04 October 2011

The bad things i've done

Not sharing ALL-ALL, but maybe just the interesting ones. Lol. And the ones that won't land me up in jail for sharing now. Lol. Yeah, i stole before.

Like one barley mint candy from a mama store. I was maybe 6 or 7 yros i can't remember. Definitely not long into primary school.

Was angry with the mama shop uncle for being rude or something. So i stole one candy from him. The candy was selling at 5 for $0.20 so please don't report me lah lol. And stealing is WRONG *serious face* lol.

I should have never done that lor =( Cox i can't proudly say "I've never stolen anything before" Lol. Not like saying that line matters thou. But it's just a bit of a pity that i can't say that becox i stole a barley mint sweet that cost 4 cents. Lol. Uncool.

Next was when i was 9 year old, i went with my 6 yro sister (Niao Niao) to ABC shop to buy four or five different kinds of candies. Each big packet is $0.70 to $1.20.

We brought the sweets back, took out the clear wrapping paper with tiny white dots and ribbons that my 4th sister used for her flora classes..

And then we pack all the candies into 40 over mini packs of candy-bags.

Then we went around other blocks (not near our block cox we scared our neighbours will go tell our parents and sisters) and went door-to-door to sell those candy bags.


SOLD OUT within a couple of hours!!! Lololol. Strange, i feel this surge of pride for myself now, that i was so enterprising so young. Lol.

I mean.. They say it's all about the packaging right? ABC sell to me, i repackage, and sell to other people.

So anyway.. We made a good 40 over plus, right?

This is what happens during the splitting of profit..

Me: Nah, you see huh. One for me..

*put one big note on my side*

Me: And one for you. Fair right?

*put 50 cents on my sister's side*

Sister: *happy face* Okay!

Me: Okay, so i one, you one okay?

*continue to take all the bigger denominations and pass all the coins to my sister*

In the end, i got $34 out of all. I know Niao Niao only got $11 plus. LOL.

Plus she have to buy me ice cream and a packet of iced-milo cox i forked out the money to buy the candies.

And as you could already tell.. I was a bad sister to my younger sister, BACK THEN. Okay, keywords, BACK THEN.

But that's really not bad enough. When i was in Pri3, 9 yro as well, I went to a class mate's place, i think we were bestfriends then! And my younger sister LOVES to tag along wherever i go. So i was quite angry with her cox i find her a nuisance.

And this.. I swear.. Is the worst thing i ever did to my sister =((

I bluff her say i want to show her something which is at the back alley of the row of shophouses.. And then i left her there.. KNOWING that there was a black and ferocious dog (that dog is never on leash) there.

Then i ran back inside the shophouse and i pull the metal sliding gate close and next thing i know, she was running for her life and she cried and cried and cried so bad =(( She even dropped her slippers and in the end none of us dared to go get it back.

Up til today i have no idea why i thought that would be a fun thing to do.

Omg.. I'm horrible i don't want to write about this anymore.

Plus i suddenly remember i stuck a blob of chewed bubblegum on her hair cox she didn't want to help me go to the hawker center and buy food. OMG I AM HORRIBLE. In the end she had to snip off that whole bunch of hair.


Niao Niao i love you. Sorry. I know your birthday is coming, please don't use this to kedok me thank you. Haha. But i'd still get you something nice okay! =(((( Feeling bad about myself now but when i started this, i just thought it'd be a lighthearted post.


Anonymous said...

ouch.. thats really mean ):

Jaslyn said...

Guess when we're all younger we hate our siblings.. But after that grow up then feel guilty liao then happy again :D

Jovis said...

LOL! i used to bully my brother who is 3 years younger than me too!! grandma gave us money and I took all the big notes also! HAHA!! but everytime somebody gives him a sweet, he'd ask for an extra so he can give it to me. =( *guilty

Anonymous said...

Don't worry its completely normal to hv done really bad things to your siblings when you're young. I mean at that time we don't even think about consequences. :)

Anonymous said...

I also used to bully my brother, there was once, when i was 10 i guess, he stole my books and torn them up.So i got angry and i use some tape which is very sticky and pasted on my bro's hair. End up i wanted to help him remove, the tape still stucked tightly on his head . No choice but to snipped it off, end up my parents wanted me to cut my hair bald. Lucky the only asked the hairdresser to cut my hair cut. After that i went to school, my classmates ask what happen to my hair. i don't know how should i reply them .
At least we do love them and treat them better now right?

Lady G said...

I'm also guilty for doing all sort of mean things to my sister, feel bad about it now.

Anonymous said...

Its okay.. I'm sure your sister will forgive you. Dont blame yourself (:

Xynn-eigh said...

It's mean but funny! Okay now I feel mean too. I fine my siblings ten cents each time they dirty the toilet our forget to turn off the lights/heater when not in use!

Candy said...

I used to have such happy moments with my brother 2 years older than me. We always fight and bully each other and we're very close. But now, all of us are busy with our own studies I hardly talk to him now. I really envy those who have extremely strong bond with their siblings.

Carrie said...

Omg you so bad to Niao Niao! Nvm I kindergarden tt time hit Carmen head with my pencil box and it's really the hard plastic kind like damn hard and when she go complain i threaten to shang diao w clothes hanger and I use to spit durian in to her hair! Haha!

Anonymous said...

haha! kids will always be childish lah! i believe your sister won't blame you.. when you grow up, somehow you'll learn to treasure and love your siblings more i guess :)

TardyQueen said...

OMG!! i actually LOL'ED when i read you sticking chewing gums on niaoniao hair ! LOLOLOL. Mean sister!! But i like! :x cause i am also very mean to my sister. LOL.

Anonymous said...

im sure niao niao wont take it to heart. Hai xiao bu dong shi ma. but now u're sucha sweetie ma!

Anonymous said...

my sis used to bully me everyday when i was younger. she also stuck blutack on my hair and i had to snip a bunch off to get the blutack out =_= and she lied about many things to me and made me cry every single day of my toddler-life. my childhood was kinda ruined by her. fml .
i don't think you're that bad, at least you feel guilty about it. up till now my sis doesn't feel any remorse at all. she still quarrels with me and everything. gosh o: but i'm used to her alr anws.

JR said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu! Remember about your post which the one was that you were going to dress up as Shanshan? When are you going to have another post about that? I'm super excited can! 

Anonymous said...

Maybe you scarred your sister when she was young lol nvm at least you zhi cuo neng gai ^^

Miss Vanilla Beanz said...

I used to bully my brother and sister but now all 3 of us are best friends! :)

QiuQiu said...

Omg can't believe everyone also bully their siblings one. Lol.

Go tell your brother/ sisters you love them now ba! My sister always leave me mushy facebook wall message one. Like "I miss you, Ah Ting" or something. Lol.