08 September 2011

Ad: BIORE Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Hello! After this post you might wanna thank me for letting you in on the best beauty tip of all time.

Do you know that pre-mature wrinkles, loss of bounciness in skin are results of stress caused by cleansing and application of toner and moisturiser?

In other words, what we're doing to make our face perfect, is the cause of why our skin being less than perfect!!! =OOO

Here's why! (by the way, i only have makeup on eyes and forehead)

Stress of sliding the cotton pads on our skin while applying toner.

The pull-our-skin experience when we run our fingers full of moisturiser over it.

With all the stress from rubbing, tugging, pulling and sliding of our fingers on our face while doing our skincare regime, our skin needs MORE care and when we give more care to it, we're at the same time, applying more stress on it O.O It's like a never-ending cycle.

Keep reading i'd share a few tips along the way to counter these problems! ^.^ You're welcome.

One of the most important step in our skincare regime is cleansing! 

However, did you know that cleansing is also the process that is most stressful to skin and causes most sagging and wrinkles?

Rub, rub, rub..

Find this familiar? Watery foam.

Most of us often lather up our facial wash by hand. This would only produce foam that is not fine and the large bubbles are too harsh when in contact with our skin.

Many are unaware that foam is vital in our cleansing routine.

Do we want to use more strength to rub more thoroughly on our skin to cleanse it better? Or do we want to cleanse it softly and risk ending up with not-so-well-cleansed skin?

BEING A WOMAN IS SO HARD! Our lives are filled with dilemmas!!!


Remember this from my other post? I asked you guys to guess what this is =D Did you guess it right?!

It's something that will keep you forever young. Lolol. Kidding lah. It's something that'd make your skincare regime PERFECT and worthwhile!!! Do it easy, do it right!!!
BIORE Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash!!!
You ready to be a convert? Go throw away your current facial wash now first. Lolol.

No need to open cap, no need to squeeze exactly how many cm out, no need to lather. JUST ONE PUMP!!! Pump it on a flat surface like this.

And what you get is a blob of soft, dense and smooth foam!!!
The dense collagen-enriched foam

So dense and compact it doesn't drip even when you flip it upside-down!!! ^.^ And did you see the part that IT'S ENRICHED WITH COLLAGEN?! Double yay!!!

Can't help it, gotta play with it before washing my face with it. Lol. Now onwards cleansing my face would be such a fun time lol.

It's smooth, bouncy foam is ultra-fine with plenty of tiny bubbles that are smaller than pores holding each other together! We can spread the foam easily and evenly because it’s so fine and dense!

See how fine it is compared to other types of products under microscopic lens!!!

What does it mean to consumers? Fine bubbles = cleanse well!!

No more dripping from lathering paste facial foam with water!!!

No more rough big bubbles!

No more uneven, hard-to-spread facial foam mixture! =DDD

Now you ask about the result! Does it cleanse well?!

Let's go!!! It feels like a foamy layer of cushion on my face!!! Not afraid of the stress and pressure while cleansing anymore! ^.^

Spreads around so easily and evenly!

SEE!!! Still bouncy one!!! Can see not?! The foam still hang around my fingers!

You can bring your fingers closer, further, closer, further.. The foam is still so dense even after applying pressure around it for more than 10 times!!! If you can't have enough of the fun, just keep going around! Hahah! It's like you push it, it'd bounce back a little, you push it again, it'd still bounce back a little! FUN!!! =DDD #childish lol

Now this is why it's call the MARSHMALLOW whipped facial wash!!!

So here you have! Biore Marshmallow whip facial wash!!!

It's like a bottle filled with Japanese ladies' secrets. Lolol. Even better! It's enriched with COLLAGEN!!!

And much more convenient and less time-consuming to use!!!

One bottle gives you 150 pumps O.O That's A LOT!!!

They have the refill pack too!

Before i forget, here are the tips to toning and moisturising your skin!



I hope these tips are useful!!! Nobody wants pre-mature aging please =(( Especially not on the face!!!

Here's a fun facebook game at the Biore page that you can play! It's really cute! Go to www.marshmallow.com.sg to play!

OMG $300 H&M VOUCHER and $80 Kao products!!! =OOO Some more it's super fun, simple and cute!!! ^.^ Don't forget to invite your friends to play! More importantly is to spread this SECRET along! ^.^

GOTTA LOVE IT!!! Especially how "baby smooth" the skin is after using it!!! ^.^

Japanese girls.. I can know your secrets.. *pervy grin* To ultra chio skin. Lolol.


Anonymous said...

May I know where to buy these?

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu I saw the other guessing post of yours and actuaaly got it right. Haha, but when I go buy that time the aunt told me it's not suitable
For my skin. Mine is very oily and like acne kind. Then she instead of me buying some other products. Please help me!! Idk if I should buy cos I think it's kinda cute but Im afraid it will "destroy" my skin.

Unknown said...

WAHHHHH!! it's like so nice lehh! i hope Malaysia has it too. :((

smokë said...

can i get this in local drug stores? like watson? this sounds really good!

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu :D this product is suitable for which age grp? Is it suitable for youth below 16 year old?

Little Penguin Princess said...

qiuqiu, ur double eye lid izit done wit the tape??? looks nice =D

Anonymous said...

HI, qiu qiu is this product suitable for sensitive skin?

Anonymous said...

You can buy these at Watsons or NTUC or many other stores. I've not bought this but, I saw it before in some local drug stores. It sounds really good I even begged my mother to buy it but too bad I didn't in the end. It looks like a small bottle, but 150 pumps is alot O_O and its about $13.50 so yeah it's wayyyy expensive for me. I have a cleanser or facial scrub that is also produced by this brand though, so it's still good for me. :)

Anonymous said...

The product's name itself is so tempting! Nice review :D

Reish said...

Hi QiuQiu. Your eyes are really pretty here. What double eyelid tape did you use? Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

your niece so cute! like!

Anonymous said...

yr baby niece so cute like!

QiuQiu said...

I think Watsons have! =D

Hmm.. I'm not so sure about the skin irritation part.. But if they hardsell you another product it could be for commission *shrugs*

double eyelid sticker is from Rosebelle.org

Margareta Vania said...

i'm from http://margaretavania.blogspot.com :D excuse me for the link...

So smooth my cousin use the same foam too.. really cool and awesome result!

afifs said...

hope can find it in malaysia....^^

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu.this is my first time posting a commment here.I just want to know if this facial faom suitable for oily and sensitive skin?does it leaves your skin oily?thanks in advance.

Lady G said...

Wonder if Malaysia have it?

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu can you stop freaking act cute???

Anonymous said...

You spelled 'absorption" wrong....

Anonymous said...

You spelled 'absorption" wrong....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha you are so pretty <3

Anonymous said...

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