank you!

And my bf doesn't read my blog anymore, i think. But if he sees this by chance, HELLO! THANK YOU, LOVE! FOR EVERYTHING, THERE'S YOU YOU YOU!!! =)))))

人越老, 時間越寶貴
如過沒有很熟, 沒事, 可以不要找我嗎?
我借口乘不多.. "不" 又不好說.. = /


Anonymous said...

hey, how your boyfriend look like ? :)

Ida said...

Cute cake! :D
- Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

QiuQiu said...

Hmm.. A little bit like hamburgler. Lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Where did u get ur sandals ? :)

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu you look so pale @.@ put some blush or some pink lip gloss whenever you're too lazy to put make up @.@

Anonymous said...

i jus realized ur head is enormous for ur body... like alien...

QiuQiu said...

Anon, from Ang Mo Kio ^.^ You can get it from any M.A.D or random bugis shop. $10 only!

Anon, okay will TRY!!! Lol.

Anon, pui.

Anonymous said...

The naked burger looks yummy, haha. & you look great at the 2nd part of the post. Don't lazy put makeup next time :/.

Kristel said...

I always come and read your blog late at night and most of the time I see so much delicious food O_O Then I get hungry, but its too late to eat..
You look very cute in the pictures btw!