26 February 2012

QWeekly - Life's good going great

February will end really soon! How's it going for you!!!
I need to plan for things to happen, FAST!!! And i only have a few days left before Feb ends! So i have to quickly plan when to go to USS with my family and friends (Date tentatively set on 3rd March) i'd liaise with ALL the love soon! ^.^

March will be an exciting month, fast -paced. I have a good feeling about it already =D Feeling so much gratitude and thankfulness i don't even know how to start. Hai~

Maybe i won't attempt to then. Haha.

Soon, great things will happen.

Soon, my life will be even more great.

It's all a matter of time..

Yes i'm going to dominate the world. Lolol. Simi sai. No lah, i'm just gonna do more things. And be a even better person. Hopefully be more hardworking ^.^ Eh i already stop playing Sims Social (kinda) and the only thing that probably still has my soul is 9GAG.

Don't know leh, just feel like life has a lot more to offer me but i whole day wake up at 2pm, continue lying and lazing on bed, flip Vivi magazine, use computer, eat and sleep again O.O No wait, WHY DO I NEED TO DO MORE?! =OOO

This sounds like the perfect life already. Lololol.

yaoming.jpeg I think i'm fine like this. Hahahah.

I collected the cheque from Feecha ^.^ Also transferred $128each to 8 winners ^.^ Remember you can still try to win the $1000 cash prize from Feecha! Download Feecha on your iPhone to find out more!

So many good things is happening to me and recently i've only been meeting nice people. Actually since the start of the lunar year, everything has been great.

Except maybe the fact that i put on weight =X

Like i'm 50kg now =OOOOOOOO

I've been 48 - 49kg for a looong time!!! Last checked was at my dad's place like two or three months ago, i was 48kg!!!

And then i check two days ago at IKEA, i'm 50kg. IKEA weighing machines zhun one not?!?!?!? =(

And fml it all goes to my thighs, tummy and face and arms when i gain weight. NEVER MY BOOBS. Scumbag boobs, body wanna give you fat tissue you no want. A 2kg pair of boobs will make my life perfect you know or not!

So now i shall work on shedding 2kg. Challenge accepted with two eyes close. I lose weight as easy as i gain. No biggie. Just eat slightly lesser than usual, get more occupied with stuff, confirm will lose weight one. Not sure if it works for all but for me right, if i get very drawn into doing something, i'd forget that i'm hungry one. And it's great. Haha.

Okay i go prepare another set of items for March Giveback!!! =DDD HAO MA?!?!

And in case you're worried that i'm anorexic, don't be cox i love food, A LOT =D I just cannot be on the 50kg and up scale! Cox i have big bones and square jawbones and i'm kinda tall (172cm) and if i go beyond 49kg i'd look like a man. Or a ah gua.

And i cannot go below 48kg cox i'd look like a drug-abuser, a male drug abuser that is. Lolol. Cox the jaw and cheek bones will look even more protruding and i'd look sick and hallow.

So 48-49kg is my perfect weight. I know it best. So good luck to me =D


Reenee said...

Your jaw so sharp where got square?!!!! And your nose so small and nice!

Anonymous said...

ure too skinny loh pls, its damn ugly leh

Anonymous said...

uguuuuuu, i feel myself now freaking fat >____<

Tysh said...

you're going to US??

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooo you're too skinny now you have to gain more weight!!

minz said...

dont jian fei! stay the way u are, u look better with a little more weight!

Anonymous said...

Your body in a bikini does not look nice right now, Im being totally honest. My boyfriend was like heelll no when he saw you on the screen.. Not because of your lack of boob, but because you look sick and unhealthy.

Of cause it is your choice, but I think 54kg would look much better on you.. you do know that you are a lot under weight from a health perspective, right?

I don't understand why you share it with your readers also? Encouraging other girls to do the same?? Sound like ana to me, they typical search for comments on how skinny they are all the time to feel better about themselves.

And btw I am a scandinavian runway model, I am 1,75 and weigh 60kg. And i am no where near fat.

QiuQiu said...

Renee photoshop!! =D

Tysh, i'm not, i'm going to USS! Universal Studio Singapore ^.^

Anon, i also don't think you're fat. But i only have this opinion and standard on myself. Not in any part in the post i was trying to make people lose weight.

xKiyora said...

You are so tall and so slim (i think girls pretty slim over skinny?)! Model!

You are already beautiful the way you are! But if losing that 2kg makes you happier, why not? :D

HAHA, but I think I will need to lose 10kg to feel better~~~ D:

Anonymous said...

Qiu, it pisses me off when you say you wanna lose weight and suddenly people start commenting that you should gain weight instead cos you look too fragile or what ever. Seriously?? She's not aneroxic, she just wants to look good and feel good! Especially with her high metabolism, it's easier to lose than gain weight. Not right to go against the law of nature. Commenters, just because you're insecure in your body doesn't give you the right to hide behind a shield of politically correct statements and insult her!
p/s: if attacking makes you feel better, get a go at me as well. I'm someone who never seems to gain weight no matter how much i eat and don't exercise.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i guess most people took it okay. It's just that few who always think that ppl who are not fat = anorexic.

Test said...

OMG, seriously wanna lose weight ka? You're really skinny leh. I'm about 47-48kg with height of 164cm but you look way thinner than me.

Do more chest exercises! Sure got some boob one. Haha.

Hzl said...

You're like a model. So tall and slim. Your face and arms and legs are even slim. Don't be too obsessed with weight haha me, i'm trying to control my obsession. I am 168cm and weigh 55kg. I used to be 52-53kg at 168cm but i guess i kinda gained weight. i also blame genetics because i am naturally muscle-ish. muscle = weight. and my bones are big. my face is also kinda round sometimes ugh

Anonymous said...

I like to watch my weight as well, i mean i've always been classified as 'underweight' but it just feels and looks good.. i guess? ^^ i have a fast matabolism and weigh around the same as you, and is 172cm. i just get freaked out if my weight is over 50kg it feels safe being in the 40's =D
i mean, no one can say 'you have to gain weight' =___= people don't understand how we physically cant; i loose more than i gain

Anonymous said...

you look skeletal, i can see you skull and veins piercing from your head...

Anonymous said...

i'm you're height and also have a fast metabolism. im suffering from anorexia and at my lowest point was 39kg.be careful with your weight because it can damage your health =D im now on my recovery process but the good thing is the little weight i put on just goes to my chest lah
lolololol =P

Anonymous said...

Do not listen to anybody and let face the truth- your modelling career can really take off if you can drop to around 45-46kg (losing 2-3kg). You would look so beautiful at this weight.