19 October 2011

Jipaban RELAUNCH - SWEETER than ever!

This parcel with a sweet lolli logo ended up at my place! Does it look familiar to you? =D


Along with a new layout and new look, Jipaban gets a new logo, of course! Now everything is much much more user-friendly and they bring you DEALS that are SWEETER than ever before!

As you can see from the homepage of Jipaban, they sell a wide range of products from men and women's clothes, gifts and lifestyle, books, dvds and all sorts of games!!!

My favourite section would naturally be the women's fashion =DDDDDD LOVE SHOPPING. REALLY LOVE SHOPPING O.O
- - - - - - -
So simple to get an account and to sign in!!!
- - - - - - -
Once you're signed in, you'd see WHAT'S NEW! Latest products that just got uploaded will be there in a simple and clear layout =D Now we can keep track of the latest items of our interest, so easily!
- - - - - - -
Other than being really user-friendly, the new Jipaban also bring shopping online to another level by having an Editor's pick! Don't know what to wear and how to dress up for different occasion?! No problem~!

The editor now is Dawn Yeoh! She has picked out a few combination of outfits for a dinner date as you can see below.

Check out HERE! She's also picked out outfits for school, sunday casual getup, something geeky and something fun and colourful!!! ^.^ Remember to see her selection!
- - - - - - -
 Saw something you'd like to get?! Here's what you do!!! Simply "Add to Cart"!!!
Jipaban has also included all sorts of info you'd want to know on the clothes and the model featuring it so you can have a better idea what exactly you're getting! Tie bu tie xin (Jipaban so sweet right)?!?! Lol.
- - - - - - -
These are what i've gotten along the way. Just two items. Costing me $19.90. So far so good! Love the cart function, you can check and scroll down to see what you've gotten, anytime!

I actually added a pair of Hello Kitty socks into my cart afterwards! To hit $100!!! Cox i saw the current promotion!!!

Spend SGD100 and above to enjoy FREE JPB Express Delivery!!!

So i added one more item to my purchase and tadang~~~

I got my delivery the next day!!! Right at my doorstep~!!!! =DDD WOOHOO~!

These are the stuff i got!!! See my Hello Kitty socks?!?!?! =DDD

Okay okay, you ready to see i werk it ma?!?! LOLOL.

LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone should have a taste of the sweet deals at Jipaban!!! This is mine!!!
How?! Would this be great for your fun day out with your girlies?! =DDD

The part i love about this is that it can be worn as a simple and chic dress on it's own, AND..
It can be worn as a top along with this Flare Skorts (avail. in multiple colours, click for link)
Love this skorts! It's sooooo soft! And comfy!!!
Can see the cute little flare??? Hi.. Perky-looking butts. Lolol.

Airy Printed Hearts Blouse (avail in many other colours also! Click to see!)
Hmm.. Cute ma? *shy face* Lol. And it's only $10!!! Super affordable for online!!!
Some Jipaban sweetness for you too!
How about the sweetest thing?! HELLO KITTY CANDY KEYCHAIN!
You never know what you gonna get! I really wanted the Little Twin Stars one thou =(
But it's okay! This is cute too ^.^
Meow. It really looks like a real candy doesn't it!
If you're into the more.. Not-so-cute but kinda-sexy(?) kinda look, this would be great!
It's stretchable so don't worry about it being too body-hugging!

TADANG~!!! My Hello Kitty socks!!!!!!!
SO CUTE!!!! The socks, i okay-cute only O.O
Look at those ears please!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I pair it with a camel colour skirt and a denim vest. How? =D
Alright that's all for the parading and showing off!

You know what's the best thing?!

I GOT ALL the above for around $100 ONLY!!!

If you don't care what i say below, then please JUST GO SHOP AT JIPABAN NOW!

Affordable not?! Total of eight items! Got dresses, got super comfy skorts, got cute tee shirts and all! And they are all of good quality! And with actual product photography (no over-promising spree pictures), what you see is what you get. Plus with all the info provided, shopping with Jipaban is not only simple and straight forward, it's SAFE!

DID I MENTION IT'S SWEET TOO?! I must have! Cox it is!!!
Once i sign up, i get 100 FREE lolly points =OOO

How nice is that!!! 100 lolly points can already redeem many things!!! I can already choose from 23 items from tier 1! You can see the tiers and different products within them, below!

OMG I want to win the air tickets. Lol. Shop more, earn lolly points, save more, win more!
 Online shopping just got sweeter! It's so fast and convenient, all thanks to Jipaban! ^.^

Oh wait!!! One more sweet piece of info!!!
  Jipaban.com is offering FREE Islandwide Standard Postage!!!
Starting TODAY  (Wednesday 19/10/2011)

So now has to be the best time to shop like never before~~~!!! What more can we ask for!!! Wide selection of items, user-friendly online mall, quality-assured products, tips from fashionistas, able to keep track of latest items easily, can earn lolli points to redeem awesome stuff, NOW GOT FREE islandwide standard postage somemore!!!


Anonymous said...

may i know what is the link for the hello kitty socks ? I CAN'T FIND IT

Unknown said...

yeah! the lollipop is great! And you are the sweetest thing! Lovely pictures!

나니 said...

omg.. you are so gorgeous in the photos. Would you consider doing some sort of diet/exercise post? Where you talk about what kind of foods you eat, what you stay away from, how much and what you do for exercise etc?

I love the new logo! : D it's so cute!

June said...

These pictures are perfect for tokyo kawaii!! Can you submit these instead? hehe very very cute hair bun! And cute you ♥✩♡~!

Anonymous said...

how tall are you :O

QiuQiu said...

I'm afraid the hello kitty socks might be sold out cox a few people told me they cant find.

Gunila thank you!!!

나니 haha i hate to say this.. But i eat a lot, almost anything but a few meat i stay away from, like beef and mutton, only cox of the smell and taste. not cox of diet. Zero exercise O.O

Yuna, i agree hor! These are cuter =((

Anon, 172 or 3 i think! =DD

Coco Tai said...

Dear QiuQiu,

I hate you. You have such a perfect, flat stomach.

haha I jk...I, of course, don't hate you, but I still damn jealous of your perfect stomach!

Love, Coco

June said...

Don't worry Qiu Qiu! You are still kawaii ◕‿-

Anonymous said...

wad happened to all the blogshops dat used to be on jipaban too? such as LB? r they gg to be back?

Nicole in China said...

woah you really have the potential to be a runway model!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i doubt those are coming back..

Nicole, I DO?!?! Hahah ^.^

Anonymous said...

Soo sweet clothes:)
And I love your pictures <3